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aua ThUE TO FLM 

cuss Or 'OS 2-3 

FUCULTM una ST2rr. 4-13 

SriNOirS - .JB-GS 

ScniaaurE es-iaa 


CLOss unascTivmES ib^-jjs 

^ns ieo-is7 

rJISEWm 1S0-200 

Dear Class of 2009: 

On behalf of the high school teaching staff and administrative team, I would like 
to extend our appreciation to the Class of 2009 for serving as positive young adult 
role models for the entire student body at FHS. As was explained to you at our 
opening day assemblies in August, the attention that the senior class devotes to 
academics, social and co-curricular pursuits throughout the school year, usually 
determines the equality of our school culture for all. Please know you did not 

Whether you move on to college, career, or the military, I urge you all to at least 
move on somewhere! As ambiguous as this statement appears, it simply means that 
there is urgency for all graduates to become further proficient at something, and not 
be satisfied with only a high school diploma. This diploma Is not the end point, but 
rather, a temporary stop on your road to life-long learning. We live in a world that 
demands higher and higher levels of competence in order to successfully compete 
and contribute to our ever-growing global economy. Develop your Intellect, 
personality, and deqree of responsibility to such levels that make you that much 
more employable and attractive to institutes of higher learning and business. 

With that said, continue to create a healthy balance in your life that involves 
scholastic pursuit and social pleasure that combine to provide you with a healthy 
adult life-style. In other words, read a lot, keep yourself physically fit, adopt a hobby 
or pastime of personal interest, volunteer, be a wonderful role model to your children, 
or be the favorite aunt or uncle. Think about the most Important people in your lives 
that have influenced you in positive ways, and then adopt those personal traits! 
There are no secrets to growing more kind, sensitive, accepting, patient, and loving. It 
simply involves a willingness to become a better person. Now go do it!!!!!! 

Good luck and God bless the Class of 2009!!!!!! 


Klchard D. Masclarel 


Vice Principal Marl< Pierce, Principal Richard 
Masciarelli, Athletic Director Ray Cosenza, and 
Vice Principal Tom DlGeronlmo 

STuaciiT suppoar 

Alan Twomley, Officer Chris Ledoux, and Tom Hughes 

Assistant Superintendent Paula Giaquinto and 
Superintendent Andre Ravenelle 


Maria Ulloa-Hancock, Steve Lowney, Susan 
Leahy, Chris Woods, and Caro\e Christensen 

Back: Judy Normandin, Judith Chouinard, 
Colleen McGuirl, Julie Membrlno, and Patricia Leger 

Front: Diane Thomas, Sally Nix, 
Bonnie Guertin, Helen McWilliams, and Nancy Orsini 

Robin Dateo 

Julie Thibodeau and Donna 5\card 

HML maniTaas 

Esa Kiihkki, Maria Mendez, In House 
Coordinator. Susan Flynn, and Dave Douglas, 
Not pictured: Kathleen Charrler 


Jill Lucius and Dave Semeza 

Back: Jacc[ueline Martino, Eileen Mason, 
Janice Bigelow, Celine Kozloski, Sandy Nadeau, 
and Erin Rezey 
Front: Joan Aho, Sandra Johnson, Renee Howe, and 
Pat Jones 
Not Pictured: Irene McCarthy and 
Roberta Phelan 

Aracelis Abreu, Carlos Garcia, and Susan Tolstrup 

STuaEiiT 5uppaa7 

victor Rojas, Melissa Bourque, Anthony Semidey, and Craig Elkins 

Aurea Kwera and Chehe Fisher 

narnnD music 

Sara Dipilato-Lamey, David Slipp, 
Ann Capodagli, and Adam Cordlo 

Kate Watkevich and Paul Parillo 


Back: Fred Hamilton and James Beyer 
Front: Coraly Rivera-Luciano, Maria Flores, and 
Graciela Costa 

Paula Gastonguay 

Business £ 
mausTmm TcCH. 

'dack: Todd Shattuck and Ellen Welsh 
Front: Joan Cayer, 5heila Thomas, 
Dawn Marshall, and 3arbara Grillo 


3ack: Heather Root, Brian Whalen, 
James Malatos, and Susan Lozoraitis 
Front: Mary Martorella, Richard Caisse, Steve 
Celona, Maureen Tonelli, Jeanne Scaffardi, 
and Debra Roberts 

3ack: Gloria Rondon, Esa Kiirikki, Fatty Leary, 
Dave Douglas, Ellen Mahon, Eric Taylor, Donna Uusitalo, 
Gerri Fah\-6o\an, and Cindy Hachey 
Middle: Joanne Morse, Pamela Pawson, 
Eileen 3ourgault, Linda Dinnall, Donna 3onora, 
Maria LeBlanc, and Barbara Joyce 
Front: Joan Jordan, Karen Kahara, Joanne Huse, 
Irene Lamoureux, and Janice Tata 

HcMTH £ PHySiCm 


Paul DiGeronimo, Beth McHamara, 
Linnette Sauri, Rich Vacarelo, and Doug Romano 


Garrett Zecker, Linda Mason, Susan Rampello-Smith, 
Lalanya Way, Colleen Hirons, Ellen Gammel, 
Megan Normandin, Patty Finch-Kelly, 
Deb Morand, Kathy Hytinen, 
and Steve Dauphinais 

Back: Dave Kelly, John O'Neill, 
Sam Collins, Ron Williams, and Jake Olson 
Front: Denise DeLucia, Deb Sherblom, 
Bryan Baxter, Jane Ferrazza, Loretta Kline, 
and Cristina Manto 

Back: Steve Morse, Jack Scott, Phil Moore 
Jeff Whittemore, and Nicole Hahn 
Front: Kelly McGavin, Sara Goguen, 
Emily Butterfield, Shelly Romero, Jody Costello, 
Bobby Bones, and Laura Bolick 

Back: Dan Walker, Paul Dellechiaie, Elliott Fitch, 
Kim O'Neill, Keith Thibodeau, and Barry Walker 

Middle: Katie Schmitt, Veronica Kell, 
Dale Reczek, Neil Bornstein, and Dick Vaucjhn 
Front: Jen Slade, Peter Perry, and Kate Maki 

MmruKHM TO Be rcHTuaEn on 

"l£05 eOmOiT 


WOaiOS OaellTeST SOPEaHeilO 


R^y cassnzs 



3/rr//j THomns 

The Final Flight 

Don't grieve fipr me/far now I'm free, 
I'm following the pal^h God laid for me. 
I took his hand when I heard his call, 
I turned my back an4}eft it all. 

I could not stay another day, 
To laugh, fp love, to work, to play. 
Tasks left undone must stay that way, 
I've found that pefjce at the end of th^day. 

If my partiig has left a void. 
Then fill it with remembered joy. 
A friendship shared, a laugh, a kiss, 
Ah, yfliLthese thmgsi^^ivill miss. 

Be not burdened with times of sorrow, 
I wish you the sunshine of tomorrow, 
ly Life's been fi^l, I savoure4much. 
Good fnends.oQodi times, a iovecL^ne's touch. 


Perhaps my time seemed a\ftm> brief, 
i^'1f^Jlj0th^^p| with undue grief, 
ift ti(i your heart ahd share with me, 

He set me free. 

d wanted 


t Unknown 



0^ Q^vJC^i^:^ 


It fcl'^X 


■ hi 





<6 - 



1^ !rr^rf:^ 



JOSE mnnuBL ncEVEaa, ja 

PeTEff jjsmBS a nam 5 

"Life is a series of 
natural and spontaneous 
changes. Don't resist 
them - that only leads to 
sorrow. Let reality be 
reality. Let things flow 
naturally forward in 
whatever they like." 
I go by this quote! With or without me, things are 
going to happen, so I take my time. There is no 
need to speed things up or change things for your 
own benefit. Let it be and then you will see the 
true reality. This goes hand in hand with my 
experiences in high school. iVith every year of 
experience (lacking a better explanation) you see 
the difference between important and pointless 
problems. Let time be the judge of that. This quote 
is great to live by, because it describes the 
greatest thing taken for granted... Life I 

'Jet' '6igi' 'Joseletto' 'Jose Jr.' 

"Oh no you didn'tl" 


High school turned out to be more fun than I 
thought. I'd like to thank my friends who were 
there through the bad times as well as the good 
times, and my family for being there, always. I'd 
also like to thank some of my favorite teachers for 
making the best years a little easier. I don't think I 
would have had half the fun in the past four years if 
I chose St. Bernard's over FHS. 

Baseball 1,2,3,4; Golf 3,4; Cross Country 1,2; 

' ' '\\ 

aucusTus KwaaEaa aaaaw 

VBaaaica lyaaaaLna 

'Mr. Addow' 'Gandi' 

"The world is cold and 
deceiving, but I keep my 
head up, like my nose is 
bleeding." - Weezy 

I want to thank everyone 
for the help and support 
they gave me throughout 
my high school years. Most importantly my family, 
my dad (Vaw Asante, Sr.), my oldest sister (Selina 
Addow), my other sister (Rosina Addow), my 
brother (Vaw Asante, Jr.), and Mrs. Sintia Alvarez 
for their help. Thanks to my new brothers the 
Sunshine Boyz: Tray Whittle Trillz, Michael 
Alvarez Miko Suave, Quinto Perkins Q-Flash, and 
TJ Moise T-Jizzo. Thanks to Mr. Williams, Mrs. 
Manto, Mr. Dell, and M. McGavin for their help 
and support. 

Soccer 2,3,4; Outdoor Track and Field 2,3,4 

caaia vaamucacasra 

"I am fresh.' 

First of all, I would like to give thanks to my father 
who has supported me in all my needs and knows 
how to understand me. I would also like to give 
thanks to my mom in Puerto Rico, and my teachers: 
Mrs. Aracelis Abrue, and Mr. Carlos Garcia. They 
both have been here for me, listening and giving me 
good advice. Also, thanks to Mrs. Susan Tolstrup 
for all her ELA teaching. To my best friends 
VUioshka and Yamilette, thank you for being there 
\m m mi for your friendship. I love you guys! 


"Everything happens for a 

A poet who hates poetry. 
A nerd who loves to 
party. Veronica loves 
hosting weekend parties 
for her friends. They gather for sushi, movies, 
Tarot Card readings along with relationsisi 
advice. Her best memories come from these timm 
Veronica hopes to travel the world, to hike in NN 
Zealand, experience Carnival, or take a road tli 
down the east coast with her friend Jen. Veronn 
is always an optimist. She hopes to one day publilij 
a novel and become a famous author. She Hi 
enjoyed her high school years and the memoni 
she'll carry of her best friends will last forever. 
Fame Mentor 1,2,3,4; Class Sec. 1,2,3,4; Creatill 
Writing 2; Co-President-Life Link 3,4; NHS 3,44 

CHaiSTOPHna aaruaay aauiiaa 

'ChCh' 'Peruvian' 'Agiar' 'HuesitoV 



Being at FHS has been the best four years of my 
life, making many new friends, making some hard 
decisions and being part of a team. D-period gym 
class was the best with Nicole A., Susan 0., and 
Andrew. Ha-ha! 

Varsity Soccer 1,2,3,4; Varsity Volleyball 1,2,3,4; 
21st Century Tutoring 


Hnmcn masauuiUKiinm 

"Obstacles don't have to 
stop you. If you run Into a 
wall, don't turn around 
and give up. Figure out 
how to climb it, go 
through it, or go 
around it." 

It's finally senior year and it feels like it has 
gotten here mad fast but it's here. I would like to 
thank my mom for all the support she's given me 
throughout high school. I would also like to thank 
my friends who have been with me since freshman 
year. Shout outs to all my boys . Hot Boyz all day! 

Basketball 1,2,3,4; Soccer 1,2; Track 2,3,4 

CHuaus HcaaBar nmmEn 

'Chadwick' 'Chadpants' 


I made some amazing, goofy friends over the years. 
They were all I needed to make it through! Thank 
you E. Drew! 

Soccer 1,2,3,4; Volleyball 2,3,4; NHS 3,4; 
Marching Band 1,2,3,4 

jnvicL Fanncisca mvnaEZ 

micanBL LUis ai vaaiz 

"Vou will only fail if you 
don't try." 

ffould like to thank my mother and father for all 
fiir love and support. I would also like to thank 
' uncle Butch for his support. I have enjoyed my 
lirs at FHS and all the dances and banquets. I will 
Iss being at FHS and I will miss my friends. 

^le Study 1,2,3,4; Special Olympics 1,2,3,4 

aicaaaa lu/s ai vaacz 

'Richie Rich' 

"Live your life." 

My senior year has been tough. I would like to say 
a couple things. I thought senior year was going to 
be the best year of my high school life, but the 
only thing good that happened to me was having my 
daughter Angelys. I would like to thank one 
person, and that's my mother, Sintia Alvarez, for 
being there for the good things and also for all the 
bad things. Mom, I love you. 

Football 1,2,3; Baseball 1,2,3,4 

"And in the end, it's not 
the years in your life that 
count. It's the life in your 

I want to say thank you to the people who helped 
me get through these past four years, because if it 
weren't for you I wouldn't be where I am today. 
Thanks to the ones who stood by me, especially my 
mom, I love you. Also Mr. D. for pushing me to 
achieve my goals. To the "SUNSHINE BOVZ!" TJ, 
Tray, Quinton, Kobe, Nom, Homie, and Byron. And 
to all the others, Greg. Isiah, Orlando, Eric, 
Richard, Xiomara, and the rest that I forgot to 

Football 1,2,3,4 

'Puti' 'Miko Suave' 'Kiko' 

aaiaaaa aiuc aaaBasaa-pacScarr 

'0' 'OA' 'OBAP' 

"Vou can spend minutes, 
hours, days, weeks or 

even months over 
analyzing a situation; 
trying to put the pieces 
together, justifying what 

could've would've 
happened. ..or you could 
just leave the pieces on 
the floor and move on." 

iVithout encouragement I wouldn't be where I am 
today. Thank you to my moms, Mr. 0. Ms. Leahy, 
KD, HA, BT, ST, EO, GM, IF, AC, MA, TW, BM, 
AB, KC, TJ, V6, XV, and the rest of the 09 crew 
that I forgot to mention, you're always in my heart. 
Basketball 1,2,3,4; Football 1,2,3,4; My Turn 4; 
Wreckless Shenanigans 1,2,3,4 


LUKi snmuEL nana 

nicHains nnnan nnunsan 

loo' 'MaGoon' 

The senior write up is the 
sign of the end. A sign 
that says you're no longer 
a harmless kid but a responsible adult. It's my job 
to remember that now. We ain't just doing taxes 
anymore. IT'S ALL YOU NOW LUKE. I've got to 
remember how much my parents pushed me and 
thank them for it. All that's left now is to say 
thanks to my boys, J. Hash, Nate P. Mikey P., and 
the crew for a lot of good times. At this point in 
my life I'm starting to become who I want to be. 
When I look back at this I hope I'm proud of what 
I've done. 

Football 1,2,3,4; Baseball 1; NHS 3,4 

It has been four long years of high school, amn 
struggled to get through them all. I couldn't hih' 
made it through these years if it weren't for 
parents constantly pushing me forward, and 
girlfriend. Lorry Silaphet, for being there for 
making sure I didn't do the wrong things. I wantil' 
say thank you and I appreciate what you have dtdi 
for me. 

Baseball 1,2 

STnVBn TimaTHn nunBT 

cunmuB mnmann nnusa 

"Oh Rightl" 

You know it's true what 
they say, your four years 
of high school = the 
best part of your life. High school is a time of my 
life that I will not forget. To all the "broski's" you 
know who you are, the fun isn't over yet. To every 
other person that I became friends with, thanks for 
not making high school a waste of time. 

Dek Hockey; Ice Sculpting; Street Luging; Archery; 
Dragon Slaying; Jousting; Ping-Pong; Horse 
TWowing; Fire Breathin;, Whale Watching; Toast 
laking; Beetle Spitting; Cow Milking 

'FUE60' 'Steve-o' 'Steve' 'Big Red' 

"Being challenged is just 
one step closer to 

(I love you Takki!) 
The past four years have 
been long but amazing. 
I'll miss not being in 
school but I'm so glad I 
made iti I would like to thank all my friends, 
especially Takkishsa Snowden, I love you girl! I 
would like to thank my mom because without her I 
would still be at home sleeping (lolj I love you. 
Mr. Hughes and Deya, I thank you guys the most 
because when there was no way, y'all definitely 
made a way. My final thank yous go out to all my 
teachers and Mr. D. for putting up with "da one and 
only Queen Chanelle." I love you... We made it 
Class of 20091 
Step Team 2,3,4 

'Queen Chanelle' 'Mike 


"How is the sky the limit, 
when there are footprints 
on the moon? " 

I want to thank everyone 
who has helped me make 
it this far to complete 
one chapter of my life. 
It is time for '09 to flip the pages and begin 
writing again. If opportunity doesn't knock, build a 
door. Try and fail, but don't fail to try. Anyone can 
give up, it's the easiest thing to do. But hold it 
together even when everyone would understand if 
you fell apart. That's true strength. All our dreams 
can come true if we have the courage to pursue 
them! Don't cry because high school is over, smile 
because it happened! I love Brittany! 

Basketball 1,2,3,4; Powder-puff 1,2,3,4; Relays 


"Attention is never a 
good thing, as any other 
accident-prone klutz 
would agree. No one 
wants a spot light when 
they're likely to fall on 
their face." 

I am a very quiet person. My quote says a lot about 
me. I read it in a book. New Moon. I don't like to 
draw attention to myself, I like to be the quiet one. 
I wish I could have done a lot more activities while 
in school, or at least one. I will definitely miss 
going to school here. 

Kivin JOHn ScnoiT 

V the last year and good luck to everyone in 
Mtever you do and hope to be successful. Hope to 
! you all in the future. Bye!! 

" I'd rather be hated for 
who I am then loved for 
who I am not." 

I have made many memories and friends in my four 
years at FHS. Some of my memories include 
freshman football, NHS, Guitar Hero Tournament 
and track for one day! These are memories I will 
carry with me for the rest of my life. 

Football 1; NHS 3,4; Guitar Hero Tournament; 
Track (one day) 

'Kanye' 'Caliente' 

"I used to want to I 
what I am now.' 

SENIOR Life, MANNN, It's HOTTSI I strived, and 
I succeeded, because I try to do what I do, when I 
do it. 

Football 4 

"Are You Serious?" 

Wow! These past four 
years have flown by 
Thanks mom and dad for 
supporting me. I love you. 
My eighth grade crew, SM, LG, VA, AK, AT, we 
said that we would always be friends and I'm so 
glad we still are. I have met so many new friends in 
high school. Kaitlin I'm so glad I met you. Vou will 
always be my best friend and I will always love you 
to death. Oh yeah! "Hey, look, a floating cloud." 
LOL. R.I. P. JR Vear. To my new friends: JJ, MR, 
JK, I'm so glad I met you guys. Hope we can all 
keep in touch. =) Class of '09 love you all <3. 

TV Media 4 ; Yearbook 4 

"Old player, new game. 
I'm focused, I'm thinkin' 
like I got two brains." 

I just want to thank my parents and brother for 
keeping me motivated to be successful both in 
school and outside of school, and my friends for 
always being there for me: MB, KB, AB, 6B, CL, 
SC, PA, AJ, N6, AB, CC, PH, CM, NP, TT, DH, 
M6, SS, DJ, EH, ED, MP, MW. 

Ice Hockey 2; Golf 2,3,4; Tennis 3,4; NHS 4 

'Tommy Bee!' 

"There is no set limit to 
how much one can 

~ Randy Edsall 

The past four years have been fun. I am going to 
miss going to parties with my friends and playing 
football. Look for me next year on ESPN. 

Football 1,2,3,4; All-State Team; Mid-IVach A 
All-Star Team; Telegram and Gazette Super Team; 
Earned a football scholarship to 6C 

BUSH siL va BaaEunci-m vbs 

"There is only one 
piness in life, to love 

and be loved." 

~ George Sand 

Even though I've only been here for a couple of 
months, I've made some amazing friends. Jaylese 
Vega was a huge help in making me feel like part of 
the school. Thank you Jaylese! FHS is another 
great chapter of my life. 

ausThi EaBGoay aaissan 

'Deacan' 'Shmella' 

"The only fear of death is 
coming back 

Thanks Fam and Friends! R.I. P. Sturks. 

juuB BuzaaBTH aaBau 

"It's much better by far 
to be young at heart." 
~ Frank Sinatra 

Where has the time gone? 
I know all too well these 
days will become trea- 
sured memories. Good 
times and unforgettable friends were made on 
tennis courts... the bus rides; priceless. Beatili 
the '08 in Powder-puff! Snapple Facts! The Moloi 
Force! Obsessing over American Idol contestalil 
and meeting D-Squared. My advertising career j i 
might result in the next most famous commerctc 
Only the future awaits us now... 

Varsity Tennis 1,2,3,4 Captain; Basketball II 
Interact 3,4 President; NHS 3,4 Treasurer; Drara 
Club 3,4; Powder-puff 1,2,3,4; Interclass PPI 
3,4; Prom Committee 4; RYLA 3,4 

zacaaaa THomas aaaasaa 

"People too weak to 
follow their own dreams 
will always try to 
discourage yours." 

This is my first full year at FHS. I forgive those 
who made problems with me but I hope we can just 
move on. In the end I hope others can be successful 
through life. Don't let others discourage you. 
Follow your instincts, chase your dreams. As long 
as you're making yourself happy no one else 
matters. Keep friends close but your enemies 
closer. I hope everyone had a great year. I'm 
I made the new friends I did. 

'The Kid who Break Dances' 
'Break Dance Zack' 'The D.O.N.' 

Dancing all day, every day. 

"Live Life." 

Tliese pasf four years have been a blast. I want to 
thank my family, especially my brothers Nick and 
Pat, for helping me whenever I needed it. I'd also 
like to thank all my friends |V|D, VC, DH, JD, and 
BP. iVithout you guys, I wouldn't have been able to 
make it through high school. 

Soccer 1,2,3,4; Indoor Track I; Volley 
Tennis 3,4. 


"People say I'm a 
dreamer, but I'm not the 
only one." 

People have always told 
me high school goes by so 
fast, I didn't believe it 
till now. I'm going to miss everyone who has 
contributed to the person I am today. Special 
thanks go out to my parents, my class advisors, Ms. 
McGavin and Mr. Williams, Ms. Manto who 
encouraged me to stay involved in the arts, and my 
friends Erica, no one tree bags like us. Camila 
"hope and love all day." iVe are the Class of '09, 
there will never be another one like us. 

Class Office 2,3,4; Softball 1,2; Tree Bagger 
1,2,3,4 Life! 

mi can EL amaaauEaa 

'Bueno' 'Gypsy' 'Insane-o-Bueno' 'Buens' 
'Schmitty' 'Schmitty Cat' 

"Stay frosty!" 

fWeeeet", I made it and it's all because of my 
(Tiily, friends and especially my teachers. Oh and 
|ii't forget the coaches, gotta love 'em no matter 
w loud they yelled at me for messing up! 

otball 2,3; Volleyball 3,4; Super Awesome Club 
■il the day I die; Raider Fan 11/25/91 - till the 
|<rld ends; Funky Fresh Boys 

ana a a lee auaaELL 

"Live your life today as if 
you were going to die 

These past four years have 
been days I'll always 
remember. There are also 
days and people I would like to forget. But there's 
one sure thing, these are the days that last forever. 
I'll never forget the great people that I've met, and 
the great times I've experienced. I want to thank 
each and every person who told me I wouldn't make 
it. Because now I can rub it in their faces because I 
did! Stay awesome Class of 2009. I won't forget 

Hanging out with "The Famz"; Paint Balling; 
Swimming; And having a good time. 

aaacaaac aui 

"No matter how far you 
have to go to reach your 
dream, just get into it 
and have some fun." 


I'm an exchange student 
from Vietnam. I have 
just been at FHS for a few months so far but I'm 
very glad to be part of the Red Raiders. I would 
like to say that I appreciate all the help and good 
things that my nice teachers and friends have given 
to me. Now 1 realize, one thing, you may regret that 
you did not do something but you will not regret 
that you did something. I believe it was worth going 
far away from home to be here, learning something 
new and having some fun with you guys! 

Helping Hands Club 4; Leadership Club 4 

jaaaaEa in a aaacas 

"Never look back. Keep 
going forward." 

I Want to thank my mom, step-dad, sister, brother, 
and nephew for all their love and support. I worked 
hard to get to graduation. I love my family with all 
my heart. I want to thank my friends, Veronica, 
Quy, and Edwin for all the fun times at FHS. I want 
to thank Ms. Thomas, Mrs. Lenihan, Ms. Root, 
Mrs. Scaffardi, and Mrs. U. because it's all about 
them. I will miss you all! 

Special Olympics 1,2,3,4; Tech Support 3,4 

aoBEar Duncan camiaE 

"Me, I'tn dishonest, and 
you can always trust a 
dishonest person to be 
dishonest. Honestly, it's 
the honest ones you have 
to watch out for..." 

To the few who were there throughout it all and the 
rest who made these past four years 
unforgettable... thank you. Ma, Pap, & Brandon, I 
love you. Thanks for supporting me through 
everything and giving me that extra little push 
when I needed it. Di6e, there was never a dull 
moment, thanks for keeping me in line. 2009, 
good luck. I'll see you all at the reunion. "Where's 
the party?" 

Buck Hunter 

'Ula' 'Turbo' 'Kinka Mouse' 

"The only difference 
between being a hero or a 
coward is how you handle 
your fear." 

It has been a long wait to get where we are today. 
iVhile we will be happy to move on, we're going to 
miss this life down the road. The friends we've 
made and the ones we've lost, are the reasons we 
push on. I'd like to thank Jimmy and Sarah for 
always being by my side. 

caunrnBy paia caaaaa 

All I'm "gonna" do is just go on 
feel. LTS<3 I love you. 

cmaysaaaH caaaai 

"Today is the tomorrow 
you worried about 

raacEa jacau£uai caaPEarEa 

These four years went by so much faster than I h; I 
ever expected. I just want to thank my friends f 
keeping high school fun, and my family f 
supporting me through everything. iVithout yi 
guys I wouldn't be who I am today. 

Softball t,2,3,4; NHS 3,4; Interact Club 4; Indod/ 
Track 1,2; Powder-puff 1,2,3,4; Relays 1,3,4 

iEsaa Luaa caaaasauiua 

"Life is about trusting 
our feelings and taking 
chances, losing and 
finding happiness, 
appreciating the 
memories and learning 
from the past." 

My future plans are to go to college and succeed in 
life. I will always remember the fun times and who 
I spent them with. We all know the best memories 
are the ones we can't explain. With all I have been 
through this year I am glad I made it! I am also 
glad to give my parents what they always wanted, 
wUch is to see me graduate. I finally did it! I want 
to give a special thank you to all the teachers I had, 
Mr. D. and Mr. Hughes. I will miss you guys! 

'Trey-Trey' 'Cha-Che' 'T-Mac' 

Thanks everyone. Peace out. 
, 1|J Project Go 1,2,3,4 



'Hey' 'Babyl' 

Vou go through twelve 
years of school to count how many years, weeks, 
and days it takes to graduate. Now I wish I didn't 
because time has passed faster than I thought. For 
the first time, I find myself saying, "I'm going to 
miss school; I don't want to leave." It was such a 
great experience. Mami, I made it. I love you, and 
thanks for being such a great role model and 
keeping me in place. Vou're my hero. I love my 
family, even my stepfather Sergio :). Thank you 
Jordan, for always being there even when I acted 
up. Love you. Babe. Thanks to the few who stayed 
true: ST, AC, IC, KC, KG, SL, and XV. 

namniL jona caxa 

'Abby' 'Gail' 'L6' 

"Things don't change, we 

Goodbye FHS. Thanks for the memories! R.I.P. 

Cheerleading 1,2,3,4; Cheerleading Captain 3,4; 
Track 1,2,3,4; Powder-puff 1,2,3,4; Relays 3,4 

jBSSEcaaaiEL CEaans 

'JC 'Jess' 'Jones' 

fant to thank my family for all the things that I 
/e achieved. My dad taught me how to be a man 
|j always work hard, no matter what. My mom 
/e me everything that I needed and has always 
en there for me. My two older brothers Jean 
rios and Richie, I look up to them and they 
^ays have my back. My beautiful wife Giovanna 
na Cerdas, she has changed my life. Te amo 
by! "So yeah I'm going to college, making that 
)ney and enjoying my life with my wife and 
nily." V/ell there's nothing else to say but to 
ank everyone for everything throughout these past 
elve years. 

CHEaEM caaaa 

'l/l/e have one life; it soon 
will be past; what we do 
for God is all that will 

Hey, what's good people? 
This is Cheney Chang 

representing the year 2009. This will probably be 
my last shout out to all my friends and teachers of 
the year 2009, so I would like to shout out thanks 
to all the people who supported me this year. Also 
thanks to my family who was there for me when I 
needed them the most. Thank you for supporting me 
to the top, guys. Last I would like to thank myself. 
Even though the road was hard, you never gave up. 
So remember always keep your head up and keep on 
going, before you know it, you are at the top of the 

VEaaaica aiEacEaES CEaaiuas 

"Live, love and enjoy your 
life because there is no 

second chance to do what 
you always wanted to do 
and never did." 

Gracias a mi familia y mi madre por todo el apoyo 
que me ban dado. Mami te amo! Thanks to Mrs. 
Gallo for being the best mentor I could ever have. 
Finally thanks to my sister Lupe; my BFF's Maria 
and Anum; and my friends Xavier, Jordon, Cecelia 
and Janet for always being with me no matter what 
happened. I love you all. 

Latin American Club 1,2,3; Step Up to Excellence 
2,3,4; Talent Search 2,3,4; NHS 3,4; 
Multicultural Club 4 

siaiaaTH JOSEPH CHaaasy 


Thanks to everyone who helped me and my big sis 
who has always supported me along the way. 

Music, Television, Basketball 

mcHouis aann CHaiSTimn 

"Don't let the crowd 
pressure you, stand for 
something or you'll fall 
for anything." 

It's finally over! I cannot believe that I am finally 
graduating. I am heading into the next chapter of 
my life, and I couldn't have gotten this far without 
the support of my family, friends and teachers. I 
want to thank everyone who has been a part of my 
life because whether good or bad they have made 
me the person I am today. JM, CV, IC, KC, and 
VC. Love you guys always & forever! [= Congratu- 
lations Class '09. We did it! 

Soccer 3; Interact Club 2,4; Upward Bound 2,3,4 


Seniors, finally done. Class of "09" all day I would 
like to say thank you to my mom and dad for 
getting me motivated every day and pushing me to 
get this far Hooray! ! Here's to sleeping past 

Hood Sharks Hockey #15 


'Kim' 'KC 'Kimbo' 

"Vou must be the change 
you want to see in the 

From Celeste's cartoons to 
Hurricane Jane's renaming 
ceremony to Momma 
Kline's D-period ("nuff 
said"!) And our superiority to the underclassmen 
by sitting outside. Thanks '09, I'll never forget any 
of you. AR=BFFL, I'd be lost without you. EY, 
BFF, you've always been there. DD, SP, AW, you 
are incredible. JF, roll with the wind! AC for 
president! AV, MC, AH, EF, HiV, SM, I love you 
guys. Kliney is my hero! Peace! ...and scene... 

All School Plays 1,2,3,4; Interclass Play 1,2,3 4; 
District Wide Musical 1,2,3,4; Competition Plays 
2,3,4; Ceramics 3,4; Tennis 2,4; Powder-puff 
1,2,3,4; Latin 1,2 

micHELLi mnaiE c leu ay 

'Ace' 'Scotty' 

"Live life like there is no 

These past four years have been some of the besl«!, 
years of my life. The friends I have made and th(ii| 
memories we've had will never be forgotten. "Th^lj 
crew" a.k.a. my nut job friends BJ, Tommy, Peter;ti 
Corey, Steve, and Ptak have been there and I coul^lj 
never replace them. So thanks for the good timetiij 
09! I will miss you all. HISKABILLV BOMBAV! ^ 

Baseball 1,2,3,4; Dek Hockey 1,2,3,4 { 

naaaEW jnmES coLEmna 

"There is never a 
guaranteed tomorrow, so 
live today with no 

As excited as i am to move on, I will never forget 
high school, the friends I made (KM, AC, MK, MG, 
AP, EV, DD, KC, AR), Friday night football games, 
dancing and singing at field hockey, Mavro's 
pre-cal class, powder-puff, and class relays. RJ 
you are my right shoe. 

'Clear/ 'Mishi' 

Id Hockey 1,2,3,4; 
■soil 1,2,3,4 

Track 1,2,3,4; Student 

"#10. We are here to 
have the time of our 
lives" ~CW 

Although my reason for 
coming to FHS may not 
be glorious, my time here 
surely has been. I want 
to thank my teachers for the inspiration they've 
given me. Momma Kline, Hurricane Jane, you've 
both fueled my love for history and I thank you. To 
my parents, I love you and I thank you. Vour 
commitment to me has truly shown. And now for 
the time-honored initials: BC, WN, MV, AC, DD, 
KC, IH, SM, BM, MC, ML, and M6. To you my 
friends, I thank you all for helping me "be 
prepared" for everything I am about to face. 
Theater 1,2,3,4; Band 4; Wiffle Ball Lunch League 
3,4; Scout Sock Friday 4 

'Andy' 'AC 'Andrew Coleman!' 'Acole' 
'Chief 'Red Eagle' 


TammtEJOB caums // 

'TJ' 'TwEaK' 

"Of all the things I've 
lost, I miss my mind the 

These past four years 
went by fast and I'm 
ecstatic to be getting out 
of here. This place is 
worse than a prison, and I've dreaded every day for 
the past four years. It has been fun, I won't lie, 
but I've seen the truth inside people and it has 
made me hate this place. To my friends, family, 
teachers, and amazing girlfriend, thank you all for 
your help and support. If it weren't for you, I 
wouldn't be here today MG, NC, SM, AC, KC. 
Megan, I love you! And to all you Juggalos and 
Juggalettes, show some clown love! Woot woot! 

Jaz2 Band 2,3 

'Blackie Chan' 

"Ignore haters... they' re a 
waste of time." 

I'm just happy high school is over and I can finally 
start focusing on my life. I just want to thank 
everyone who helped me and put up with me. I love 
you mom and family. Also, my best friends DH, 
MD, CF, NS, TP, KP, AR, and Brazil !! Super 

lA/restling 4; Track; Football 3 

nnTHony vicraa caian 

"6o hard or go home" 

/ould like to say thanks to all the people who 
ped me in high school. I learned and have done 
V things in my high school years. It's going to be 
d making new friends and I'm going to miss all 
' close friends especially my 'BFFL' Brittany, 
'fstal, my little brother Wesley, Akin, and Joel, 
'd thanks to my parents for helping me to know 
ht from wrong. 

)tball 1, 2, 3, 4; Football Captain 4; Indoor 
ick 2, 3; Outdoor Track 1, 2, 3, 4; Basketball 1 

jEnmrcH mnaiE coLon 

"Cada dia que pasa, te 
amo mas... te amo Pito!" 

First, I'd like to thank God, my parents, my four 
lovely brothers, and my special boyfriend, Pito. 
Special thanks to Mr. Fuller, Mrs. Morse, Ms. 
Root, and Mr. D., and a shout out to my girls... 
Veronica A., Luz, Shakeela, Milesha, and Kitty. 
Congrats, to seniors of '09! 

jEssicn mnaiE caian 

nELsanjoEL caian 

"Behind SEARS baby! 
All day!" 

I want to thank my 
parents for helping me 
make it through my high 
school years; they mean the world to me. I love 
them to death. Most definitely I want to thank my 
friends for being there for me when I needed it the 
most. Thanks to my best friends. Sky, Zuleyka, 
Catara, Torres, Vannessa, Thanh, and Cynthia. Vou 
girls are the best. I can't believe I made it up to 
my senior year! Good luck to all my friends! "tlope 
you make it good in the future!" I love you guys! 
Pinky Power! Go '09! 

Hanging out; IVorking; Playing PS2; and Being 

Thanks to those who helped me through school. 

Luz acmsc caaDEaa 

usHLEM Em Bam a caaa/a 

"Vou never know what 
enough is unless you 
know what is more than 

I would like to thank my family, especially my 
brother, for pushing me forward and all the support 
they have given me throughout my four years at 
FHS. I have enjoyed them. I want to give a shout 
out to Jen, PerIa, Veronica, Kathy, Angel, Edwin, 
Mrs. Lenihan and Ms. Root. 

Special Olympics 1,2,3,4 


Thanks to my friends and family for the memories 
and getting me through these years, I love you all. 

BuznaETH araaa can 

'Babii Cake' 'Munchkin' 

"V/e can't change the 
cards we are dealt, just 
how we play the hand." 

I want to thank my mother for always being there 
for me, and my father for supporting me in my 
ideas. I also want to say thank you to my best 
friend Xiomy for always being there for me and 
supporting me. I love you ('^_'^). To Genevie 
Carrion, Mr. Hughes, Mr. D. and Mrs. Leahy, I 
don't know if I would have made it without your 
support. To all my haters, you don't phase me, I 
just put my hater shades on and swim through. "I 
made it, dot, dot BAM! ( 

ryLia cmuai cote 

'Ty' 'Ninja' 

"Ok guy!" 

Glad high school's over. Thanks to my parents and 
my friends. Had fun watching people at the fight 
nights. Nick, Bueno, KB, Ryan, Richaud, Fabian, 
Calvin Jones, Kong, Txong, Keith, Brandon, Johnny, 

'Betsy' 'Bets' 'Biz' 

"Be who you are and say 
what you feel, because 
those who mind don't 
matter, and those who 
matter don't mind." 
~Dr. Seuss 

Four years of becoming myself and finding my trii 
friends has finally come to an end. To my frienii 
MR, AH, LIV, VC, MM, AP, CR, BM, and everyofii 
else, you'll never be forgotten. To my Mom an 
Kenny; thank you for all you've done to get me tlli 
far. I'll miss you '09 - "Be easyyy!" 

Basketball 1; Soccer 2,3; Softball 1,2,3,4 

Kima£aLyaaa caaiEEa 


"No regrets! Live life the 
way you would want to 
live it." 

'Lil Kim' 

Thanks to my mom and 
Gary for all their love 
support. Thanks to 
my dad for everything. I had a good couple of years 
thanks to the amazing people I met. Mad love to my 
main girls though - Kristen, Amy and Marcy. 
Senior year was definitely the best! 09 baby! From 
painting the rock to the football games, this will be 
a year I'll never forget. And of course, I can't 
forget one of my best friends, Anam Chaudharyl 

Chillen with friends and going clubbing. 

"Get like me!" 

First, I would like to thank 
my family for all their 
support. My girls; Alex, Lauren, Maddy, Morgan, 
and Betsy, you're the best! I need to say thanks to 
Erik, my best friend, you're amazing. High school 
was crazy, every game, party, and event, but I'll 
always remember the people by my side. Vou can 
pay for school but you can't buy class. 2009 

Indoor Track 2,4; Outdoor Track 2,3,4; Class 
Officer 3,4; Student Council 2,3,4; Powder-puff 
t,2,3,4; Relays 2,3,4 

naiEL Euy cauz aijanaEZ 

'The Little Mermaid' 

"That you're the only one 
in my heart." 

I can't believe my high school years are coming to 
an end, but my life is only beginning. I "wanna say 
thx" to my mom for always being there and giving 
me the chance to finish school here. To my sisters 
Vaji, Leslie and Kassy, I "luv" you guys so much! 
Shout outs to my BBFs 4-life - Zuly, Rachel, 
Mary, and Dennis. To the love of my life, Bryan - 
Te amo mucho papi chulo. lA/ith all my heart, you 
mean the world to me. Always and forever xoxo! 

Anime Club 1 

EmmnauEL cauz 


I Would like to thank my mom and friends for 
^ways being there. I would also like to thank my 
jtachers and Mr. D. I will miss school and the hall 
onifors. 6o Red Raiders! 

olleyball 1,2; Hall lA/alking 1,2,3,4 

Eanaz Easaa cuaa 


"Luchare Hasto quemar el 
ultimo cartucho" 

Thank you for helping me in my studies. Thanks 
Ms. Aracelis Abreu for helping me and thanks to 
Mr. Garcia for helping me and my friends. 


jama an tvEussE cauz 

"Light tomorrow with 

I believe that if I work hard and study, and I am 
kind to people and take good care of myself, then 
tomorrow, my future, will be bright. I want to learn 
English better and help people to understand 
English and Spanish. I love my family and I want to 
help them be successful. 

cHELSEyaaaE cuccaiaan 

"One can never consent 
to creep when one feels 
on impulse to soar." 
~ Helen Keller 

From the horror of trying to find someone to sit 
with at lunch on the first few days of freshman year 
till today, actually picking which collei)e<! to apply 
to, high school has been the best antl.. vail, not 
the best years of my life. It really hss iieen forever 
changed and inspired by the friends and teachers 
I've met here. 

Volleyball 1,2,?,4 

aaiiin lee cunnmcHum 

Eaten mnaiE cum a a 


"A true friend walks in 
when the rest of the 
world walks out; I'll never 
walk out on you". 

When I first came to FHS I was an immature boy, 
but now that I have grown, I have become a man. 
The things that I've learned, and the friends that 
I've made will never be forgotten. "I like turtles". 


" Life is the art of 
drawing without an 

MB/ tree baggers for life! AE, through thick and 
thin you were always there for me. There will 
always be a place for you in my heart. Mom and Dad 
thanks for all your support. 

Field Hockey 1,2; Powder-puff 1,2,4 

aauBLns jasEPanLEaEa aaaiE 

"I'm legally dead and 
running on a Red Bull. 
Let's do this!" 
Hands down, best four 
years of my life. KC, AR, 
EV, since seventh grade, 
you guys take names. 
J6, the Three Conquis- 
tadors live on forever. BIV, AlV, JV, you guys own. 
AC and SM, the new team. (MD, SO, AE - 
Badgers) Family, thank you for everything, love 
you guys. And Sam, these years would have been 
mediocre if it weren't for you. Since 8/12/07, 
you've had my back through it all. Love you more 
than CN loves RHK's. Seriously. 

All Class Play 1,2,3,4; Interclass Play 1,2,3,4; 
Vice Pres. 2,3; SR Class Pres.; Band 1,2; STAGES 
4; Prom Committee 4; District Wide Musical 
1,2,3,4; Board Game Club 1; Pirate Lessons 3. 

Eaa/aa aiEjaaaaa aEiaaaa 

aEKE/a JEaaaiE aEaa 

"They don't make em me 
like me no mo, matter 
fact they never made em 
like me before" —Weezy 

Out of all my years here, senior year puts my 
previous years to shame. Thanks to my parents for 
everything they did, I wouldn't be here without you. 
What else to say? My class is the best! '09 all 
dayyyyyy! Shout out to all my boys that helped me 
through; Javier, Chris, Jona, Jeremy, Christian, 
iuis and Los Royaltys, more than friends like 
family, love you guys. 

., 9r 1,2,3,4; Volleyball 2 

'El Cache' 'KOH' 'Fabinho' 


"Some people are s 
to me..." 

School is alright but sometimes people may harai; 
or oppose you but hey, what can you do? All yi 
should do is keep those who are close to you aiil 
move on. Never ever forget them, even if you fefi 
hopeless and useless like I did. Someone close (n 
family) managed to push me forward even throui 
my stress and depression. So keep up the educatii 
and never ever give up on those close to you. Vi 
never know what you have till it's gone! 

Anime Club (when it was around) 

EaiCK Eacaaaa aiaz casta a a 

"Dang, you fresh!" 

Wow, senior year already. First things first, I 
would like to thank God for watching over me and 
my family throughout these years. I would also like 
to thank my family for supporting me until this day 
especially my mom for dealing with all my 
nonsense. Love you mami! 

Football FHS 4; Basketball FHS 
Monty Tech 1,2,3; 

jonnTHnn LnonnaDO ainz-mra 

Luts ninz-aiimas 

"R U serious?" 

It seems like 

my 12 

years in school came flying past my life, but life is 
short and you have to do whatever it takes to take 
advantage of it. I hope to go to college and travel 
across the world. I want to live a successful life by 
owning a business or coaching a youth soccer team. 
I hope to see my family in Uruguay in the near 
future, also, have a wife and children. 

Varsity Soccer LHS 1,2,3; Varsity Soccer FHS 4; 
Tennis, Basketball, Mini Golf, Going Out With 

'Big Lu' 'Mr. Orange' 'OJ Flow' 

"If you can't find 
something to live for, you 
better find something to 
die for." 

I would like to thank my coaches, especially the 
OiGeronimo family and my parents. My high school 
experience would not have been fun without my 
G's! Juan C, Richie, Lindsay!, Keith, KD, HA, OA, 
GM, IF, JM, SV, and especially all my 
Meadowbrook goonies. Veah '09 we did it! I would 
have never thought I would be where I am at. But 
everything happens for a reason! 

Football 1,4; LHS 2; Basketball 1,3,4; LHS 2; 
Talent Search 1,2,3,4 

sumnnTHn lee amussa 

'Ed' 'Dion' 'Captain Wreckless' 

"Vou have enemies? 
Good, that means you've 
stood up for something at 
least once in your life." 

'II start by thanking my 

Ii^^^B^^^^j family and Mr. D. Don't 
pl^^^^^^l know where I'd be with- 
in you guys. Shout out to all the football players. 
I hold it down. Sam, my best friend, you really 
I. amazing, I love you. Shout out to the wreckless 
i^w, and all of my real friends, you've made the 
Ijt four years crazy. I'll miss this so much. iVe 
l'|i so many crazy times partying! Good luck to 
ijryone next year with whatever you do. I know 
') will hold it down wherever we go. '09 stay 
luckless! "Don't stop believing." 
Iitball 1,2,3,4; Baseball; 1,2,3,4; Indoor Track 1; 
'je President 1; Powder-puff Coach 1,2,3,4 

KMLc mmanr aoBsan 



lA/e made it baby! Four 
years went by so fast. I 
just want to thank everyone who was involved with 
me during my four years of school; Tom 
DiGeronimo, Paul DiGeronimo, Ms. Manto, Mr. 
Romano, Mr. V/illiams and Mr. Scott. And to all 
my friends: EM, HA, TO, JV, YM, XP, AT, EO, 
OA, LW, BM, and DM, without you guys I wouldn't 
have made it. And to all the people I forgot, you 
guys know I still got love for you. Till this day 
forward its '09 all day. 

Basketball 1,2,3,4 

"I deserve the world and 

more and I refuse to 
settle for less." ~S3mm 
"Do work son." 
-Big Black 

I will always remember the bottom of the hill, 
Juggalo family, Jacob, Joe, Corey, Tashi, Rachel, 
Sarina, Sarah, and Carlie. R.I. P. BM. I always look 
at my life like on the episode of Rob and Big; crazy 
and hectic but in the end, I still have my homies, 
my friends and my family behind me. 

'S-Dogg' 'Killahhh' 'Phatso' 
'ICP Girl' 'Samm' 


micHnEL Miamns aacEKUL 


"Only after we face trials 
and hardships do we truly 
know who we are." 

I wouldn't have made it through junior year if not 
for help and reassurances of my friends. Being sick 
took a lot out of me and I wasn't feeling like 
myself until my friends make me better 

Band 1,2,3,4 

iWchucL JEaciWnH Daamn 

WHITilBM vicTomn aOi/CcT 

'Doolan' 'Dut McGruti' 

"Vou and your crew vs. 
me and the revolution." 

To all my friends, I hate you ail you self-absorbed, 

greedy, ungrateful, psychotic, ignorant, 

understanding, friendly, kind, funny and loveable 

people. Hope you caught that. Wu Tange. P.S. Quix 
and Max rule. 

Golf 1,2,3,4; NHS 3,4; Fame 2,3,4; Goon Squad; 


"If you want a rainbow, 
you gotta put up with the 

I've learned so much in the past four years; follow 
your heart and your dreams, work hard, wish on 
every shooting star, never give up and don't get 
discouraged because everything happens for a 
reason. Thank you God for answering my prayers 
and mom, dad and Adam for supporting my dreams. 
Frankie, you are my everything, thank you for 
always being there for me. KH, EF, KP, TC, CL, you 
guys are my life, I love you guys! Class of 2009, 
good luck and let the good times roll! 
MSB 3,4; American Idol 4; Community Auditions 
3,4; Yearbook 4 

5JI5NII mnaiB auEnns 

"Girls hate me but they 
don't phase me." 

After 13 years of my life 
in school, my best 
moments were in high 
school. This is the year 
we made it happen. Our 
families and friends get to see us graduate. I'm 
thankful to my mother for bringing me into this 
world and for believing in me even when I had 
"them tuff times" coming to school. Even though 
"girls hate me but they don't phase me," I'm still 
getting my diploma and keeping my head up high 
until the day I die. Thanks to Mr. Dan Walker and 
Mr. Tom D. I'm very happy and greatful for making 
it this far and not giving up on myself or my 

I work and serve others what they like -- Dunkin's 
Coffee! Also listening to music and cleaning 

"In the name of Sir 
Cyrus, I, Glenn, shall slay 
Magus and avenge thy 

~Chrono the Masamu" 

I love British comedy and 
Dr. Who. Anime favorites 
include One Piece, FMA, FICI, Trigun, Bleach, 
Outlaw Star, Ruoni Kenshen and Excel Saga. I am a 
former member of the Anime Club. My best friend 
is an Otaku. I think the best Squere-Soft game 
ever made is Chrono Trigger (1990). 

SS 6B; Food; Wii, Dungeon & Dragons; Nintendo; 
Nintendo DS. My favorite musicians are Bump of 
Chicken, The Pillows, Megadriver, Sum 41, They 
May c?;< Giants, Alien Ant Farm and Beat 


luffy' 'Vash' 'Vamps' 'Cap'n' 



"Play hard or go home." 

I want to start off by 
thanking my parents for 
pushing me to always do 
better. Vou said high 
school would fly by and 
it did. I made so many great friends, MB, EC, J 
RL, KM, EL, KC, you all made high school excitil 
and I'll always remember you guys. Softball tiri^ 
were great, all the food and sleep-overs and''' 
many memories. Dumping people in puddl 
Coaches, "God Bless America and Chicken Win 
I'll take you any day in a food eating contest. B 
day ever is when the door boasted me! RL yo 
always have a place in my heart. High school e 
and college starts. Oh boy! 

Softball; 1,2,3,4; Basketball 1 

mnacus MLsn EnaLsy 

I would like to thank my family for being there, and 
helping me graduate high school. I would also like 
to thank all my teachers. 

Basketball 1,2,3,4 

nanm mnrrHiw cUSLEy 


"If you want to throw 
down fisticuffs, fine I've 
got Jack Johnson and Tom 

O'Leary waiting for ya, 
right here." —Anchorman 

Thank you everyone for a fun couple of years, it has 
been a blast. Thank you Erica for always being 
there for me. I couldn't have asked for a better high 
school sweetheart. I wish everyone the best of luck 
and I hope I get to see you all again someday. 

Basketball 1,2,3,4; Football 1,2,3,4; NHS 3,4; 
Cheeky Shenanigans 1,2,3,4 

"Don't concentrate on 
what you're leaving 
behind as much as what 
you have ahead of you." 

These past four years were a lot of fun. There have 
been a few up's and down's and I've seen some 
friends come and some friends go, but I know to 
put the bad times behind and keep the good ones 
going and never lose touch with the friends I've 
made. I also had some great teachers that all taught 
me something different and I appreciate that. I 
really want to thank my family for always pushing 
me to try harder. I look up to you for that and I 
love you all. 

KiiTm yiia§ Ft a u Fa an 

'The Dream' 

"It doesn't matter how hard 
you can hit, it matters how 
you can get hit and keep 

Ijienior year was pretty good. The football season 
fijun, we went far this year. Even though I'm 
i,g to miss the friends I've made over the years, 
' looking forward to moving on with my life. 

ijball 1,2,3,4; Boxing; Girls; Cars; Music; 
ijing; Problem Solving 

a a in a THomas FiTzciaaaas 

"Live life for today." 

I've had many memories at FHS, going undefeated 
in freshman football, all the miles that I put in 
running cross country, the friendships and the 
fights. Overall, I've had a pretty good time here 
and I wouldn't trade that time for anything. 

Football 1; Cross Country 2,3,4 

"iVhat lies behind us, and 
what lies before us are 
tiny matters compared to 
what lies within us." 

lA/ow, I'm finally graduating. These four years have 
flown by. I have grown as a person, matured and 
learned to forgive and forget. I want to thank all 
the people who have stood by me and supported me. 
Thank you for being with me whenever I faced an 
obstacle. JS, you're the older sister I always 
wanted, thank youl Mami, Papi, Mom and Mariam; I 
love you! I know this is only the beginning of an 
amazing adventure that we will all have. Have fun 
and make the best of it. Thank you for these 
amazing years! 


ancHFL Fam footf 

'Swoosh' 'Mah Lyfe' 'Biffie' 'Rach' 

"Live for the moments 
that you can't put into 

iVhoa finally made it, the 
years just flew by! I 
wouldn't have gotten to 
this point without my 

family, boyfriend, and 
These are the friends who stood by me 
through if all, SKR MKD, AECM, LAH, SEW, FSD, 
AEL, & SLD. I'll never let our memories fade. 
Russell Benjamin Davison ilymttw. 7/15/07. Mom 
and Dad; my two heroes, who have always been 
there, never left my side, and most importantly 
have loved me for me. I wouldn't have made it this 
far without you twol I love all of you always and 
forever! Senior 2009 baby! 

iSiiiH maun Foaa 

'Jet' '6igi' 'Joseletfo' 'Jose Jr.' 
'Jet Blast' 

"Success is failure turned 
inside out - Till the end 

It's finally my senior year 
and I enjoyed every 
second of FHS. I am 
where I am and there 
ain't no turning back! Life is strange with its twists 
and turns but what I've learned is to take life step 
by step because it's "PRECIOUS" and you never 
know where it's going to take you. That's why I live 
every day as if it were my last. Thank you Step-Up, 
for expanding my mind; football and basketball, for 
the great memories and friends. To my family, 
much love. Special shout-out to 6-money, 
Wonderful, OA, J-nice and to my girlfriend Alexis, 
and JD... Love ya'll 

Football 1,2,3,4 (Captain 1&4); Basketball 1,2,3; 
Track 1,2,3,4; Step Up To Excellence 1,2,3,4; My 
Turn 4 

jBssicn muann Faunas 

'Jessi' 'J Franc' 

"You build on failure. Vou 

use it as a stepping 
stone. Close the door on 
the past. Vou don't try to 
forget the mistakes, but 
you don't dwell on it. Vou 
don't let it have any of 
your energy, or any of 
your time, or any of your 
space." ~Johnny Cash 

ERCA and Murr - best friends always. KC - 
"snow bunnies fo Iyf3!" EV AR- love. LD and ED- 
cheering wouldn't be the same without you two. 
It's been a blast and I'm going to miss you guys. 

Theatre 2,3,4; Interclass Plays 1,2,3,4; Football 
Cheerleading 1,2,3,4; Competition Play 4; 
Powder-puff 1,4 

Einmn Fnnnccscn FounniFn 

"Peace, love and Granola 

Time has flown by. It's crazy to think that my time 
at FHS has come to an end. Four years of 
memories, laughter, and stress are hidden within 
the walls of this school. My years here have given 
me amazing friendships and hilarious memories that 
I will take with me wherever my life may bring me. 

Interact Club 2,3; Art Club 3,4; NHS 3,4 

mcHains nnnan cnnctn 

'Nick' 'Chile' 

"When you start fighting, 
the volume on everything 
else in your life just gets 
turned down." 

I just want to thank my family: NG, PG, VS, JSS 
NS, my friends: TC, AC, DB, JO, AB, and my 
perfect girlfriend, ECW. 

Thank you to everyone for all your support, you 1 
me through these four years. I wouldn't have beii 
able to do it without you. 

rnnnnn mnni nnncin 

"I did it!" 

I would love to thank my mother for pushing me 
forward. And I can't forget my teachers: Ms. 
Manto, Mr. Fuller, Mr. Celona, Ms. Bonora and 
Mrs. Morse. I thank you all for helping me with my 
school work. And to my daughter Paola, I love you 
very much. Every day I thank God for having you. 

niFEnn iff nnznn 

"We are such stuff as 
dreams are made on; and 
our little life is rounded 
with a sleep." 

~William Shakespeare 

I have to say these last 
few years have been the 
most frustrating, stressful, drama-filled years of 
my life, but I wouldn't change it for anything. I am 
proud of everything I've accomplished and I'm 
excited to see what the future has in store. Big 
thanks to my friends, family, and boyfriend. I 
couldn't have made it through without you, and also 
thanks to the teachers who never gave up on me. 
TC I love you! Thank you for being such an amazing 
boyfriend and my best friend. SM, AC, NC, KC 
Field Hockey 1,2,3,4; Upward Bound 1,2,3,4; 
Powder-puff 1,2,3,4; Raider forever! 

'Gazda' 'Ginger' 'Meg' 

nnn aasn cmccHBTra 

cuaisTiBunn Boam 

I would like to give a special thank you to my 
parents, because if it weren't for their love and 
support and their trust in me, I wouldn't be who 1 
am today. I love you and I will always cherish 
everything that you've done for me and my brother. 
"Amo muito voces!" 

Interact Club 4; 

"Life's what you make it, 
so give it lemons." 

I've only been in FHS for this full year but it was a 
good experience. I made some new friends and some 
old friends. No one knows me much but I guess it's 
better that way, since I'm moving to Canada. Happy 

joniiTHnn iWCHnBL caam 

"Vou're not trying if 
you're not cheating." 

\y here a year, had fun and learned many new 
tjs. I was in North Carolina for the first three 
Its of high school. I dread not being in JROTC 
xthe fourth year. I have to admit though, it is 
II to not have to wear a military uniform. Good 

to every other senior with their upcoming life. 

II'TC; Drill Team; Color Guard; Raiders; Magic 
fi ks; Card Tricks 

"Live it up like me 'cause 
I'm Fitchburg's 06!" 

I'm so hood and I'm still "gonna" graduate. Thanks 
Mom & Johnny. I made it Class of 2009! To all 
ya'll haterz peace out, 'cause the next time you see 
me I'm "gonna" be with the stars stayin' fly. 

Football 1,2,3,4; Indoor Track 1,2,3,4; Outdoor 
Track 1,2,3,4 

'Duelz' 'Santana' 'Aight' 

HiizEL mnaiE EanznLEZ 

STcVEn canznLEZ 

'Haze, Marie' 

"you only have one life, 
one chance, so live your 
life to the fullest." 

M A. 

High school has been tough but I'm glad I made it 
this far. IVithout the help of my friends and 
teachers, I would have given up a long time ago but 
I didn't. I want to thank my closest friends for 
always being there for me. I'm proud to be a part of 
the graduating class of 20091 

Track 1; Talent Search 1,2,3,4; Softball 1 

I would like to thank all my friends and myself for 
helping me get through these four years. "Good 
luck to mel" 


sHmaan snmuBL hueh aaaaan 


I had fun at FHS I would like to thank my parents 
for helping me out. My favorite subject is math. I 
will miss my friends and teachers. 

Special Olympics 1,2,3,4; Talent Show 1,2,3,4; 
Chorus 1,2,3,4 

"Sometimes good things 

fall apart, so better 
things can fall together." 

Mom, Dad, Matt, I couldn't have made it where I 
am today without you. These past four years have 
flown by, but I wouldn't have wanted them to go 
any other way. My girls and guys, thanks for all the 
unforgettable memories, love you all. AF, my better 
half, never leaving my side. 

Soccer t; Powder-puff 1,2,3,4; Vearbook Editor 4 

"Vou never know what's 
gonna be thrown at you 
until it actually happens." 

josBPH miCHim caBMis, la 

No matter what happens in life you must always 
choose what fits you best to accomplish the most 
you can. No matter what it is, or how long it takes, 
you must never give up. 

Football; 6-ball; Anything; Movies; Restaurants; 
Shopping; AOL 

I want to thank my parents and friends for all the 
support from them these four years of high school. 
Their support has been a lot of help. These four 
years have gone by fast and have been a lot of fun. 
Shout out to Mikey Pi 

Baseball 1 

"I like turtles!" 

Thanks to all my teachers for putting up with i 
Vou can take your ear plugs out now because I 'I II 
out of here soon. I'm sure you're going to havi'| 
party! I love ya'll! I love my momma and my|, 
man. If it weren't for you, I wouldn't have survi , 
high school, and of course I wouldn't have b , 
born! Beavis and Dennis, you two are my best * 
Though you guys still aren't as crazy as me, you 
keep trying. Peace out FHS! Try not to forget 
I'm sure you won't be able to any time s 

"Life moves pretty fast, 
if you don't stop and look 
around once in a while, 
you could miss it." 

First of all, I would like to thank my family and 
friends. Vou have made the past four years so much 
fun and I don't know what I would do without you. 
Most importantly, David and Katie, you two have 
always been there for me and you both have been 
great friends. Thank you so much for everything 
you've done. Good luck next year Class of '091 

Field Hockey 1,2,3,4; 
Track 3,4 

Basketball 1,2,3; Tennis 1; 

muan nmnc caiFriTH 

mnnuBL macaTO EUEaaiaa 

'Lara Croft' 

"Learning to live, laugh, 
and trying to love." 

High school was fun, thanks to my amazing group of 
friends. Veronica, Jill, Angela, Liza, and Meagan, 
our memories will last a lifetime. Sleepovers with 
pillows flying everywhere and energy galore, they 
will never go out of style for us. Through thick and 
thin we were always there for each other and I am 
positive it will last no matter where we end up. 
Thanks for a great four years, hopefully college is 
even better. 

NHS 3,4; Upward Bound 1,2,3,4; Softball I; 
Tennis 3 


"A lot of times I find that people who are blessed 
with the most talent don't ever develop that 
attitude, and the ones who aren't blessed in that 
way are the most competitive and have the biggest 

Football 1,2,3,4; Baseball 1,2 

joaaraaa aaui cuuLcmETTB 

vicmaaiB GUTinaasz 

"I think, therefore I am." 

nt to say thanks to my parents, and teachers 
lutting up with all my crap. It was tough and 
ready to move on to bigger things but I'll 
li'^s remember FHS. 

"Live, Laugh, Love." 

I have cried and laughed. 
I even fell in and out of 
love. I made amazing 
friends but I also lost 
some. I had moments of 
unforgettable joy and others of sorrow. Overall, I 
would never change this experience because it made 
me who I am today. I love the people who 
surrounded me and I want to thank all of them. J, I 
could not have done it without you. My B/F 6i6i, 
through thick and thin, you're the best. Mom and 
Dad, I LOVE you SOO MUCH!! Sisters and 
brothers could not have asked for any others. Mr. 
D. my girlies, my buddies, teachers, peers, and my 
family thank you so much for believing in me. I owe 
it all to you. Time for a new chapter... 

'Vic' 'Bimba' 'Vicma' 

/J/vf 57BPH£a HaCHcM 

aicxaaaaa aaanuESi hml 

Hash' 'Hash Browns' 'Paul Bird' 
J 'Hash Breezy' 'Hasheesh' 

"I don't want to be 
remembered at all. If I'm 
being remembered then 
I'm dead." 
can't say that high 
school changed me 
because it didn't. I'm 
still the same kid from 

four years ago,just a little more educated. High 
school was a trip. I'm ready for college, but I don't 
think college is ready for me. Besides learning 
whatever I did, I would like to thank my parents for 
putting up with me. High school wouldn't have been 
the same without my boys Magoon, Big Boss, and 
the rest of the "krew". As for the rest of '09 
fulfill your dreams and don't forget to do your 
taxes I 

Baseball I; Basketball 1,2,3,4; Football 1,2,3,4; 
Stayed Fresh 1,2,3,4 


"iVhen the power of love 
overcomes the love of 
power, the world will 
know peace. 
—Jimi Hendrix." 

I would just like to thank my family and all my 
friends. High school went by so fast, but I will 
never forget every laugh and every memory that has 
been created here. I'll always remember my girls: 
Vanessa, Maddy, Morgan, Lauren and Betsy. All my 
love!!! CLASS OF '09, forever! 

Soccer 3; Outdoor Track 2,3,4; Indoor Track 2; 
Student Council 1,2,3 

'"ioa know your Emo when 
you play Pokemon and all 
of them know cut." 

FHS has done so much for me. I just want to thank 
all the teachers I have now and have had over the 
past three years. There are some teachers who I 
want to really thank, Mrs. Morand, my freshmen 
English teacher, and also Mr. Zecker, whom I've 
had twice, and who was a huge help to me and my 
family. Not just as a teacher, but as a family 
friend. I want to thank you for everything you have 

'Dhay' 'W 

"If you can imagine it, 
you can achieve it, if you 
can dream it, you can 
become it." ~William 
Arthur Ward 

IVhen I take a look at my life and everything I have 
been through, I stop and take a second to realize 
that this is it. The four years of high school that I 
thought would take so long are now over in a blink 
of an eye, when it seemed like it all just started 
yesterday. I just want to say thanks to my family 
and friends who helped me out and believed in me. 
And to Jasmin Soto and Anthony Colon: I love you 

nsHLEM mnaiB HBUEa 

"Never cutting corners 
will only make you come 
out ahead in the 
long run." 

I have learned over the past years in Cross Country, 
that hard work and dedication really make a 
difference in the ending result. I will try my 
hardest in the future in an effort to achieve all my 
goals in life. 

Cross Country t,2,3,4; Indoor Track 1,2,3,4; 
Outdoor Track 1,2,3,4 

vnnG HBaa 

"Hmong pride!" 

It's been four years in this school. There have been 
some fun times and some difficult times. But 
through those four years, it has been great in this 
school. Shout-outs to the friends and to my cousin 
and all my boys who have been there for me. And to 
m'l girl who has always been there for me, just 
want to thank May for everything she has done for 

EaiK aaaiaTHEaoLa 

"The only thing we have 
to fear is fear itself." 

I want to thank my parents, teachers and mosti| In, 
all my friends. I can't believe it's already ov«t| |<,tii 
has been a fun couple of years, and I can't wan %' 
see what's next in life. hlii 

nymcT LoaEaa Hsaacan 

"Live, Laugh, Love.' 

Thank you Mom and Jose. Life is about trusting our 
feelings and taking chances, losing and finding 
happiness, appreciating the memories and learning 
from the past. Live life to the fullest!!! 

"With every ending comes 
a new beginning." 

There's no one that has 
believed in me more than 
my mom and dad, thanks 
for the support. Special 
thanks to Mr. Twomley for 
all your fatherly advice 

nnGEUKi buzhsbTH umsToauLU 

and laughing at my 
mistakes. You've done a lot for me and I appreciate 
iti Samantha V., you're my girl, through the ups 
and downs we always pull through. IVhitney D., 
never give up on your dreams because you rock! 
Corey L, you've taught me the most valuable 
lessons in life, you will always hold a special place 
in my heart. And for the rest of my friends thanks 
for the unforgettable memories. Good luck Class of 

Field Hockey 1,2; Basketball 1; Art Forever 

'Angy' 'Ang' 'Greek' 'Liki' 

"|t seems excessive, but 
that doesn't mean it 
didn't happenl" 

Well here I am done high 
school and I couldn't be 
more proud of myself. Thanks to my amazing 
mother, father, and brother Athan. I couldn't have 
done it without youl DiGe some crazy times; 
Thanks for never giving up and putting up with mel 
My two best friends, Kayla Cairns and Justin 
Boucher, thanks for always being there. Kayla 
thanks for always jamming out with me to our own 
tune. Stephen Ball, thanks for being a truly 
spectacular boyfriend 2-16-08 I love you. To 
Athens Pizza, great times with Chelsea; thanks for 
making work FUN! Congrats 2009! Thanks for 
some unforgettable memories! 

"It was not my lips you 
kissed, but my soul." 
~Judy Garland 

'LeLe' 'Bumblebee' 

F i> I *ji day with a positive atti- 
I 1. 1 love being creative and unique as well 
a leing active. Family and friends are everything 
hiTie, especially my fiance, Anthony t!urst. My 
ti Bandit, is my world and my fur-ball. I've 
tied the Salvation Army to provide a nice 
Cistmas for children. I'm independent and i stand 
I'or what I believe in. I love to read. I also love 
h kayak, swim, travel, and play around with 
hinical equipment. I plan to go to college and 
n e the most out of my life. Warm Regards, 
►f. 1,2,3 

n nam mam 

'BJ' 'Bazz' 


"Do not dwell in the past; 

do not dream of the 
future, concentrate the 
mind on the present 

I would like to thank my family and friends 
all helped me through the past four years. 

Designing clothes; Drawing; My job. 

"Great things aren't 
achieved without great 
men; great men aren't 
achieved without great 

Brahh, Fiiich, Triangle Love, Shortay and Tall Boy. 
So many memories of high school. Barry Walker's 
math class, baseball, bus rides, road trip to Sutton, 
Wayland, oh Wayland... whiffleball games, hood 
sharks, the many shirtless moments. The cow 
"moos" in English class, my spleen. Bada Bing 
Bada Boom. High school has been so much fun, but 
I would never want to re-live it! 

Baseball 1,2,3,4; Hockey 1,2,3,4; Golf 1,2,3,4; 

yaaaaa isiaaa marEO 

"\ am who I choose to be. 
It may not be perfect but 

it's me." 
I'm finally a senior! I'd 
like to thank everyone 
who's stuck by me. First 
off is my family; Mami, 
Harold, and Papi, thank 

you all very much for never turning your backs. 
Mrs. Bolick you've been nothing but amazing since 
I met you, thanks so much. Mr. DiGeronlmo, you've 
had a huge impact on my life and I foel truly 
blessed to have mel you and your great family. 
Thanks to Hazel Gon^alfiz, Lorry Silaphet and Greg 
Mendez, I couldn't have made it without you guys. 
Class of '09 We're here, we made it! 
Basketball 1,2,3,4; Talent Search 1,2,3,4; 
Volleyball 1,2,3,4; African American Club 1,2; 
Dance Team 1,4; Step Up To Excellence 2,3,4 

aoBcaTMLEn musan 

Look just far enough into 
the future to see what 
you want, but not enough 
to scare yourself." 

These last four years have been some of the best 
times I've ever had. I want to thank my parents for 
getting me out of bed every morning, and my 
friends for being there for me every day. Especially 
MC - you are my left shoe. 

Golf 1,2,3,4; Ice Hockey 1,2,3,4; Student Council 

'Jellison' 'Jelly' 

"Dream as if you'll live 
forever, live as if you'll 
die today." 

High school has truly 
been the best four years 
of my life. I've made the 
most amazing friends and have made unforgettable 
memories that will last a lifetime. A huge thanks to 
my family for their support and never giving up on 
me, I love you guys! EL, you are my second brother 
and best friend always. To all my friends, words 
can't even begin to explain how much you all mean 
to me, I love all you guys! Class of 2009, 
congratulations and good luck! 

Girls Soccer 1,2; Student Council 3,4; Class 
Historian 4; NHS 3,4; Powder-puff 1,2,3,4 

"Never regret what made 

you smile." 'Nay-Nay' 'Latifah' 'Shanay-nay' 'Anaysha' 

I am so thankful to have 
finally graduated. I. This 
^1. rv ^ year has been amazing, 

Hrf,^ i^S. ^ even though, at times, I 
Y aBLi^ j wanted to give up. My 

family, friends, and teachers led me on. Brittany, 
Christina, Ta-lla, Alex, Sean, Samantha, XochitI, 
Lorry, Sivan, Joel, Mom, Stephanie, Grandma and 
teachers, thanks. There is one person I'd love to 
thank, Shontae Natalia Parks: R.I. P. baby girl. She 
was the most beautiful human being alive. Now that 
she is gone it made me realize that life isn't what 
you want it to be, it's very unexpected. So live life 
as 1' r:omes and don't waste if. I love you so much 

Dance; Sing; Write; Have Fun 

jiuinn THsassa JEiiiuns 

If you love something let 
it go, if it loves you it 
will come back, if not 
hunt it down!" 

R.I.P. Mrs. Grant. We'll be with you. 9-23-08. 
Alright, I'm not naming names, but to my 
incredible friends, thank you so much for always 
being there for me and making such a great impact 
on my life. It's because of you I am what I am. Also 
to my dearest CK, thanks for teaching me German 
and I'll see you this summer in Germany! Ich Liebe 

Girls State 3; Lead America 3; Tennis 4; School 
Play 4; Life Link 3,4; Student Representative 3,4; 
Dual Enrollment 4 

"To the six fingered 

"...I was eleven years old. When I was a-strtn 
enough, I dedicated my life to the study of fencici 
so the next time we meet, I will not fail. I wi 
up to the six fingered man and say, 'Hello, 
name is Inigo Montoya. Vou killed my fatbl! 
Prepare to die.'" 

Band 1,2; Guitar; Church Voufh Group 


"Don't cry because it's 
over, smile because it 

Thanks to my family for guiding me through these 
past four years, especially my older sisters Kelly 
and Shannon. Vou two are the best friends I could 
have ever asked for. Also, thank you to all my 
friends who have made my high school experience 
complete. Thinking back to four, six, even ten years 
ago, look at what our lives have become. I love you 

Soccer I; Cross Country 2,3,4; Indoor Track 
1,2,3,4; Outdoor Track 1,2,3,4; NHS 3,4; Helping 
Hands 3,4; 

JE55!ca Lyaa Kiosaaa 


"AYY MAN6!" 
"Vou wanna throw 10 in?" 

IVhat up class of '09! I would like to thank tny 
father for all his support. Shout out to Mikey P. 
and Nickery Piffery and my brother Keo for all the 
jood times we had together, and to the rest of my 
friends that i forgot thanks for those crazy nights 
on weekends. 

Football 3 

'Lil Beach Bum' 

"Life is like an ocean 

Thanks to everyone! 

utaaa a ma a an KBsaKiTH 

"Are you gonna eat that?" 

I' a high school lover. High School was great. I 
i!lly learned a lot, but college will be even better. 
I'low it. 

I S 3,4; Upward Bound t,2,3,4; Helping Hands 
iib 1,2,3,4 

saaau maaa laaKsa 

"Many dreams come true, 
and some have silver 
linings. I live for my 

dreams and a pocketful of 

AP + EM + SL - The Wildcards! 

Cross Country 1,2,4; Indoor Track 1,2,3,4; Outdoor 
Track 1,2,3,4; Helping Hands 1,2,3,4; NHS 3,4 

caay Lyaa KymaLamEa 

"And the days went by 
^ like paper in the wind. 
^ Everything changed, and 
then changed again." 
—Tom Petty 

At first I wasn't sure if transferring to FHS was a 
great idea. Now I know, without a doubt, that it 
was. RL, being able to go to school with my best 
friend my whole life has been one of the highlights 
of my life. I love you cupcake. MM, there's always 
a place for you in my heart. So many amazing 
memories together. Thanks for always being there 
for me. CA and KL, so many fun times. And last 
but not least, my family, especially my parents, 
thanks for the continuous support. Peace and love, 

Marching Band 4; Concert Band 3,4; NHS 3,4 

CHaiSTBPHEa waaaca LacHaPELLc 

'McFrenchie' 'Irish' 'Pookie' 'Chong' 

There are many reasons why I am the way I am. The 
method to my madness is not complicated, it is 
understood by most. I will continue living my life 
the way I see it; those who disapprove should step 
out of their bubbles nnd try something new. 

nmnnaii cUzhxtn mcLnm 

"If you ever change your 
mind about leaving it all 
behind remember, 
remember today." 

Can't believe the years flew by. Something you 
think would last forever is gone in a flash. I want 
to start off by thanking the people who have 
impacted my high school days; Jillian Jenkins, 
Rachel Foote, Kaylie Garceau, and most 
importantly, my parents. I couldn't have done it 
without them. Peace out Class of 2009! 

'Eclair' 'Mander' 

ancHmL miCHcUB mnsan 

"Live like you were 

Thank you to all of my 
family for their continual 
support. Bee, I love youl Mom and Dad, thanks for 
all the unconditional love. You are definitely heroes 
to me. ND, I love you so muchi Vou will always 
have a shoulder to cry on and I'll always be here for 
you! CK, where do I start? So many good times. 
Best buds forever! RA, thanks for always being 
there. VA, JJ, Big T, SM, AT, and the rest of the 
gang, awesome times. AS, thanks for all the 
motivation along the way. Class of 09, here's to 

Basketball 1; Softball 2,3; Cross Country 1; NHS 

aynn THomns mvaanri 

I do not plan on reflecting on my high school years. 
Congratulations and good luck '09. 

"Dream as if you'll live 
forever, live as if you'll 

It's hard to believe 
these four years have 
flown by. It's been a great experience and I will 
never forget it. I want to thank my mom and dad for 
always supporting me. I wouldn't be the person I 
am today without them. I also want to thank my 
sisters, Shaye and Whitney, for always being there 
for me when I needed them the most. I don't know 
what I would do without you two. I love you with all 
my heart. Congratulations Class of 2009. We made 

Field Hockey 1,2,3; Basketball 1,2; Softball 1,2; 
NHS 3,4; Student Council 3,4; 


'E-Point' 'Pauly Bleaker' 

r" ./ 

"Great moments, are born 
from great 

The memories I've had in the past four years t \ 
last a lifetime. Dad, Mom, and Emi, thank you y| 
always being there when I needed it, and alwuf 
being supportive. DJ, you're family to me and 
always will be. To the boys, always having a grgij ,|,|{, 
time, like always. CLASS OF '09! 



1; Golf 2,3,4; Track 2,3; Tennis 2,3 J 
Relays 1,2,3,4 


I want to thank my parents and brother for 
supporting me. I had fun at FHS and will miss my 
friends and teachers. 

Special Olympics 1,2,3,4 

jnKEmuin LBBLunc 

'Corey 6unz' 'Cornwallis' 'Meatball 

"Yeah, fhat just 

"Im probably In the sky 
flying with the fishes 
or maybe in the ocean 
swimming with the pigeons"— Lil IVayne. I want to 
thank my parents for all their support throughout 
the years. Thanks to all my friends, Tommy Bee and 
Dani J.-My Chillzone Crew, B. Chunky-BFFL, BJ, 
Scotty Too Hotty, Ethan LaPointe, ASIAN, Whit- 
IVhit, Steve-0, Eddy Fresh, Nate P., and Fat 
Bizzy. And a special thanks to Kayla Hillman for 
always being there for me through everything. 

Golf 2,3; Tennis 3,4; Superfan l-4ei/a; Cow 
Tipping 4 

"Dream as if you'll live 
forever, Live as if you'll 
die today." 

Thanks to all my friends and family for support 
throughout high school. These four years have been 
memorable and fun. I will never forget the class of 

"My Thug Angel iVing!" 

I remember when I was 
just a little young thug, 
in this struggle, trying to 
find a piece of puzzle, 
but I know I got to wait, 
re or hate, what I'm going to be, what's my 
'^tiny, who's this thug angel to come and guide 
Is, take me away from all this sin, this world that 
fi) living in, say you'll be my baby girl then I'll 
'/e you till the end, be true, help me through to 
I a better man, take my hand, give me freedom in 
\ life, but it's a vision in my mind, as I 
minisce, blow you a kiss and make a wish... 
indering who's that angel one, sent from above, 
by girl come, and show this thug some love, come 
;d heal my soul, my heart is getting cold, getting 

"If you don't live for 
something, then you'll die 
for nothing." 

Thanks for the support from my friends, family, and 
from my best friend Ronnie. Thanks for being there 
and I hope I made you proud. 

Biking; Swimming; Playing Guitar 

'Gio' 'Mrs. Cerdas' 

"I'm bored and I miss my 

I came here from Leominster High School. I'm a 
senior. FHS is a good school. I don't really know 
anyone at this school. I had a lot of friends at LHS 
and I miss being with them. I don't really do any 
activities, but I like football and volleyball. I used 
to play them all the time with my cousins. It's so 
much fun. V/ell, I don't know what else to say. 

Quiero agradecer a mi 
Madre por todo lo que 
ha hecho por mi. Ma vos 
SOS mi heroe igual que papa, ustedes siempre me 
apoyan en todo y me empujan a hacer mejor en la 
vida. Ale y Abi, ustedes dos son las personas mas 
importantes en mi vida, la verdad es que no sabrfa 
que hacer sin ustedes. My baby, Jesse Cerdas, 
you're amazing, I'm .<;o lucky to have a husband like 
you, these years together and Way more to come. 
IVell what can I say, I can't wait to start college 
and go on with my life. This is definitely not the 
end, it's just the beginning. Good luck Class of 

SHnunn cUZUBnTH Lyoan 

aaiTTnnM-aasE auTH macauasKm 

"Live life to the fullest." 

I DID IT! Class of '09, we made it. First, I just 
want to say thanks to everyone who's been there 
for me: my loving family, Shawn R. and my BFFL 
A.K.A. Sister Sivan Tl Also to my home girls and 
everyone else, you know who you are. Thank you 
Mr. D., and my teachers for helping me get 
through these last hard four years. To my son 
Jayden, mommy loves you<3. R.I.P. Coco 

Basketball 1,2,3,4 

Taacisaa aaa-maain mmcoLm 

Butt' 'Boo' 'Nona' 

"Vou never know what you 
have until it's gone." 

I want to give a special 
thanks to my grand- 
mother, Virgie Phillips, 
and my grandfather James 
Don Phillips, who raised 
me since birth; and to a man named Allyn Baldwin 
who kept pushing me and encouraging me to stay in 
school instead of dropping out, because I was very 
close to doing so. I also want to give another 
special thanks to my teachers who helped me get to 
where I am today. They are Mr. Celona, Mrs. 
Mahon, Mrs. Morse, Mrs. Bonora, Mr. Williams, 
Mrs. Hytinen, Ms. Thomas and Mrs. Kelly. Thanks 
also to my best friend, Tatiana Mari Garcia. I love 
my foster sister Alize. R.I.P. Papa, I LOVE VOU! 

Basketball; Football 

maiTHEW auBa maacaux 

'Matt ' 

"Taste the rainbow." 

FHS was a great school. Even though no one likes 
school I got a lot from here. I'm happy to graduate 
but I'll never forget FHS. 

Band 1,2,3,4; Soccer 1,2,3,4; Track 

"iVhat lies before us and 
what lies behind us is 
nothing compared to what 

lies within us." 
A journey of a thousand 
miles begins with one 
step. iVhen I stepped into 
school freshman year, I 
didn't realize the struggles I would go through and 
the opportunities I would have. My four years of 
high school have been filled with drama, 
relationships, friendships, and parties. So live life, 
laugh always, party hard, and be yourself. The ones 
I love AB, DW, ST, AC and CHI The ones that have 
been there SJ, XV, CL, BC, OA, TW, ED, 6M, IF, 
Tallboy, B.LESS! Thanks Mrs. Hytinen for 
believing in me and my mom for making me who I 
am today. I love you mom! I love you Ama! 
Softball 1,2,3; Basketball 1,2; Yearbook Editor 4; 
Wreckless Shannanigans 1,2,3,4EVERI 

'TiT' 'Itneybre' 'B.Chunsk' 

'Sarita' 'Sara' 


"IVepal No digas adios, 
sine hasta luego!" 

We did it 2009! First I 
would like to thank God 
for giving me life. 
Gracias Mami y Papi 
por guiarme en los caminos correctos y hacer todi^ 
lo posible por mi' bien y por tener un buen futurori' 
Thanks to all my teachers, Mr. Garcia, Msli! 
Susan, and Ms. Abreu and those who have helper 
me in my three years at FHS. Gracias Ms. Riversrl 
y Ms. Hancock por hacer todo lo posible para y(y 
poder seguir adelante con mis estudios. EC, se til 
quiere de gratis. V a todos mis panas que siemprti 
estuvieron ahi' conmigo en las buenas y en la^i' 
malas, sigan pa' lante que la vida continua. 

Volleyball 2; NHS 4 

saaaaai maaaEaa 


"Vou may say I'm a 
dreamer, but I'm not the 
only one. I hope some day 
you will join us and the 
world will live as one." 

'Sherry' 'Char' 'Shar' 


Thanks to my family 
for listening to my crazy ideas and dreams, I love 
you guys. HW and BM - we've been through a lot, 
thanks for it. Rob, you've helped me keep my sanity 
the last two years. ILV! You mean the world to me 
F&A, RRMB - we've got funki* Mrs. Rampello - 
our friendship was unexpected but always welcome. 
And thanks to E. Drew, for inspiring me, even in 
your absence. AC! EY - sisters separated at birthi 

Cross Country 1,2,4; Band 1,2,3,4; Class Officer 
2,4; Indoor Track 1,2,; Outdoor Track 1,2 

smmn aasB mnarm 

Congratulations class of '091 Thanks to all my 
friends for the good times. iVe finally made it. 

'Tiny' 'Sallna' 'Salsa' 

"Don't let the world bring 
you down"~ Incubus 

2009, here it is! Sonia (Fuffenj and Sam (Blam), 
my two sisters, I love you so much! Thank you for 
all that you have done. Brittaney (Bertneyj you're 
my best friend ever! I love you lots! I can always 
count on you three to make me smile. Joe, you're 
just perfect. :D, I love you. To my other friends, 
KP, BL, AR, AH, JC, SS, MG, CH, ZK; I love you 
guys, you mean the world to me! Thank you all for 
everything. Romans + Leon+ BerTney= Great 
memories! Live the life YOU always wanted to 
have... remember that! 

jcnBSKM KnrainB mnaTincZ 

Nadie sabe lo que Tiene, 
hasta que lo pierde." 
You don't know what you 
have, until it's gone." 

(jhigh school experience has been great, although 
Ifdn't do so well junior year due to personal 
p|)lem$. However, I still managed to pass, thanks 
ti^ny friends and family. All my friends are very 
iijortant to me and have helped out a lot. I thank 
tin all so much, along with all my teachers who 
tijhave helped me throughout the years. I enjoyed 
ai loved high school, but can't wait to leave and 
eir college. Good luck everyone and remember we 
a were, and will always be the best class. . . . 

juayznm mnniw 

I would like to thank all my teachers who have 
helped me through all these years. If it were not 
for them I wouldn't be getting my diploma. So 
thank you Mr. Celona, Mrs. Mahon, Mrs. Morse, 
and Mrs. Ovalle. Thanks Mom and Dad! 


LEcMLin mcFBDaBn 

'Steph' 'Hello Kitty Dictator' 

"I don't give advice. I 
can't tell anybody what to 
do. Instead I say this is 
what we know about this 
problem at this time. And 
here are the consequences 

of these actions." 

—Joyce Brothers 

I hope when I go to college that I become a 
successful psychologist or marriage therapist. I 
want to show everyone that I can do anything and 
succeed at it. 

Class Council 2,3; Student Council 2,4; NHS 3,4; 
FAME Program 2,3; Lifelink Program 4 

'6' 'GnarLEE' 

"So fresh, so clean.' 

I'd like to thank my friends and most of all my 
father. He was always there and Was always 
encouraging me to do better. It's been a long four 
years and hopefully the next four are going to be as 
enjoyable as my high school experience. 

Skateboarding; Snowboarding; Street Hockey 

aatminn iinEEUi mma 

"The most wasted of all 
days is one without 

Thanl(s to my mom, dad, 
Jenn, Matt and my 
loved ones for being 
there. Thanks to all my friends who have been there 
through it all. H. Woods, twelve years and 
counting! Thanks to my teachers who tried to teach 
me something... it was a good attempt. Special 
thanks to Mr. Scott, Mr. iVoods, Mr. Lavers and 
Mr. Ambrose for all the help, support, and 
guidance in the one sport I love and cherish. And I 
can't forget my track girls; I'm gonna miss you all 
and the awesome times we've had. 

Cross Country 1,4; Indoor Track 1,2,3,4; Outdoor 
Track & Field 1,2,3,4 

aanma PHiLUP uHtchbll in 


"I am fresh." 

First I'd like to say thank you to all the teachers 
and to Mr. D. for putting up with me these last 
three years. I am moving on to better things! 


"Fame and fortune come 

to those who do 
everything to get it." 

Everything you do can change the outcome of your 
life, so choose wisely. 


'J; Making Beats for F4F Productions. 

EPEGoay mEnacZ 

"Many of life's failures 
occur when people give up 

without realizing how 
close they are to success. 

-Til' the End 24-42 

It's finally here, senior year! I had the time of my 
life. If I had to go back and do it over again I 
wouldn't change a thing. Everything that happens in 
life happens for a reason. I want to thank everyone 
who stayed by my side through the good and the bad 
times and everyone who wants to see me succeed. 
To all the people who envy me... keep on envying 
me because I'm going to keep on living my life to 
the fullest. 

Football 1,2,3,4 (Captain 4); Basketball 1,2,3; 
Track 1,2,3; Step Up To Excellence 2,3,4; NHS 
3,4; My Turn 4; 

Emaa aasE m itch ell 

"It's all happening." 
~ Almost Famous 

AP + EM + SL The Wildcards! 

Art Club 3,4; Helping Hands 2,3,4; Studu 
Council 4; Field Hockey 1; 

jamaLMS aamiLLE moLiaa 

"I'm not short, I'm 
fun size." 

'Jomy' 'Jome' 

Woo-hool I did it! I am a big success. I want to 
thank my grandma for never letting me give up in 
school. I also want to thank my mom for all her 
advice, and my friends for always being there for 
me through the good and bad times. You guys know 
who you are. I'll never forget you guys, I wish you 
the best. Class of 2009! 

Chat; Internet; Dance; Belly Dance 

aamaa BaaBSTO maaa 



"Get Outta Here!" 

I just want to thank my family. I love them so 
much and I couldnt have done It without them. Also 
Morganic, V-spot, LDub, A Haller, Ashlyn, and 
Sivany, you guys are my life. Especially THE FIVE, 
high school wouldn't have been the same without 
you. I'm going to miss this school and everyone in 
it, the "Burg" will always be my home. 

Soccer 1,2,3,4; Track 1,2,3,4; NHS 3,4; Powder- 
puff 1,2,4; Class Relays 1,2,3,4 

IVaking up every morning I knew that going to 
school will eventually pay off. Vl/ith that in mind I 
made it to senior year and more likely graduation. 
Anything can be achieved if you just work at it. 

Football 1, 2, 3, 4 Volleyball 2, 3, 4 

HBaaiauB maamBS 

yaaiTzn maaBaa'SaanaGa 

■\ \ of all, I would like to thank my teacher, Mr. 
-I'ir, for everything he has done for me. If it 
Vin't for him motivating me to come to school I 
V d not be where I am today. Also, I would like 
i iank my v.p., Mr. D., for being there for me. 

"Live life, no regrets." 

The time has come to 
leave everything in the 
past, move forward, and 
start my new journey. But 
before I do want to thank 
my mom. Vour little girl is not so little anymore. 
Thank you Mami, Cari, and Papi, you taught me 
well. I love you. God blessed me with an angel 
named Xochitl. No one could replace you as my best 
friend. I hope life treats you well. Ryan, I am so 
thankful for you! My memories with you will always 
stay in my heart, ILV, KD and EM, love you guys. 
To my boys, these years would never have been the 
same without you! To my girls, I wish you the best. 
WW, I am now ready to enter the real world. Class 
of 2009, it has been a pleasure! 


caaiE micuaBL maaBrra 

aiaBara maaarn 


I would like to thank my friends and everyone who 
has helped me throughout school. Vou guys are the 
best. Keep it thrash! 


"The only man who makes 
no mistakes is the man 
who never does anything." 

Ciao! I love you like an Italian guy loves pasta! 
Own only what you carry with you; know languages, 
know countries, know people. Let your memory be 
your travel bag. I'll never forget you, my friends. 
"Grazie Mille" Lanni Family to have always 
supported me and been my taxi driver. "I'm a 
Stilton signora, Piiiccolaaaa!" 

Ail School Plays(Gommedia Delight); Tennis 4: 

"Life is a series of 
natural and spontaneous 
changes. Don't resist 
them - that only leads to 
sorrow. Let reality be 
reality. Let things flow 
naturally forward in 
whatever they like." 
I go by this quote! IVith or without me, things are 
going to happen, so I take my time. There is no 
need to speed things up or change things for your 
own benefit. Let it be and then you will see the 
true reality. This goes hand in hand with my 
experiences in high school. With every year of 
experience (lacking a better explanation) you see 
the difference between important and pointless 
problems. Let time be the judge of that. This quote 
is great to live by, because it describes the 
greatest thing taken for granted. ..Life! 

Konc uiBnE maun 

"Close your eyes, the sun 
will rise." 

micHSLLB CHipa may a 

mauM mnaiE muaPHS 


"I'm so gifted, prolific, 

composing my own 
scriptures. I'm looking 

for the wisdom and 
ambition, but the world's 
changing, I have to live 

with the transition." 

Boston is my city, my home, my throne. 3's up. On 
that note, big-ups to all of my "friend?" including: 
Awesome, Taffinty (part of the Chuleta's?), Jess 
(watchu say?!) Chaunny (Shabbal), Nesky, Anam, 
Aqua. Fresh, SosolVoolVoo, Lahdy Dahdy, Diem, 
MIC-ELL, B!6G!3, Popz, Miterson, Dart, Vayo, 
Ice, Josh, Antonio Ansaldi and the rest of my fam 
and friends in Tha Bizzy Bean. It's not my swagg, 
it's my posture; there's a difference. 

Making really ugly shirts fresh, I'm a designer 

/vJ/F cUZUBBTH muaany 

"Live, bugh, Love." 

High school was the best time of my life, amm 
my friends have made that possible for me. TI 
you for everything, I will never forget 
experience here. 

Cheerleading 1,2,3 

cHHiSTmn mcxnnaan nnvn 


"Never say goodbye, 
because goodbye means 

going away, and going 
away means forgetting." 

iVhat can I say, it's been a great four years. Thanks 
to my family and friends, I love you all. And to the 
Class of 2009, good luck in everything you do! 
Here's to our futures and of course, COLLEGE. 
Peace out FHS. 

Indoor Track 2,4; Field Hockey 1,2,3,4; Softball 
1,2,3,4; Catz 3; NHS 3,4; Oinkers for Life 

"Be you and no one else. 

Be better than everyone 
who puts you down 
because you'll never 

amount to any of them if 

you just stay yourself." 

iVow.. its finally here, my senior year... don't know 
what to say but I can't believe it. iVell, thanks to 
everyone who has helped me through the good and 
bad. Shanay and Jenesky, thanks a lot. I love you 
guys. Thanks to Mr. D. for being there when I 
needed to talk to you. Well Class of '09, hope you 
guys do well for yourselves. 

'Stina' 'Nava' 



"I do what I want" 

Thanks to all the teachers who helped me through 
these four years. A big thanks to the Ms. Flynn for 
always being there next to me. To all my boys 
thanks for all the good times ! 

'Sinco Zero' 

I want to thank my family and friends for being 
there and getting me through these four years. I 
wish everyone in the Class of '09 luck in the 
future. Mostly, I want to give a shout out to my 
friends and family members who I have lost 
throughout my life. 


'Mara' 'Shay' 

H/, we finally did it you guys, Class of '09! 1 
*\ miss everyone, I can't believe this time is 
\\. I want to thank my family, mom, dad and sis. 
r ik you to all my friends for making these four 
fi s amazing. And another thanks to my besties, 
3 TF and MH, I love you guys, "Ima miss ya." I 
ii can't believe we made it. Good luck in the 
fi re. Class of '09 And to my other friends: KP, 
VBT, TR, AC, and the twins, I love you guys. 



Live one day at a time, but 
live that day like it is 
the last." 

High school, especially Mr. Malatos, rocks! He is 
totally awesome. Still think the New Vork Yankees 
are the best! 

"During your life never 
stop dreaming. No one 
can take away your 

It's been a long few years and it's almost finally 
over. I never thought that I would be at FHS for my 
senior year but I'm glad it happened. I've met a lot 
of great people and made new friend: and had a lot 
of fun experiences. This will be a time to remember 
and I know I'll always remember my senior year at 


"Wit beyond measure is 
man's greatest treasure." 
~Luna Lovegood 

As an optimistic member 
of the band, Terrence was 
often found laughing with 
his friends down by the 
band room. He found it To 
compete and perform with this group of musicians 
and his high school experience would not have been 
the same without them. Next to band, his favorite 
class was English, which he one day hopes to teach. 
His favorite pastimes are writing and hanging out 
with his friends. High school has truly been an 
enjoyable experience that he will always treasure in 
his memories. 

NHS 3,4; Marching Band 1,2,3,4; Concert Band 
t,2,3,4; Life Link 3,4; Red Raider; Marching Band 

honor to 

for Life! 

BUBiiTunDE sua man as OGuaLBSk 

"I have many leather- 
bound books and my 
apartmenf smells of rich 
mahogany." ~Anchorman 

FHS was a great experience that will be missed. 
Thanks for the laughs, thanks for the excitement, 
and thanks for the memories. 

Shenanigans and such 1,2,3,4 

caatSTiaa JoaaTHaa aauBaaa 

Thanks to all the teachers who helped me 

aaaanVf aaaEar paLmEa 


"Live for nothing, die for ^ 

I want to thank my teachers, my friends and my 
family for supporting and believing in me. 

"Live every day like it's 
your last." 

Sports inspired me to get me through high school. 
My first vivid memory of high school is placing 
first in my heat at a Class A track meet. I met 
many new people, and I enjoyed everyone. High 
school was fun, but I'm excited to leave to go to 

Basketball 2,3,4; Soccer 2,3,4; Track 2,3,4; 

raaaciscB aivaa anaa 

"Live everyday to the 

It's already senior year. I'm going to leave « 
school and move on to college. I will al ij 
remember my friends and all of the fun four i j 

we had. Hope to see everyone again soon! Peacid 


aaraaa aaaicL aaasaas 

"And in the end it's not 
the years in your life that 
count. It's the life in your 

High school has been wild. Class wasn't the 
greatest but all the memories I've made have been 
amazing. I wouldn't be anything without my boys 
Hachey, Luke, or Jake L. They've made all these 
years great. 

'Big Boss' 'Hollywood' 'Nocturnal 

Dan CUR THomns PUMTon 

"I can't help but try." 

This school is cool. The people are fun. The food 
is alright. The work, too much. '09 is the best 
class. IVe're going down in history. Oh yeah! 

Skating, Art, Music, Basically Rockin' Out 

'Kat' 'Katie' 'KIC 'Barbie' 

II can't believe we made it. Thanks to all my 
friends (AT, JJ, SM, MB, MR) and everyone for 
being there for me. Meg, I love you to death! 
Thanks to David, you really stood by me and you're 
very special to me. Thanks to my Crazy family, you 
always kept me on my toes! 60 XC, you girls rule! 
I'll miss you all. R.I. P. Mrs. Grant, you'll never be 
forgotten. <3 

Cheerleading 1; Cross Country 3,4; Outdoor Track 
3,4; Leadership Club 2 

xacHiTL mcjaaoan PBPcn 

If you have but one shot 
at an opportunity, make it 

'Jim' 'Jimmy' 

iiis too valuable to mess up! Vou can lose so 
1; by making the wrong decisions. That is why it 
iportant to do the right thing and make the 
j| ones. Life is short and only what you make of 

r; Country 4; Baseball 2; Army National Guard 

'Mikey P' 

"Ayy Ma!" 

First, I would like to thank my mom and dad for all 
of their support through all of these years. Next, I 
would like to thank my brother, Orlando, for being 
an inspiration in making me the person I am today. 
Shout out to my boys Luke, Hachey, Rambo, 
Nickery Piffery, Big E., and the rest of the 
goonies. Thanks to all of the ladies for the great 
times that I have had. Holding the goose down and 
going on rides we're hot fiyah! Peace! I'm out! 

Football 1,2,3,4; Stuntin' 1,2,3,4 

'Bubbleface' 'Chech' 

"Dream big." 

I still remember the first 
day, and I'll never forget 
the last. My parents and 
Fatboy, I love you, you 
made these years what 
they were. Kim, you 
saved me in many ways, you don't even know, love 
you. Chiqui, my best friend, sister, other half, 
these years would've been terrible without you 
there with me. Phalangies! History is our class 
man! Grace, thanks for the advice, I'd be a fool 
without it. MR and DR, my two favorite twins ever! 
Laughing at others and ourselves. Think you can 
dance?! LOLi Dobson, you're the bestest! Love you 
kid! BQ, '06! It was a fun. I'll never forget you. 

Project Go 1,2,3,4; Upward Bound 1,2,3,4; FAM'E 

mmTHnW nanrn Piraaa 

"I don't think God put me 
on this planet to judge 

others, I think he put me 

on this planet to gather 
species and take them 

back to my home planet." 

Thank you for all the fun I had in my three years at 

"You can't try, you just 
gotta do it or you always 
fail."~ Mai Kou 

'J. King' 

Just a quick thank you to all my loved ones. Thanks 
to my close friends for sticking through hard times 
and my best friend, JuJu, my angel that always 
watched over me. X, "F4F for life." To My lil' 
sister, Anum, thank you. To my other sister 
Jessica, much love! Chino , Jose, Maria, Vero, 
Luis, JML "Baby we go!" Vee Vee! Mai Kou, I want 
to see you smile. Love you! Life is just about to 
begin again, let's go get that paper. Vaddiimeen? 
JML - F4F much love. - Jordan 

a Lama KaTHEanic paiaiEau 

"Dream as if you'll live 
forever, live as if you'll 
die today." 

These past four years have been amazing, full of 
fun and crazy times that I will always remember. 
Bonesaw undefeated! SL and EM The iVild Cards. 

Field Hockey 1,2,3,4; Softball 1,2,4; Helping 
Hands Club 1,2,3,4; NHS 3,4 

aaviaauEa araK 

aaaaaaa aaaaEW auma 


"A champion gets up even 
if he can't!" 

09! B-lValk's math class 
feels like yesterday! I'd 
first just like to thank my 
parents for making sure I 
was always on track no matter what the situation 
was. I'd also like to thank my coaches for keeping 
me focused on the baseball diamond and for their 
help outside the game. Most importantly, i'd like to 
thank Mary Kate for making high school! 
unforgettable and helping me through the mostt 
challenging part of my life... math class. To my. 
Fiiichay!, my triangle lovers, my whiffle bailers, 
and the baseball team; Good luck in whatever you 
do when this year is over. 

Baseball t,2,3,4 


jBaEmy aauL aactac 

To all the guys and girls of FHS, good luck, 
girls who didn't get to know me, sorry I'm jfll 
guy! But even though I'm moving on to biggi:ilii 
better things, I'll never forget all the funtliij 
with the Class of '09, and I'll always remem(ililii| 
friends I made along the way. I 

amaaaa asHLEn aasmusaa , 

"If A equals success, 
then the formula is A = 
X + Y + Z. X is work. 
Y is play. Z is keep your 
mouth shut." 
~Albert Einstein 

We all come into high school with hopes and 
dreams. Most have people on their side with 
positive encouragement toward reaching them, but 
not me. I came into high school with people saying 
that I couldn't make it, I wasn't good enough, and I 
couldn't do anything with my life. I guess I proved 
them wrong! 

Anime Club 1,2; Creative Writing Club 2; 21st 
Century Mentoring Program 3,4. 


"Make every moment last, 
because it won't last 

FHS has been a great experience making friends, 
losing friends, and moving on. High school changes 
everyone whether you realize it or not. I know it 
has changed me, and I'm happy it did. Even after I 
move on in life I won't forget the experiences I've 
had here. 

Concert Band 1,2,3,4; Marching Band 1,2,3,4 

"Nothing will bring me 

I always told myself to think about the future and 
that's what I'm going to do. I would like to thank 
my family for pushing me through high school. I 
also want to thank my boyfriend who I have been 
with for two years. He has helped me deal with 
some things that I have been through. Thank you 
mom for putting up with all of my crap. I give a 
shout out to Jennifer Colon, keep looking forward 

saynnjoEL aEMES 

"It's better to remain 
quiet and be thought of as 
a fool, than to speak and 
remove all doubt." 

learned that high school isn't just a place 
'e you prepare for college. High school is a 
V. where you define yourself as to who you 
ily are. Now before I write the last words that 
"I remain of my high school life for years to 
I want to thank those that I love. Mi amor, I 
'I'you so much and like I said. ..I'm always going 
'!^e there. Now to all my friends who've stuck 
' me since day one, I thank you, because a guy 
' out friends is a a ship without sails. 

ne Club 1,2; Technology Support 1,2,3,4 

maaann EuznaETH aica 

"The rest is still 

'09, we made it! Much 
love to the five; you girl: 
made 98% of my 
memories, we always find 
a way to get crazy. Sivany and Biz, you real, stay 
real. Thanks to Liss, my sister and best friend, for 
putting up with me even from miles away. Lili, my 
extended family, Miami here we come! Big Ry: my 
go-to-guy for four years. I couldn't ask for a better 
friend, so thanks. Thanks to all those in between 
that left an impact. And last but not least, I love 
you mommy and daddioli Stay fly '091 Bye 

Soccer 1,2,3,4; Basketball 1,2; Softball 1,2 

mnTTHcW anviD asajiua 

'Rat Boy' 

As the year comes to an 
end, I can't forget about 
all of the friends that I 
have had and all the experiences that I have had 
during my four years here. All of my experiences 
here have taught me new things in life and I will 
take those lessions and use them in the real world. 
To all of my friends that I won't see after this, all I 
have to say is that I bid you a farewell and hope 
that you make the best out of life. I will miss you 
all. Thank you for being there for me. I hope that I 
did the same for all of you. '09 for life! 

Interact Club 2 


"Live your life to its 
fullest and never give up 
on your dreams." 

Iliana is a fun person to hang out with. She's funny 
and there is never a dull moment when she's acting 
like herself. She motivates you, no matter what, 
when your feeling down and blue. Iliana wants all 
her friends to live their life to its fullest and never 
give up on their dreams. Iliana is a caring and 
loving person and she supports her friends through 
everything, (bye friends!) Shout outs to my homey 
6's skillet biscuits, and to the people who know me 
by Ili-Amili. I'll miss all of you. 

aaEWCLnyToa aicanaa 


"Vou either die a hero or 
you live long enough to 
become the villain." 

I come to school every day just looking for respect 
and I never get it. But junior year, I mna in 
dressed as a girl and evoryoni; \mm wU 1 ami 
Wow... just wowl 

PEain isnxi amcan 

"People who mind don't 
matier, people who 
matter don't mind." 
~0r. Seuss 

I'd like to thank all my teachers who helped me 
through a lot of rough times. Vou taught me a lot 
about life. To my family, especially my mom, 
thanks for being there. Thanks to all my friends and 
good luck. 

"Fear God not them.' 

I can't even lie, These years of high school have not 
been the best years of my life. Advice to the future 
"highschoolers", don't trust every smile you meet. 
There are too many haters. But I guess I'm in 
comparison with Helen Keller, because I don't see 
or hear any of them. Therefore I fear God and not 

ayaa zncanay aaaaa 

"I see you're pretty 
gangster... I'm pretty 
gangster myself..." 

I would like to thank 
Mr. D. and everyone who 
helped me through these 
past four years. I also 
want to express how much I will miss FHS and the 
people who made it go by so fast. I've seen a lot of 
people graduate in the past years and I never 
understood how they felt until now. I guess you 
don't know how sick your life is until you're forced 
to move on. I wanna give a shout out to the entire 
class and the football team. No one gots swagger 
like us! Varsity Football 1,2,3,4; Varsity Volleyball 
2,3,4; Indoor and Outdoor Track I; Basketball 2; 
Yearbook Editor 4; l/Vreckless Shenanigans 1,2,3,4; 
Class President 1,3; MIAA Ambassador 3,4 

'Big Robes Nasty' 'Super Robes' 'Hog Life' 

I would like to thank my family and friends for all 
their love and support through my four years of 
high school. A shout out to Luz, Jen, Kayla and 
Crystal. Rest in peace to Veronica Cruz. 

Special Olympics 1,2,3,4 

caamaa caciaaa am an 

I made it. Thank God. Lo hicimos, les qi 
agradecer a mi madre y mi familia. Tambieii 
quiero agradecer a todas mis amigas que sieie 
ban estado ahi' por mf en las buenas y en las m 
I also want to thank all the teachers who 
encouraged me to do more things. They belieiei 
me and they know that I'm a smart person. 

snamn Kny aaacars 

"You gotta go through the 
pain to experience the 
joy." —Diddy 

'Bean' 'Rina' 'Jondis' 'SIVOOSHli 


Thanks to my family, and 
friends for standing by me and supporting me. 
Rachel Foote, and Erica Jackson, ILY both. Special 
thanks to Mrs. Patricia Finch-Kelly. She has 
pushed me since freshman year. Thanks to all the 
teachers who put up with me for the past four 
years. I'm going to miss Mr. D., Mr. Hughes, and 
Mr. Lowney; I appreciate all that you've done for 
me. It's been tough, but I made it through. Raider 
Pride Class of 2009, ALL DAY BABY! 

Project Go 1,2,3,4; Mentoring 1,2,3,4 

nnBcL LUIS aaaamucz 


"iVe are not special. We 
are not crap or trash, 
either. iVe just are. IVe 

just are, and what 
happens just happens." 

I can't believe we're done. 
Four years have come down 
to this... crazy. High school has taught me more 
about myself than I ever could have imagined. It's 
been legit. Thanks mom and Lucia. Miranda- 
"HOPE & LOVE!" Good times since 'OS. BM, DJ, 
BC, BH, and everyone else that has been there, I'll 
never forget you. Kim O'Neill, thanks for your 
constant support. '09, I love you. Thank you for 
making this experience bomb! "DON'T STOP 
Peace + Love. 

yearbook Editor 4 

'Laffing Man' 

"Don't forget, believe in 
yourself not the you I 
believe in. Not the me, 
who believes in you. 
Believe in the you who 
believes in himself." 

It's been a long four years that have just flown by. 
All the things that have happened the animes I've 
seen, the manga I've read, the opportunities I've 
had, all will stay with me forever. I started out as 
an annoying, big freshman and slowly changed into 
the person who I am today, thanks to the help and 
support given to me by all my teachers and friends. 
It's been a long, fun four years. May all your years 
be better than your last. 

Math and Engineering program 3,4; Multi-Cultural- 
Club 1,3,4; Technology Support 2,3,4; Anime Club 

amnn mnaEnaiTii aaaaicuEZ 

Jniaay lbb aaaaicuBZ 

"The earth has music for 

those who listen" 
~lVilliam Shakespeare 

\i four years have had their ups and downs, but 
\\% been great. I would like to thank my friends 
ii,family for making my high school years just 
Ji.special and all the laughs we shared together. I 
'i,always remember XochitI (so you think you can 
^\ and Vicmarie (blood drive). To my family 
(ndma, Charlie, Chasity, Margarita, and 
a marie), I love you guys. Now we're moving on 
li only our memories and our friendships. And 
liJ< you for everything. 

mn a En aim aiaan aaaaicuEZ 

I would like to start by thanking my family and 
friends (XP, CIV, SN, and many more) for 
supporting me and for making these four years of 
high school a great experience. I have had some 
good times and some bad times, but I have always 
had someone to help me through it all. Now I'm 
ready to leave FHS with all the great friends and 
memories I have made. So now I'm going on to 
bigger and better things. One word, "COLLEGE". 


Primeramente le doy gracias a Dies. Tambien le doy 
gracias a los maestros que siempre me apoyaron en 
todo memento y cuando mas los necesitaba como 
Ms. Susan, Mr. Garcia, Ms. Abreu y aunque esta 
persona en estos momento se encuenfra ausente le 
doy gracia porque desde mi comienzo de studios me 
a apoyado y a side mas que una maestra, la 
extraiiamos Ms. Ovalle. Le doy gracias a mi familia 
especialmente a mis padres por que sin su apoyo yo 
no estuviera en estos mementos terminando el 
cuarto ano. 

zuLByKn aaaamucz 

'Zully' 'ZuZu' 

"Si amas algo dejalo 
libra, si regresa era tuyo, 
si no regresa nunca lo 

These four years at FHS have been tough, but I've 
successfully managed to get through it. I would like 
to thank God because he's the reason I've gotten 
this far. I would like to give a special thanks to my 
parents for their support, you guys are the best. 
Also, a special thanks to my friends: Ariel, Jessica, 
Sky and Steph, for always being there for me when 
I needed them the most, I love you guysl And to 
the rest of my friends, you know who you are, for 
all the laughter you've brought to my lifel I will 

miss you greatlyl 

mnaysii euzubbth aausscnu 

I would like to thank my mom and brother, with a 
special thanks to my godfather "JR", for all your 
love and support. Thank you to all my teachers for 
all your support. I will miss FHS. A shout out loud 
to VC, LC, JB, JC, PR, PL, M6, and Jomalys. 

Special Olympics 1,2,3,4 


"Just remember, look out 
before you leap. It's a 
world of wonder; the 
^ memories are yours to 

Rehearsing, performing, 
celebrating, and all the 
people by my side while 
doing so: K. Clark, A. Foisy, C. Benoit, D. Dame, 
E. Yost S. Posco. Brittany, my sister and best 
friend; we will live our lives together forever. 
We're being let go into a world of opportunities 
and there is a way for each of us to succeed. I hope 
we all find the paths we are meant to follow so that 
we are always known as FHS's incredible class of 

All-School and Interclass Plays 1,2,3,4; Direction 
of Interclass Plays 3,4; Marching Band 1; District 
Wide Musical 1,2,3,4, MHSD6 Play 2,3,4; 
Yearbook 4 

joaaaa smcnaa 

"It's not that serious." 

During all these years I learned one thing, that not 
all of your friends are going to be there for you. 
My family is very important for me. They are the 
only ones who will always be there, the ones who 
wi!i <:u[»j< ' you and guide you. However, I would 
like to thank the few friends who were real, and 
3Ct<!^l!<? cared. I would also like to thank my 
teaci.. "or believing in me, and also guiding me 
through the years. I would like to say thank you to 
all my family, I love you all very muchi (SV no 
matter how far.) 

These past four years I have made so many great 
memories. Junior year was the most memorable and 
I will never forget the people that made it amazing. 

Tennis 3,4; Prom Committee 3 

aaaasa maaiEsaaau 

Congratulations '09! We 
finally made it! These 
past four years have been 
amazing and I've learned 
more, about life itself 
than I ever thought possible. It's time to turn 
page and start a new chapter of our lives. I foni i 
can't wait! Thanks to my friends for makinci)|| 
high school experience truly unforgettable, 
guys know who you are. An even bigger thanklji 
my family; mom, dad, Adam and Amy for suppooi 
me and molding me into the person I am todili 
couldn't have done it without you guys! 

Jazz Band 2,3,4; Special Olympics Voluni 
1,2,3,4; JV Girls Soccer 1; Red Raider Big |l 
3,4; Environmental Club 3,4 

jasaa aaraaaici snaancE 

'Tex' 'J' 

"Nothing happens until 
something moves." 

High school was truly an unforgettable experience. 
My classmates and teachers made it that way. I'd 
like to thank not only them, but everyone else as 
well. This includes my family and friends for 
helping me through it all and keeping me on track. 
Thank you all for making my high school experience 
truly unforgettable. 

cnTHcittnc Lynm snnaRELU 

CHUiSTtnn snnnnca 

As we all go our separate ways, I won't forget these 
past four years and what they have taught me. 
Thank you for all the memories. LS, BS, HD thanks 
for always being there. 

Football Cheerleading t,2,3,4 

'Da Goat' 

"Reach for the stars so if 
you fall you land on a 

These four years flew by. 
still remember the first 


day of freshman year 
looking around at all the upper classmen knowing 
what they were doing. Sophomore year was tough 
because all my best friends were cutting school 
every day and leaving early. Junior year, when I got 
everything straightened out, all my best friends 
were leaving one by one. Now it's only me left, 
about to graduate and I couldn't be happier. Class 
of '09 is the best. 

Cross Country 4 

J a SUE r an n Cisco snnras 

'Black Joker' 

dare gracias a todas las personas que siempre 
han ayudado todos estos cuatro anos en FHS. 
)S me ayudaron a termimar la escuela y a ser 
! responsable con mis cosas y mas respetuoso 
todo el mundo. Y tambien a mi madre que me 
apoyado en todo y que esta bien felfz que yo 
nine la FHS y vaya a colegio para tener mi 
uro organizado. 

nnuaim celeste SEaanna 

"If you are on a road to 
nowhere, find another 

I made it. After all the hard work. I am finally 
here. I would like to thank God first, and then my 
mom and family for always telling me what was 
right for me and Wrong. Thanks to all those long 
speeches, I am here. Thank you for everything. Oh, 
and don't think I forgot about you guys, thank you 
for always being there for me. I will always have 
you in my heart, CNJ. 

Ktamnay snaras 

"Luche por lo que quieren 

nunca se den por 
vencidos. Si las cosas de 
el pasado no se quedaron 
contigo, no crees que fue' 
por una razdn." 

First of all I want to thank God for permitting me 
to arrive to this phase of my life. I also thank my 
parents, Xiomara and Jose, because without their 
support, I would not have come so far, especially 
because they taught me to fight for what I want. 
They always told me to never look back and to 
always look toward the future. Also, I want to thank 
Mrs. Rivera, l^r. Garcia, and Mr. Rojas for always 
supporting me and giving me advice. Also, thanks 
to Mrs. Hancock for helping me with my classes. 

Eawaaa maarm SHaucaaEssy 

'EJ' 'Ed' 'Eddyfresh' 'Ted' 'Dactyl' 

"Cool Is forever.' 

iVell, I guess this wraps 
her up. I can't believe 
high school is already 
over; I'm going to miss it. 
Thank you FHS for a righteous high school 
experience and some excellent times. Shout out to 
all my family, friends, loved ones, and teachers! If 
you were in my senior English class, that was a 
blast. Also, I can't forget the hockey team, "bear 
down!" Next time you see me I will probably be on 
TV or something. 091 

Ice Hockey 1,2,3,4; Vearbook 4; Skateboarding; 
Snowboarding; Art; Super Fan; IViffle Ball; Dodge 
Ball (Team Bone Saw) Mini Golf; VW'S; Music; 
''lilllin; Dressing good and having funi 

cjian a a 5c SHEamnn 

mnmn amnn sua an 

"Life is the best when 
you make It that way." 

I'll never forget these halls or the classes I skipped 
in them I'll never forgot these rooms, or the 
amazing people I've met in them. I'll never forget 
these four years or the best memories I've made 
during them. High school wasn't the best time of 
my life but it was definitely the craziest and I 
loved it thanks to my mom, my family, Meghan, and 
all my awesome friends, and teachers for making it 
so spectacular. 

"Dicen que el tiempo, lo 
cambia todo. Pero no 
quiero que cambies tu 

manera de ser. Te quiero 

dezco a mi padre y 
madre, que sin ellos I 
wouldn't be here! Mom 
and Dad ios adoro mucho! Muchas thank-you's to 
my teachers. Special thanks to Ms. Morand, Ms. 
Normandin, Mrs. Gallo, Step-Up to Excellence 
Program, and my BFF's Vero and Anam. To my 
senior friends, Lupe, Cecy, Jordan and "mi" sister, 
great times with all of you! Class of '09 let's show 
the world what we can do! Advice for all "vivan sus 
vidas a su manera," because I know I will. I'll miss 
you all, besos y abrazos always. 
Step Up To Excellence 2,3,4; NHS 3,4; 
Multicultural Club 3,4 


Loaay sauvnaay siuiPHnT 

raKKisaa LBnuaacn saawaBa 


My four years of high 
school has been one of 
the most memorable 
experiences of my life. 
Looking back on my past 
years, I've realized that I've changed so much, 
made mistakes and learned from them. I've also 
realized who my true friends are. I want to thank 
all my teachers who taught me all I needed to know. 
And to my family, mom and dad I love you. To my 
best friend, Vohanna, thanks for always being there 
for me. And of course to the boy that matters the 
most, Nicholas Atkinson, I love you so much. 
(tt.3.06)...a date I'll always remember. To the 
Class of '09, good luck and I'll miss you all!!! 

Dance 1,2,3,4 

aLBXis KnaiTzn sous 

"Get on my level... ya 

These past twelve years 
of school are finally over 

and it's time to party, 

time to sleep in, chill, and have a good time. High 
school was a challenge but I did it and it's over 
now. The haters tried to bring me down, but they 
failed. Instead, I succeeded. Now " I'ma go to 
college and make that money!" My main goal for 
the future is to stay out of trouble. I want to thank 
mom dukes because without her nothing would 
be j>3S$ible. And of course, I love my friends, my 
boys and my family all day. "Holla at cha girl!" 

Myspace and cell phone ail day. 


'Tikki Tikki' Ta-kiki 'Kisha' 

"Queen Chanelle I love 
you boo!" 

Going into high school 
was a big challenge for 
me. I didn't know what to 
do with myself. Freshman 
and sophomore years went by fast and it was h li 
Then I became a junior, and mind set wasiil 
different. Every year that went by I matured a il 
Now I'm finally a senior and I feel like I havi«|j 
much to do and so little time. But without my V ''> 
ones and friends I wouldn't have made it. So tlt^i 
you all, muahh! To the loved ones who pasi^ i 
Shontae Parks, Christopher Preville and ^\ | 
Snowden, I love you R.I.P. 

Dance 1,3,4 Step 1,3,4; Project Go 1,2,-' 
Upward Bound 1,2,3,4 

jaaiES FiTZDEaaLa sz cua, /a 

'Jimmy' 'Jimbo' 'Jimmy James 

I'm not a player! I just 
crush a lot." 

Seniors '09, it's all over! Four long years have 
finally come to an end. Full of ups and downs, good 
and bad but in the end it doesn't even matter. I 
have been through a lot and it's made me stronger 
and smarter. To all those people who doubted me 
and gave me a hard time, I have one thing to say to 
you, hi haters! Class of '09 all day! Bye haters! 
Golf; Market Basket; Girls; Family; Friends; 
Getting Paid 

nnGBUi mm STcTsan 

amnn phul STuaTcYBn? 

'Angy' 'Peanut' 

"An eye for an eye makes 
the whole world blind." 

I am an 18 year old girl 
who's trying to get by during harsh times in a world 
where power and money rule instead of peace, love, 
and overall happiness. Living to be free and doing 
as I please are my main goals but you can never say 
I didn't try to please others around me. I'm just any 
old girl you see who's not afraid to show my true 
self and not fear what others think. I am who I 
want to be. I am unchangeable by what others 
persuade. I am just me. 

21st Century Tutor 1,2,3,4; Community Service 

'Brian Fingers' 

"Heck Yeah!" 

I can't believe how fast the past 4 years have gone 
by. I couldn't have made it without my family, my 
friends, and my car "Baby". For all my friends, 
thank you for the memories. Peace. 

'Iffer' 'Jennif 

"Life's tough, wear a 

I've got to thank my mom for dragging me out 
^d every morning and supporting me no matter 
^ love you. Thanks to all the teachers who put 
'rith me and made high school bearable. LC, my 

if if wasn't for you I would have been here 
\, madd love boo! Hodgie, I don't know what I 
Id do without you. Murrranda, Megan Tarr, 
Idies fo' life", ILV girls! MD, thanks for 
/thing. Dude, I made it. "iVhaddup College"?! 


"When solving a problem, 
you get nowhere without 

The past couple of years 
that I have spent at FHS have been my most 
spectacular one: ever. It wasn't that easy to get 
through all the changes I've made in and out of 
school, and I definitely didn't do it alone. That's 
why I want to thank my sisters, Lauren and Ashley, 
for being there for me every step of the way. 
Everything I've been through they went through 
with me. 

Mentor; Animal Shelter Volunteer; Partying; 
Chillin' with my sisters. 

asHLBMaaa Tcixiian 

"Three's a little number, 
but it do big thangsl" 

iVell right now I am just 

exploring life and I'm trying to learn new things 
every day. I just can't wait to grow up and become 
someone successful. I made the best out of my 
high school career and I will continue with 
another chapter in my life. Va, we all had hard 
times in our lives, but my sisters have helped me 
get through mine. And if you haven't asked me 
yet if I like being a twin, the answer is no. 
Though I do love having her as my sister. 

Dancing; Partying; Eating; Chillin' with my 

stvaa THammncHaK 

'Sivany' 'Baby' 'Asian' 

"Vou give a lot to get a 

HI HATERS! To '09 we 
made it! I would like to 
thank my parents for 
everything and encourag- 
ing me to go to school and 
my brothers and sisters for beating me up just to 
get here! Haha. Thanks to my teachers and coaches. 
Big up's to Mr. D! If it weren't for him I don't 
know where I would be. High school wouldn't have 
been fun without my sister Shauna and the rest of 
the fam: Arr , Genevivah, Tiil, AyMadday, L. 
Brezzy, Mc .e-Skii & Cortiay! Remember '09 is 
pleased! "YoU REALLL!" BYE HATERS! 
Basketball 1,2,3,4; Softball 1,2; Talent Search 
1,2,3,4; Soccer 2,3,4; Powder-puff 1,2,3,4; 
yearbook Editor 4; Pong l,2,3,4EVER 

PHomsiivnnH nmsi THnnnDnBOUTH JOHnnTHiin savnnnnmncHn THsniL 

"Beginnings are usually 
scary and endings are 
usually sad but it's 
everything in between 
that makes it all worth 

High school has been the 
greatest experience of 
my life and made me the person I am today. I've 
met so many new friends who have become a part of 
me. They've proven to me what true friends are. I 
love those of you who stood by me from the 
beginning and those who jumped in along the way, 
you know who you are.. I'm proud of myself for 
making it this far and seeing my parents happy. It's 
crazy how time has flashed before my eyes. I 
remember freshman year like it was yesterday. 
Looking back at all the goods and the bads, the 
laughs and the cries, these are the memories that I 
will cherish forever. Good luck to Class of 20091 

To my friends and family for making this year 
awsome, thank you. 

uzn THmnKouni 

"Life is short, live it up!" 

nnGBLn Lynns ranEEnsEn 


'Angle' 'Peach Muffin' '93' 
'Shafty Shades' 

High school life was an adventure. Many fun and 
interesting things have happened. I'm going to miss 
the people who I've grown close to ='[. To those 
who I didn't talk to and to everyone, best wishes 
for the future. See you all at the Reunion. =] 

Multicultural Club 1,2,3,4; NHS 3,4; Fame 
Program 3,4; Project Go 3,4; Helping Hands 3,4; 
Interact Club 4; Prom Committee 4 

"I'm not asking, I'm 

In loving memory of Mrs. 
Grant. May the people 
you touched always re- 
member. Thanks to all my 
friends who filled these 
years with amazing memories. I'll never forge;t,e 
football games, powder-puffs, relays, movie nini|, 
sleepovers and shenanigans. The cake fight waii 
best idea of our lives! Remember all the bb^ 
moments, inappropriate inside jokes and nickniii^, 
laughs, and the Emo Book. Lastly, we survive/ij^ 
History! \ 
Student and Class Councils 1,2,3,4; NHS!;; 
(Secretary of NHS 4); Fam^e 2,3,4; Soo I 
1,2,3; VP of Life Link 3,4; Secretary of } 
Committee 4; Cross Country 4; Indoor ili 
2,3,4; Outdoor Track 4; Interact 4 

Jcssicn Tonms 

mnnuEL ranms 

"Things happen for a 

Throughout my years in high school there have been 
three people who have been there for me throughout 
it all. Christian, thanks for putting up with me, I 
love you. To my teachers, Mrs. Kelly, Mr. Garcia, 
and my counselors thank you for keeping me out of 
trouble and teaching me there's another way to look 
at life. Thanks to my friends, Jordon, Jesenia, 
Jess, and Tatiana, for giving me advice and 
watching out for me. And to my family, I will 
always love you. Go seniors. Class of '09! 

'Mannie Fresh' 

"I'm not fresh; I'm what 
fresh looks up to." 

I like the white snow, bright stars, and fresh 
clothes, you know, the basic complex things. I can 
fly without wings. Without a crown, I'm the king. 
Without words, I can sing and without sound I can 
ring. I'm great. 

Football 2; ROTC 2,3; Chorus 3; Theatre 4; 
Chillin' on Myspace 1,2,3,4 

cnmBaan raaaEua 

SEnn miCHHEL vn am n court 

"Do not follow where the 
path may lead, 60 instead 
where there is no path 
and leave a trail." 
~ Muriel Strode 

IVow, I can't believe how fast the past four years 
have 9one by! Just want to say thanks to all my 
friends for making our time at FHS so memorable 
and enjoyable. And thanks to my teachers and 
parents, without whose support I wouldn't have 
succeeded as much or made it this far. 

Cross-Country 1,2,3,4; Indoor Track 1,2,3,4; 
Outdoor Track 1,2,3,4; Student Council 2,3,4: 
Helping Hands Community Service Club 1,2,3,4; 
National Honor Society 3,4 

"Nobody gets to live life 
backwards, look ahead, 
that is where your future 

My senior year... what a journey it has been going 
through good and rough times. All I knew is that I 
could rely on my friends if I needed anything. All I 
have to say is we make our lives by what we get and 
we make a life by what we give. 

Football 1,3,4; Basketball; Hanging with friends 

myssn helehe vmcauaT 

"All your life, you were 
only waiting for this 
moment to arrive." ~The 

These past four years 
have flown by. I have 
made so many memories 
\ friends that I will never forget. I would like to 
Ilk those friends who have helped me become 
f I am today and for all the good times we have 
' together. I would also like to thank my family 
' has been with me throughout my life 
'porting me In whatever I try. Congrats and good 
( to the Class of '09! "If you can dream it, you 
' do it." -Walt Disney 

d Hockey 1,2; Tennis 1,2,3,4; NHS 3,4; All 
^ool Play 3,4; Interclass Play 3,4 

jnviEri vnzauEZ 

"IVe can do what we have 
to do, so we can do what 
we want to do." 

Hamed, Kyle, Tunde, Troy, and Fabian, we boys for 
life. Hot boys all day! I would like to thank my 
teachers for all their support. Ms. Normandin, Ms. 
Kelly, Ms. Hytinen, Ms. Manto, and Ms. Goguen, 
you guys are the best. Shout outs to all my boys. 

"Live for today because 
tomorrow is never 

'Tree' 'Clumsy' 

Oh man! iVe finally made 
it! My four years at FHS 
were amazing! I had my 
ups and downs but I made it through. I thank my 
mom and dad so much for pushing me and telling 
me to never give up. I also thank my friends and 
teachers who told me to never give up. My 
freshman year I was scared to come here. I have 
gotten to know more people and make new friends. 
I've met new teachers who've made me realize not 
to be scared. Class of 09" baby! It's time to live 
our lives and be adults. 

Being Tall; Partying with SS, TR, and IJ 

snmnnTHH euuhe vnzauEZ 


"I'm just a soul whose 
intentions are good. Lord 

please don't let me be 
misunderstood." ~Weezy 

God's truly blessed me. 
Mr. P. and Mr. D., I wouldn't have made it to this 
year without you two. Family, I'll love you always. 
Mommy, I live through you. I'd give you the world. 
Erica, I love you to the core. Memories and 
adventures I'll never forget. You keftf fne sane. JS, 
no matter w far. Class of 2009 wish I knew you 
better. SI' s the limit. Vou are the three diamonds 
to my \\m\ even through the battle. My solider I 
want this forover. Hearts to the ones who will 
always matter. I'm sorry for my mistakes. Goodbye 
tears. Time for smiles. It's just begun. Free Bebo. 

"Don't you compare me, 
cause there ain't nobody 
near me. They don't see 
me but they hear me. 
They don't feel me but 
they fear me!" 

First, I want to give thanks to my mom for helping 
me and for being so caring. Special thanks to Mr. 
D. for being there and giving me advice so I 
wouldn't do anything stupid. To my girls Keyla, 
Genevie, Shauna, Ama, and Brit: I love you girls! 
To the most important person, my daughter, 
Angelys Alvarez, you're my world and my 
everything. Richard Alvarez, thank you for 
everything. To my four brothers, thank you for 
being there. I love you guys! Good luck '09 with 
whatever you do. R.I. P. Coco! 
Softball 1,2 

'Mara' 'Xiomi' 

"Some people come into 
our lives and quickly go. 
Others stay and leave 
footprints on our hearts, 
and we are never ever the 

I know I don't speak for myself when I say that 
these last four years have changed me. Mom, Dad 
and Jake, thank you for putting up with me for the 
last 18 years. I love you more than you know. Kay, 
you're my sister. Thank you for standing behind me 
through everything. Eric, my best friend. Vou make 
me laugh like no one else. Never give up<3 ILV. 
2009, I'll never forget you. You'll always have a 
place in my heart. Best of luck. 

Field Hockey 1,2; National Honor Society 3,4 

"About all you can do in 
life is be who you are. 
Some people will love you 
for you, most will love 
you for what you can do 
for them, and some won't 
like you at all." 
—Rita Mae Brown 

I want to thank my family for standing by my side 
through everything that's happened these past four 
years! Even though it doesn't show, I appreciate it 
all. I love you guys! To my friends; you guys are 
the best! Thanks for making senior year 
memorable! Class of '09 woot woot! 

Dance Team 4; Softball 2; Indoor Track 3; Outdoor 
Track 1,2 

These years have flown by. Thanks to my frieii 
and family for helping me out and all the amaa 

memories that have been made. 




joHii FiTZEEama wncEanEa 

"Live for today.' 

jnaEn mmrHEW weed 

I want to thank my parents and grandparents for 
being there for me. Thank you to all my teachers 
who have helped me during the past four years. I 
will miss FHS and all my friends. 

Special Olympics 1,2,3,4 

"Vou know. . . I came to 

school last year as a 
nobody. Now, I'm leaving 
as a somebody." 

I came to FHS knowing 
anyone. No friends, and 
no clue what I was 
doing here. Now, as I leave school, I've developed 
so many fun times with so many friends and 
colleagues. From paper-ball fights on Bus Five, to 
late nights filled with timeless moments. Love, 
drama, melancholy, fun, excitement - it comes 
with the experience. Leaving high school means 
losing friends and good times but you'll never 
forget the memories. 6o 2009! 

Marching Band 4; Self-Created Music Band 4; 
Football 3,4; Billiards 1,2,3,4; Soccer 1,2,3,4 


cjissnnnan nnn WHrniBy 


"You see things; and you 
say why? But I dream 

things that never were; 
and I say why not?" 

Between all the drama, parties, and the ups and 
downs of my high school experience, I think that 
it's all definitely been worthwhile. To all those 
who I really got to know, I will honestly miss you. 
And to the rest of my peers, it's kind of too bad 
that we didn't get to know each other better, but I 
have no regrets! I wish everyone the best of luck! 

"Heal the past; live the 
present; dream the 

'09, Congratulations to 
us! IVe took over FHS the 
day we set foot here, 
we're one of a kind. I 
want to thank my family: my parents for helping me 
get this far, especially my dad for the extra help 
this year, and my sisters, Keisi and Shannon, who 
are going to stay rep'ing our name through this 
school. To my other sisters, the five of us are wild 
together; VC, MR, MM, and AH, plus BC, AJ, and 
ST. To the people who have made an impact in my 
life so far, thank you and you won't be forgotten! 
I'm leaving FHS with a lot of memories and no 
regrets... swoof! - Stay fresh '09! 
Soccer 1,2,3,4; Indoor Track 1,2; Outdoor Track 

'Tray' 'Supaman' 'Whittle Tray' 'Trillz' 
'Trilla' 'Trizrie' 

TamaaE MExnaaEa v/hhtle 

^ I "It's easier to go down a 
^^^^^^ hill than up it, but the 

at the top!" 
f ^"4^^ Time flies when you're 

having fun. I was only 

here for two years but I 
! 11 have mad memories! To 

saaau EuznaETH wnsaa 

'udda Nom, we are family! Shay and Seivily, I 
f'all! My newbies: Kimber, you're my idol, B- 
, James, Vaw, OBAP, Homie Jones, Easy Mac, 
Was, Hasan The, and my Sunshine Boiz. 
\ outs to my girls, the "Special Ones!" Love 
lom, dad, and Florida family. Big up: to the 
land St. family and whoever I forgot (sorry 
^heeseSfeak). Special thanks to Mr. D., Mr. 
ian, Ms. McGavin, Mr. Williams, and all my 
e: and teammates! '09... WE FRESH NOW! 
itball 3,4; Football 4; My Turn 4 

aaiEMaaaE waaas 

"We are the ones who 
never see why growing up 
has got to be like war." 


Finally... P.S. thank you 6M and SM for keeping 
me sane. And thank you Mr. Drew, Mrs. Ferrazza 
and Mr. Celeste for showing me learning can be 
fun... sometimes. 

Class Treasurer 3; Drama Tech 1,2,3,4; Interclass 
Plays 2,3,4 

"Memory is a way of 
holding on to the things 
you love, the things you 
are, the things you never 
want to lose and with that 
I hold you all." 

Wow, we finally made it, Seniors '09! The time 
has come and gone, so much to say and so little 
time. Thanks to the bunch who stuck by my side 
through the years: mom, two dads, siblings, Mr. D., 
Mrs. N., RF, RC, Campbell Crew and Bartolomeo 
family. I am so glad I had the extra push from each 
of you. SDC you're simply amazing, nothing but 
smiles. ILV, pinky promise. I am very thankful for 
everyone who has taken the time to get to know me. 
I have finally found who I truly am and "I'm 
probably the strongest girl you'll ever meet." 
Yearbook 4; Project 6o 1,2,3,4, E-mentor 1,2,3,4 

'Biffie Jr.' 'Meatball' 'Buttercup' 
'Smart Cookie' 


"Don't follow your 
dreams, lead them." 

I can't believe I made it this far! My four years 
went by so fast! I would like to thank my mom and 
dad and my family for always being there for me. I 
also want to thank my friends, big shout out to 
y'all. Best wishes! 

"It's because I'm blind." 

Class of '09, four years of fun... I guess! Thanks 
to all my friends for beinj there for me. Rachel 
thanks for loving me, love you I Going off to college 
so that I can make a lot of cash. Hope I get far. 

iVrestling 1,2,4; Central Mass District Choir 

"Live for the moment so 
you don't regret it later." 

iVowl I can't believe we 
all made it this far. I'd 
like to thank my sisters. 
If it weren't for their 
nagging I wouldn't have 
straightened out and worked as hard as I did. I'd 
also like to thank my brothers and my parents. If it 
weren't for you mom and dad, I wouldn't try so hard 
to show you that I can make something of myself. 
Thanks to all of my friends! I'm going to miss you 
all! Chris, meeting you was a new beginning for 
me. Loving you is like breathing and I don't regret 
any of the decisions I've made with you. Congrats 
to the Class of '09 and good luck! 

Environmental Club 3,4; Special Olympics 1,2,3,4; T' 
Volleyball 1,2,3,4; Chorus 2,3 I— — 

'Mary Berry' 'Jack' 'Lucy Lui 

"Vou must accept what 
you cannot change." 

THonc ynna 




I like to go fishing. It is 
probably my favorite 
pastime. Also, going with 
others makes it that 

much more enjoyable. I'm also a movie junkie, 
love kung-fu movies and comedies. My all time 
favorite action film is "Die Hard 4", and my best 
comedies are "Scary Movie 1 and 2". My favorite 
TV show is "Family Guy". It has everything I like 
to see in a show, comedy and likeable characters. 
My favorite sport is football. The Patriots are my 
favorite team, go Pats! 

Football; Movies; Fishing; Hanging out with 
friends; More Movies; Tracks through the woods; 

TxanG ynnc 

"Just do your thing.' 

I made it through high school... Veah! But I want 
to thank, first of all, my family, mostly my parents 
for caring for me throughout my life and my 
brothers and sisters for helping me make it to 
where I am right now. Also, I want to thank all my 
boys who stood by my side through the rough times, 
y'all know who you are. I'm going to miss FHS '09! 

In my free time, what I like to do is play outili 
enjoy playing sports such as soccer, fow 
volleyball, tennis, bowling, basketball, basi 
pool, and many more. My favorite colors are i 
and blue because they were the first colors i 
when I was born. I enjoy using the computer 1 1 
games or watch movies. I like to go huntinli 
fishing because you don't know what kiii 
animals or fish you will get. 

Playing Sports; Hanging out with friends 

"Destiny is but a phrase of 
the weak human heart. The 
strong and virtuous admit no 

Thinking back to the past 
and remembering the 
struggle to not come out last/Fighting through 
good or bad/You guys are always there to make me 
glad. Thinking back to the past/Remembering how 
it was a blast/As days turn to months, then to 
years/And I see the fun disappears. Thinking back 
to the past/This year is going by 
fast/"6raduation!" everyone will shout/And I 
guess it's time to say "Peace out!" 

Martial Arts; Soccer; Football; Fishing; Mentoring; 

Mine ynnc 

EiWLU mnaic yasr 

Yeng Squared' 

'E Yost' Yost' 

It has been four years of challenging obstacles that 
I have been through. My senior year has been very 
difficult but I have been able to get through it with 
all the help I got from my peers. 

"In the depth of winter I 
finally learned that within 
me lay an invincible 
~ Albert Camus 

From opening nights to 
final bows, the past four 
years have been filled with amazing memories. 
RRM6, "we've got the funk". Being drum major 
with SM, wearing ruby slippers, and always 
explaining that Vost rhymes with toast. AR and KC, 
"It's so nice to sit with someone and not have to 
talk," my best. DD, you like my nose? EF, SM, 
HIV, AV, AH, JF, AC, and MC, much love. Best 
wishes 2009, I know that we'll achieve great 
things; it's just the kind of people we are. 

Marching/Concert Band t,2,3,4; All School Play 
1,2,3,4; Interclass Play 1,2,3,4; NHS 3,4 

JBrraiM W§LUiim BEnBaiCT 

"The loved ones you 

lose are always 
looking down on you". 

rted my senior year here, but I got the chance 
love to North Carolina with my boyfriend and 
iamily. So I took it and, once I got there, I 
i:ed it wasn't what I expected so a couple of 
lihs went by and I decided to come back to FHS 
>:ise I missed my friends and I wanted to 
Kate with them. It just wouldn't feel right if I 

Music; Hanging out with my friends 


I've grown a lot since I first arrived at FHS. I've 
experienced many different things that have helped 
me progress towards becoming a man. 

LBiSHLn mnay Diyn 

"Don't stop believing, 
hold on to that felling, 
street lights, people..." 


The last four years have been great. I'd like to 
thank God for all my success and great times. I 
would also like to thank my family and friends. 
Because of them, I am who I am today. I would 
like to wish the entire Class of 2009 the best of 
luckl Peace outi 

Being a Student, Friend, Daughter, Pretending 

I would like to thank my 
family and friends who have helped me through high 
school and the new friends I have made at FHS. 
Thank youl I will never forget the memories I made 
during my high school years; setting the cafe alarm 
off, Spanish 3 class and the field (rips we took. 
Once again, thanks to my family and friends. I love 
you, TYI 

LHS- Volleyball 1,2,3,4; Tennis 1,2,3; NHS 2,4; 
GIVE 1,3; Class Treasurer 1,3; Student Council 1,3 
FHS- Tennis 4 

Track superfans Kerry Gould and Andrea Rutkowski give 
a thumbs up to Manny Torres, Cameron Trodello, Mary 
Kate Grenier, Brittany Mello, Dracar Payton, and Joel 
omez for Fitohburg's win. 

Even in the rain the girls show up to support their team! 

Lauren Whittemore, Morgan Ricoi, Maddy Moore, Betsy 
Cote, Tommy Boudreau, and Qteven Audet have a good 
time at the playoff game. 

Sarah Laakso, Kate Murray, Elaina Primeau, and 
Mary Kate Grenier postin' up at the playoff 
game slaughter. 

Sarah Wilson and Rachel Foote aren't 
afraid to get a little dirty. 

Shauna Lydon lets Key la Correa, 
Genevie Carrion, and Xiomara Vazquji 
stand under her "umbrella-ella-ella-eK 

I see 9ean... Where are the cheerleaders? 

Andrea Rutkowski, Kim Clark, Emily Capone, 
and Alyssa Valcourt ignore ihe fridged cold io 
take a picture on Thanksgiving. 

k. ^ v . 


Steven Audet, Ramon Mora, Eric Dion, Scott 
Clark, BJ Hyvarinen, and Peter Adams take a 
break from harrassing the LHS b-ball team. 

Kevin Gonzalez (a.k.a. Snack Time), Shanay 
Jones, Brittany Machunsky, and Amanda Baker 
are the first ones at the season opener. 

The Royal Couri of Fitchburg 
High Qohool 

2011 King and Queen: 
Dyvyne Morris & Mollie Reynolds 

2010: King and Queen: 
Mike Descoteaux Sr Renee Tourigny 
2009 King and Queen: 
Kobe Addow & Vanessa Crespo 

2009 Prince and Princess: 
David Piak & Mary Kate Grenier 

2012 King and Queen: 
Cameron Tucker & Qamantha Bonanno 

Chun Him "Jeffrey" Chun 

and Kaiflin Pearson 
try to survive the arctic 
conditions during 
the game. 

BJ prepares for the biggest stunt of his life, the infamous 
goal to goal jump. On fire! 

The Qenior Court strikes a pose. 

Matt Marcoux 
gets ready to rip his 
trumpet while 
Qharrai Marrero 
and Emily Yost 
proudly lead 
their band around 
Crocker Field. 

German exchange students Leonie Qeeber and Carina 
Krosse join Sivan Thammachak and Michael Bueno for a 
pose and think they're quite the "8PITZE ' kids! 

■'.'M'liMiirv'W.IW'ii .liltiP^lf.llpPimMii Jrii »i«i.,i,J i. 

Camila Rodriguez and Miranda Bube show 
off their pearly whites! 

Mary Kate Grenier and David Ptak embrace on the dance floor as 
Peter Adams looks outrageously delicious. 

Megan Gazda and TJ Collins redefine 
dance as we know it. 

Jillian Jenkins, Alyssa Phillips, and Kaitlin 
• I Pearson strut their stuff on the dance floor. 

Left: Mary Kate 
Grenier and Abby 
Cayer get caught red 
handed while making a 
bold fashion 


After a crushing powderpuff victory over the '08 seniors, the '09 girls return from painting 
rock! But wait a minute... "How'd they keep their sneakers so clean?" 
Qeniors: Brittany Machunsky, Abby Gayer, Genevie Carrion, Courtney Canody, Camila Rodrigg 
Anam Chaudhary, Amanda Baker, Danielle Jennison, Kerry Gould, Miranda Bube, Alex Hall, M«l^ 
Moore, and Vanessa Crespo went along for the ride. 

Above: Looking 
confused, Sharraai 
Marrero ponders her 
next move. 

Left: EJ Shaughnessy 
shows off his bronzed 
bod. while conquering 
all of Fitchburg. 

The '09ers smile for the camera while comparing their "guns. 



BJ Hyvarinen brings his pet monkey along to 
paint the rock! 

Manji Kate Grenier, Catey Sandrelli, and 9am 
Veisleux pose for the camera. 


Yohana Island and Hazel Gonzalez<| 
show off their painted shirts. 

Tommy Bee and Kayla Hillman enjoy each Cheerleaders Catey 9andrelli, Jessi Francis 

other's company while eating 
some burgers. 

and Abby Cayer arrive late after a 
hard practice. 

Andrew Coleman, Michelle Cleary, Robby Jellis 
Emily Yost, Haley Woods, and Kim Clark take 
moment to pose while standing in the dinner 

Katia Figuenn 
and Joann<ii 
Salcedo grooi 
together to ^ j 
their grub od 

The girls struggle as the boys jump into the picture 

Luis Diaz a.k.a. Mr. Orange is 
confused yet again. Isiah Ford 
trys to explain the simplicity of 
the situation through song. 

Morgan Ricci is ready to 

collapse under the 
magnitude of Mike Bueno. 

Whitney, Juryzam 
Maymi, Vicmarie 
Gutierrez, and 
Yaritza Moreno- 
Gantiago chat 
after some fun on 
the field. 

Haley Woods, Camila Rodriguez, and 
Andrea Rutkowski anxiously wait for the 
games to begin. 

Kate Murray says, 

Kayla Hillman, 
Whitney Doucet, and 
Elaina Fournier enjoy 
the Quperman cake. 

David Ptak and Scott Clark come to BJ 
yvarinen's aid when he begins to argue with 
the ladies. 

Kayla Cairns and Angy 
Hristodulu sit and chat 
before the action 
takes place. 

Anthony Colon attempts to 
fight back while getting 
attacked by Hannah 
LaLancette and Betsy Cote. 

Mikey P. takes a sip of Paradise 
in his Hawiian gear. 

Brandon Quinn serenades 
the audience with his 
soothing voice. 

Orlando Anderson, in hi 
leather spandex pants, shin 
Ms. Machunsky that he's ; 
"Candy Man". 

Tommy Boudreau WOW's the crowd 
with his flippin' sweet Napoleon 
Dynamite skills. 
("Can you bring me my chapstick?") 

Right: Jake Hachey 
shows just how low he 
can go while doing the 

Left: Corey LeBlanc and 
Ethan Lapointe battle it 
out for the Mr. FH8 title. 

David Bonilla entertains the ladies 
with his hypnotic voice. 

Doug Dame's permanent marker chest 
hair makes a bold statement as he 
breaks through the fog. 


David Ptak frolicks down the run-way in 
his snazzy uniform! 

Mr. FH9 Coniesianis: 

Brandon Quinn, Jake Hachaij, Tray Whiffle, Mikey P., Doug Dame, David Pfak, Cory LeBlanc, Greg Mendez, Kris Brown, Kobe Addow, 
Efhan Lapoinfe, Luke Arno, EJ. Qhaughnessy, Ryan Robar, Tommy Boudreau, B.J. Hyvarinen, David Bonilla, 
Isiah Ford, Andrew Coleman, and Orlando Anderson 


Ryan Robar flashes his well- 
known "F" fo remind fhe crowd 
of his devofion fo FH9. 

Kobe Addow wears his 
swimsuif aff ire fo show off his 
Ghana-esque sfyle. 

:e Arno would rafher gef a fan 
nd check ouf fhe ladies fhan 
do his job. 

Corey LeBlanc flashes his Tyra 
Banks eyes under his happenin' 
orange "hafer blockers!" 

Tray Whiffle gives props fo fhe 
girls... "fhis hair fook hours"! 

jlsiah Ford ponders why he 
looks so good. 

Kris Brown hydrafes himself 
affer saving some lives. 

Andrew Coleman paddles his way 
fhrough compefifors of Mr. FHS. 

Above: Tray Whittle, with his "Kat William's" 
hairdo brings back storytime. 

Below: Forever greatful to the Julliard Qohool, 
Andrew Coleman shows off his ribbon dancing 
skills thanks to Boyscouts! 

Mr. Barry Walker, a.k.a. King of the One- 
liners, takes his job as Master of 
Ceremonies very seriously. 

Above: EJ Shaughnessy attempts theej 
impossible task of eating six saltines B|j 
in sixty seconds. 
Below: Ethan Lapointe completes the diffffi 
task of rollerblading on stage. 


ike Hachey's just so talentedl He 
Bsn't even have to sit down on the 
to ride anymore. He just flexes his 
muscles and off he fioes. 

David Ptak and BJ Hyvarinen perform their 
cleanest version of "Dirty Dancing." 
Tommy Boudreau has his 
handy-dandy helmet, with 
a light! 

cmarie Gutierrez, 
'i/s she's no stranger 
to the runway! 

Vanessa Crespo 
assists Ryan Robar in 
his confession of love 
to Ms. Brittany 
Rose Ruth! 

! Brown gives the crowd 
his best Jagger. 

Mikey P. makes it rain like lil' Wayne. 

Greg Mendez reenacts his 
unforgettable winning play from the 
Thanksgiving Day Game. 

Luke Arno plays everyone a beautiful 
song on his trumpet... almost on key! 

Isiah Ford free-styles his way to 
the top. 

Brandon Quinn shines bright, 
compliments to his vest. 

Above: Insfead of passing a foofball Joel Gomez, Isiah Ford, Greg Mendez, Mike 
Alvarez, Jake Hachey, Keith Bourne, Eric Dion, Luke Arno, Mike Phouangsaly, 

and Adam Easley get set to pass on a flower to their parents. 
Below: The Class of 'OS's winning wall shows off the heroic football players at 

their finest. 

Ms. DeLucia, "9.T.", and Mr. Masciarelli once ; 
show their skills in the culinary arts. 

Robby Jellison sacrifices his manhood by 

knitting with Michelle Cleary 
(who clearly knows what she is doing)!! 

Richaud Fields, Eric Diaz, Orlando Anderson, and 
David Bonilla act tough in front of the camera! 

The FootBall Players: 
Jake Hachey, Isiah 
Ford, Ramon Mora, 
Greg Mendez, and 
Mike Phouangsaly 
charge the field 
house one by one. . . 
Hoorah! Hoorah! 

Sarah Laakso and Errn 
Mitchell enjoy from 
row seats. 

The Show-Down 
Leominster Girls: 
Maddij Moore, Kalflin Pearson, Abby 
Cayer, Erica Cutting, Anam Chaudhary, 
Jenn Sylvia, Jessica Francis, Danielle 
Jennison, Angela Torgersen, Vanessa 
Crespo, Kerry Gould, and Kayla Hillman 

Fitchburg Girls: 
Morgan Ricci, Genevie Carrion, Brittany 
Machunsky, Yohana Island, Amanda 
Baker, Betsy Cote, and Kate Murray 

We know whaf the deal is; 


lllllllll IIIIIIIIMII 

ing very intense, fhe cheerleaders can'f peel their eyes 
off the game. 

Ethan LaPointe. 9teven Audet, Peter Adams, BJ Hyvarinen, Corey LeBlanc, 
Bean O'Quinn, and EJ Shaughnessy get together to show their support like 
its the last Leominster game of their livesi 

Left: Yohanna Island gets ready to 
fake down the junior's defense as 
Lauren Whittemore runs behind her 
for a first down. 


Right: Amanda Baker breaks through 
the juniors and gets ready to 
complete a pass play. 

Lorry Qilaphet, Anam Chaudhary and Jill 
Jenkins cheer on their teammates. 

Andrea Rutkowski and Haley Woods aa 
bundled up for the game. 

BJ Hyvarinen, Robby Jellison, Qteven Audet, and 9coft 
Clark show their game faces! 

Michelle Cleary suggests to Coach Robar 
a new play for the offensive team. 



Alaina Primeau, Mary Kate Grenier, Danielle 
Jennison, and Kerry Gould look hot despite 
the cold weather! 

Qhauna Lydon and Kate Murray husil 
onto the field to start the play. 

The '09 girls. Abby Cayer, 
Maddy Moore, Kate 
Murray, Jessi Francis, 
Michelle Cleary, Hannah 
LaLancefte, Amanda Baker, pl^ 
and Qhauna Lydon lake a 
break wifh the leader of 
"Team Mash ". 

Left: Team Mash 
celebrates after defeating 
the seniors. 

Right: Brittany 
Machunsky "holds her 
own" with Coach Dion 
and Coach Robar. 

Jessi Francis gets ready to snap 
the ball. 

Taneisha Malcolm sets up on defense 
to shut down the junior girls. 

^ lit I I ^^cci\ 

Ninja Turtles EJ. BJ, 8cott, Kerry, Jake, Corey, 
BriHany, and Danielle search the halls of FH8 for 
some pizza. KOWABUNGA! 

Maymi, Jomalys 
Molina, Garina 

Rachael Foote, 

and Elaina 
Fournier rolled 
out of bed and 
came to school. 

Left: Amanda Rasmuson, 

Mike Docekal, Sharaai 
Marrero, and Chad Alamed 
get cozy on Pajama Day. 

Right: Brittany Machunsky 
obviously didnt get the 
memo, she's not a 

Oh you didn't know? Mikey P. 
always wears a safari hat. 

Leff : Haley Woods and 

Qharaai Marrero 
obviously got dressed 
in the dark. 

Right: Danielle Jennison 
and Kerry Gould bringin' 
it back preschool style 
with the footy pajamas. 

Qteven Audet, David Ptak, Mary Kate 
renier, and Betsy Cote show off their Red 
Raider pride. 

Kris Brown, Brian 
iningham, Nathan Parsons, 
Corey LeBlanc, Kaitlin 
*earson, Hamed Akanni, 
ommy Boudreau, Ethan 
iPointe, Abby Cayer, and 
rry Gould shake off their 
bad hair day with some 
snazzy hats. 

Chanelle Ayuso, Brittany Teixeira, Shamara 
Norman, and Ashley Teixeira are all pumped up 
for a nap in class on PJ Day! 

Tray Whittle drops in with a 
one-foot landing! 

laley Woods, Kim Clark, and Jessi Francis 
3ek academic relief by participating in this 
year's PJ Day. 

Katia Figueroa, Hannah LaLancette, 
Angela Torgersen, and Michelle Cleary 
stand clear as David Ptak gets ready 
for lift off. 

Luke Arno, Sarina Roberts, Rachel 
Foote, Mary Yang, and Cameron 
Trodello flash their school colors on Red 
and Gray Day. 

Emily Capone, Erica Cutting, and Qteven 
Audet apparently didn't get their coffee 
that morning. 

Danielle Jennison and Javiel Alvarez use their 
superhero powers to battle off the bad guys. 

The Class of '09 a.k.a. fhe Red QtormI 

Vanessa Crespo and Lauren 
Whittennore are all smiles as the Red 
Raiders approach viciory. 

Alaina Primeau and MK Grenier 
snuggle up wifh BJ Hyvarinen under 
ihier Red Raider blankie! 


9teven Audet and Morgan Ricci 
making the best of the bitter cold. 

Miranda Bube and Erica Cutting 
show the camera their game faces. 

The Red Raider defense brings it in a after a minor | 
conflict with the opposing team. | 

.taK.^ ^y^..^^:- tj.^^.^.-^' ■ ^■'^'-^-■litf .iiiir.rtfrtftii ' r\liliii'i>i •|')tlti" 

The best offense is a good defense, especially if 
you're the Burg! 

The boys bring it in for their last post-game celebration of the year. 

Greg Mendez, looking "brainy and beautifiij 
throws one up after the game. 

)reg Mendez keeps his balance as ihe opposing ieann 
comes ai him from all angles. 

apfains go ouf for the coin toss before the big game 

The Red Raider defense sorts through the Mustangs to make the sure tackle. 

— ^ Anthony Colon shows off his textbook stance in the first series of the game. 

ic Dion attempts to take this one to 
the house. 

Ryan Robar plows through 
Long Meadow's line. 





Anam Iqbal keeps CV9 going with 
her cute charm. 

Kim Craigen makes a lot of famous 
friends at PTE. 

Be sure to get on Anthony Colon and 
atey Gandrelli's good side, they are well- 
known for giving out detentions. 

Jenesky Martinez takes cash, checks, or 
credit at Fitchburg High's inschool bank. 

Greg Mendez is hotter than the coffee 
he serves at Dunkin' Donuts! 

Isiah Ford takes a phone order at 
Domino's. "Would you like 
pepperoni on that?" 

America rune on Sarins Roberts and 
Rachel Foote serving them breakfast at 
Dunkin' Donuts. 

Reason #1 to go to the 99 is because Camila 
Rodriguez works there. 

Catey Qandrelli works at Limited Too because 
she stills has a childish sense of fashion. 

Left: Nate Parsons, Erik 

Herold, and Andrea 
Qaball showin' off their 
stuff at BOB'S. 

Right: Kaitiin Pearson 
makes an iced coffee at 
Gourmet Donuts. Would 
you like that extra extra? 

"8ave the chickens eat a cow!" Jake LeBlanc 
flashes a peace sign outside of Boston Market. 

Jess Keoseian shows off the goods at 
Dippin Donuts. 

Ding Ding Ding! Brittany Mello is at yo)> 
service at CV8. 


Danielle Jennison attempts to use her gi f 
vending skills to sell pastries. 

■ ■ ■ I ■ ■ ■ ■ 1 1 ■ I 

I I I I I I I 


1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 

Alyssa Valcourt shows us some 
fabulous jewels ai T.J. Maxx. 

BJ Hyvarinen and Corey LeBlanc are 
getting serious work done at Market 

Marysa Rousseau takes a break from 
ringing up customers at T.J. Maxx. 

lulie Breau poses with the very 
ishionable clothing at T.J. Maxx. 

Chelsea Cucchiara Is as sweet as the 
ice cream she serves at Cold Stone 

Lorry Silaphet is more than "Plain 
Great" at her job at D'Angelo's 

"Hey Ethan Lapointe can we have 
the Sal's 19" 3 - lb pizza special?" 

Dr. Kerry Gould takes care of one of 
the animals at Fallon Animal Clinic. . 


BJ Hyvarinen 'starts 
drama' by impersonating 
9cott Clark. 

Look out red carpet! Here come 
two stunning '09 girls! 


Matt Marcoux lookin' 
fresh as he accepts his 
Most Musical Award. 

EJ Shaughnessy 
thanks Quave 2 in 1 
shampoo and 
conditioner as he 
accepts his Best Hair 

Jake Hachey who seems unlhll 
to ever grow up, takes a ridd| 
the man of the hour. 

According to Quperlative Night Hosts Doug Dame and 
Ryan Robar, snack time is all the time. 

Tray Whittle and Andrea Rutkowski 
huddle close together to amplify their 
'Best Laughs' into the mic. 

Mr. and Mrs. Adorable look absolun 
adorable as they adorably accept 1 1 
award for 'Most Adorable'. 

iss couple Mary Kate Grenier 
id David Rale look fo reverse 
[he curse as 'Class Couple'. 

i Inseperable' Isiah Ford and 
eg Mendez go together like 
peanut butter and jelly. 

Betsy Cote, Kerry Gould, Morgan Ricci, Brittany Machunsky, 
and Camila Rodriguez take a moment to pose for the paparazzi. 

Right: Emily Yost 
shines the spotlight 

on our 2009 
Superlatives Stars! 

Left: Tommy 
Boudreau is dressed 
to impressed! 

Hannah Lalancette and Abby 
Cayer arrive at the event looking 
fresh as ever. 

Least Likely to Grow Up winners Kim 
Clark and Jake Hachey show off their 
maturity when recieving the award. 

masT hthletic 

masTUKcLy to 

a DUG nnmc 


LOHRy siuiPHcT una 


ausTin aaissan nna 
nnniELLc Jcnmsan 

nnnni cHnuaHiiHy una 

an man mann nnn 
cnmiLin nannicuEZ 

msT PcasannuTM 

vnncssn cnEsnannn 
vnucHn cauymam 

cncc uicnmznnn 
isinH Fann 

inscPnnnnLc Fnnnns 

KnTE munnnnnnn 


nmnnnn KasnKETHnnn 
jnnFn we En 

masT snanciisTic 

aoBsic JELUsan nna 

SCOTT cmaK nna 


nnnnEn nuTKOwsKinnn 
Tnny whittlb 


nnirrnBy mELLO 

masTUKcLy to succcsn) 

micHcLLc CLEnnynnn 
cnmcnan Tnanma 

aanms £ mnuTy 

cncc mcnnEznnn 


Lnuasn WHiTTeniaae nna 


ciNK HEaOLa 

una HEW coLEmnn 

Lire OF THi pnary 

nuTc pnasans una 
sivnn THnmmncHJiK 


jnKE HncHEy, am lu, JEn 
caian, perui am can, aaa 
Luz can a En a 

Tammy aauaacnu una 
maaenn mcci 



caaEy LcBuinc 


muTT mnacaux una 
SHnanii mnaasaa 


came maaETTa aaa 

masTSCHoaL spimr 

a J HyvBamsa aaa 
aamiiy macHuasKy 

anvia FTUKJina 

a nun a a an a 

masT narisTic 

EJ sanuDHaEssy aaa 
mmaaaa auaE 

masT nnnanBLE 

TEaaEacE a'KnaEnaa 
a mi an painiEnu 


jnKE ancaEynnn 
KimnEnLM cinnK 

CLnss Clowns 

niEcnn nnznn nna 
mi can EL auEaa 

Remember when Molly 
Murphy, Andrea 
Ruikowski, Kerry 
Gould, Jenn Sylvia, 
Miranda Bube, and 
Jessi Francis attacked 
a Sunglass Hut at the 
mall on the D.C. trip? 

Remember when Vanessa Crespo and 
Jake LeBlanc looked exactly the way 
they do now? Give or take a few 
inches and a can of Sun-In! 

Remember when Haley Woods stood far away from Corey LeBlanc 
because he had 'cooties'? 

Remember when Kayla Cairns posed with Mr. Hughes at her 
8th grade graduation? 

Remember when Rachael Lanson and Cory Kymalainen were 
sweet, innocent catholic school girls? 

when Fabian 
Delgado, a.k.a. 
Rico 9uave, and 
were the 
coolest kids on 
the D.C. trip? 



ji jk 

Remember when Joanna Qalcedo and 9amantha Vazquez loved 
to lounge around on Saturday nights? 

when Kafe 
Murray and 
Abby Cayer 
loved io glam it 
up for a photo 
op? 9ome 
things never 

when Whitney 

Doucet and 
Elaina Fouriner 
posed for a 
picture while 
having a girls 
day together? 

Remember When Sivan Thammachak, Tatiana 
Garcia, and Tanisha Malcolm held back the tearsn 
and put on their smiles after graduation? 



Remember when Meagan Borey could not believe that Chad 
Alamed wanted to be the next Top Chef? 

Remember when Alaina Primeau was so tiny 9arah Laakso could 
carry her around? 

Remember when Crijsfal Harper and 
9hanay Jones promised fo be best 
friends forever at graduation? 

Remember when Betsij Cote and 
Hannah LaLancette rocked it in their 
catholic school uniforms? 

Remember when Leah Huebel and 
Rachel Foote were saijing their last 
good byes to Ariel Cruz-Martinez? Well 
not for ionfi, shes back! 


Emily Shea, Sarah Wilson, Rachel Foote, Sarina Roberts, and 
Alexis Solis check out the graduates from the past years. Haven't 

Marysa Rousseau, Meagan Borey, and 
Kaitlin Pearson text each other for 
Ideas in the back room. 

when times get tough, Kevin 
grabs his bike and speeds of l|) 

2009 Yearbook Editors 

Editor Kerry Gould, Editor Sivan Thammachak, and Co-Editor Anam 

Sean Vaillancourt 

and Annika 
strike a pose for 

Editor Ryan Robar, Co-Editor Brittany Machunsky, Editor Camni 
Rodriguez, and Co-Editor Andrea Rutkowski 

Danny Bunnell and 
Joe Sandberg 

work hard on their 
pages as they 
have no interest 
whatsoever in 
video games. 

Miranda Bube and Camila 
Rodriguez take a break from 
their break in yearbook! 

Special thanks 

to Big Robes 
Nasty and 
Eddy Fresh 
for coming 

through with 
all of our 

artistic needs, 
no matter 
what the 

The fundraising queens ¥\ 
Hillman and Whitney Dot 
take a walk around tH> 
perimeter of school. 


lark Mullin's rare face, contribufes 
II his fime and effort to yearbook. 

Irs. Cayer uses the phone to call 
For b-a-c-k-u-p to help with the 
wildchild B.J. Hyvarinen. 

Left: Brittany 
Machunsky shows 

off Robar's 
beautiful artwork. 

Right: Danielle 
Jennison focuses 

on being the 
center of attention 
while Corey 
LeBlanc, Kerry 
Gould and Kayla 

ixle, America, and Roxanne show 
jff their good looks and talents. 

Andrew Palmer, Peria Rincon, 
and Milks take a much needed 
stress relieving walk. 

Miranda Bube and Jill Jenkins 
model like divas on the runway! 

Peter Adams, EJ Qhaughnessy, 
and BJ Hyvarinen iron out the 
mistakes in yearbook. 

iter Adams, Jimmy 9t Cyr. Michael Green, Steven Audet, and BJ Hyvarinen get 
their work done before they play, as always, in Yearbook. 

Alyissa Valente arid 
take a minute from their 
pages to smile for the 

i Jonny 

Guillumette put their heads 
together to come up with 
some great captions. 


Back Row: Orlando Anderson, Jake Hachey, Keith Bourne, Ryan Robar, Luis Diaz, Tray Whittle 
Middle Row: Brandon Quinn, Adam Easley, Greg Mendez, Richard Alvarez, Isiah Ford, Anthony Colon, Eric Dion, Michael 

Alvarez, Eric Diaz, Manny Guerrero 
Front Row: Richaud Fields, David Bonilla, Mikey Phouangsaly, Joel Gomez, Luke Arno, Ramon Mora, Qean Vallaincourt 

Capiain Greg Mendez 

what is the most 
embarrassing thing that 
happened during 
this season? 

"Home game against 
Wachusett. I ran down field 
after breaking a long run, then 

I fumbled the ball at the 5 
yard line with no one next to 

Capiain Isiah Ford 

What is the greatest thing 
about the team? 

"That through all of our 
struggles, we all found a way 
to make it to the 
Promised Land." 

FH9 Football Team 

2008 Division One Champions 

Captain Keith Bourne 

what was the most 
memorable game? 

"The Leominster game when 
Greg Mendez scored the 
touchdown in overtime." 

Captain Anthony Colon 

How has being on the team 
helped you? 

"Learning how to speak and 
letting your voice be heard, 
and having the courage to do 
things you thought you 
couldn't do." 

9ean Vaillancouri 

what was one of the most 
memorable times in the 
locker room? 

"When the whole team 
would "brawl" for fun, 

before the 


Eric Diaz 

what is the most 
embarrassing thing that 
happened during the 

"During film they played the 
video of me dancing on the 

Joel Gomez 

what is the most embarrasing 
thing that happened during the 

"We couldn't open the water 
container to pour on coach." 

Eric Dion 

What was one of the most 
memorable times in the locker 

"When we all beat the heck 
out of each other before 


The Fitchburg Red Raider Boy's' defensive line attacks 8 
John's offensive line to receive the ball again. 


Luke Arno kicks the ball for an extra point after 
scoring a touchdown. 

Glenn Barret peers to the sideline with a face of determinatidi| 
assuring the Raiders that he means business. 

ic Dion defines the word 
sive as he weaves through 
the opposing plaijers. 

Captain Greg Mendez runs all 
alone to score a touchdown, 
once again. 

Captains, Greg Mendez and Kieth Bourne walk on the 
field, preparing to defeat the other team. 

Mike Phouangsaly 

what was one of the most 
memorable times in the locker 

"When we all mobbed up on 
everyone one by one. And 
people shooting the ones". 

Michael Alvarez 

what was one of the most 
memorable times in the locker 

"When the 9unshine Boys took 




David Bonilla 

what will you forever 
remember about this season ? 

"Beating Leominster 20-17 in 

Jake Hacheij ready lo crack some skulls. 

Ryan Robar and Greg Mendez dish out the set and spike t 
spring Glen Barrett for a 45-ijard run. 

Ramon Mora 

what is the most memorable game of 
the season? 

"LH9 2008 
FH9-20 and LH9-17." 

Richaud Fields 

How has being on the team helped 

"It helped me with life and school." 

What will you forever remembem 
about this season? 

"Winning, and having fun doing H 

Greg Mendez and Isiah Ford plowing through St. 

G Spottas breaking all the tackles. 

O.B.A.P. pulling a one hand 
catch against St. B's. 


Adam Easely 

Whaf will you miss about 
the sport? 

["I will miss just being part of 
the team. My teammates 
were a lot of fun and I am 
going to miss seeing them 
every day." 

Luis Diaz 

How has being on the team 
hepled you? 

"It helped me for college and 
to further myself in the 

This picture is brought to you by POWERADE! 

The vicious defensive line of the Fitchburg Red Raiders. 

Left: Greg Mendez breaks 
away from a tackle and 
sprints 20 yards to 
a victory. 

Right: Eric Dion wont give 
up that easily. If he goes 
down, he is bringing you 
down with him! 

Abby Cayer 

what is the greatest thing about the 

"Being able to take a bad situation and 
turn it into a joke and the bonds the 
team developes over a season." 

Caiey 9andrelli 

what will you forever remember? 

"I will always remember our 
undefeated season and the 05-06 

Jessi Francis 

what will you forever rememb^ 

"I will always remember kiokirii 
Leominster's butt my senior yeai 
the Thanksgiving game!" 

The Lady Raiders show the crowd how a pyramid is done. 

Abby Cayer does an impeccable front hurdler. 


FH9 Cheerleading 9quad 

Je99i Francis, Olivia Murray, Cara Lombard, Abby Caijer, Chrisfina Kosmidis, Rachael 
Marrella, Nichole Benoif, Hannah David, 
liddle: Erica Chambers, Katie Golden, Cafey Sandrelli, Gigi Konas, Keisi Whiftemore, 

Hannah Vonderhaff, 

m\: Lisa Torgersen, Danni Jacques, Lexi Dellogono, Kellie Maillet, and Kelsei) Morales 

Not pictured: Kim Bryce 

le three seniors Jessi Francis, Abby Cayer, and Catey Sandrelli 
strike an amazing pose for the camera. 

Hannah David 
dances up a storm at 
the competition. 


Above: Catey Sandrelli executes the 
perfect arabesque. 

Below: Abby Cayer dazzles the 
crowd and gains a whole new 
perspective on life! 

J^l ■ I ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ 1 1 ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ I ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ 

FH9 Field Hockey Team 

Back: Coach Nicole Leahy, Darcy Durkee, 9am 9eidl, Kaiilyn Doyle, Michelle Cieary, Mary Kate Grenier, Michayla 

Marcil, Ashley Forgues, and Coach 9ara DiPilato 
Front: Courtney Brooks, Tiffany Richards, Alaina Primeau, Megan Gazda, Kate Murray, Brenda Maioughney, 

Taylor 9eidl, and Deveney Forrest 

Michelle Cieary 

what will you forever remember 
about this season? 
"I will always remember my seniors 
and my captains. I love them and 
they are my best friends." 

Kaie Murray 

what will you miss most about 
the sport? 
"What I will miss most about field 

hockey are the night games at 
Crocker Field, and of course all of 
my teammates, especially my 
senior girls!" 

r "5 — 

Captains: Megan Gazda, Alaina Primeau, Mary KafJ 
Grenier, Kate Murray, and Michelle Cieary 

Kate Murray shows us \ | 
game face. 

Brenda Maioughney lunges 
forward to stop her opponent. 

Marij Grenier jabs and jabs and finally 
succeeds. - 

9am QeidI baffles fo fhe deafh for fhe ball. 

I Alaina Primeau provides fhe infense defense. 

Alaina Primeau 

Whaf will you forever remennber 

abouf fhis season? 
"All fhe senior girls who made fhe 
game really fun." 

Megan Gazda 

whaf pre-game rifuals do you 

"We have Michelle Cleary do fhe 
"Elaine" dance from 9einfeld." 

Taylor 9eidl sforms up fhe field. 

Mary Kate Grenier 

Do you have any lucky charms? 
"I always wear fhe same shorfs 
during every game and my jersey 
has fo be fucked in." 

Michelle Cleary uses her dancing skills 
fo help us score. 

9ivan Thammachak 

what's your greatest 

"Finally playing soccer by 
the rules, towards the end 
of the season. The rules of 
soccer are to kick the ball 
and if the ball doesnt move 
kick it again!" 

Morgan Ricci 

what pre-game rituals do you 

"I would make Maddy Moore 
sing and jam out to My 
dougie by Lil Wil with me: 
9he say she likes my 
Dougie....lM FRE8H!" 

FH9 Girls' Varsity 9occer 

Back: Varsity Coach Melissa Bourque, Catie VanAmburgh, Molly Mioduszewski, Morgan Ricci, Amy Boucher, 
Michaela Horn, Hayley McNamara, Gavannah Alansky, Lauren Whittemore, Kim Seguin, Hannah Capone, Marissia Binall, 

and JV Coach Dana Kelly 
Middle: Samantha Alansky, Rebeccah Fluet, Jillian Gmith, and Marta Gianetti 
Front: Sivan Thammachak, Allison Gray, and Maddy Moore 

Molly Mioduszewski dribbles down the 
field looking to outrun her opponents. 

Lauren Whittemore, looking fierce, 
hustles for the ball. 


Juniors, Jillian Smith, Catie VanAmburgh, and 
Marissa Binall take a break from the action. 

GiULS ' 

Maddy Moore, Molly Mioduszewski, Morgan Ricoi, and Lauren 
Whittemore siand proudly as the capfains of the girls' varsity 
soccer team. 

The team takes a timeout after an excellent first quarter. The Lady 
Raiders stand tall as they prepare for the next quarter. 

vannah Alansky breaks away 
and looks for a goal. 

Goalie Kim Qegiun saves a shot 
during warm-up. 

Hannah Capone breaks through a 
defender and starts up the field. 

Allison Gray and her opponent 
fight for the ball. 

Lauren Whii+emore 

what will you miss about this 

"I'm going to miss playing 
soccer. I've played since I was 
a little kid! These past 4 years 
have been hard but I stuck with 
it and did the best that I could. 
I'll miss the game." 

Maddy Moore 

what pre-game rituals do you 

"Before every home game 
Morgan Ricci and I would sing 
and jam out to My Dougie by 
Lil Wil in Morgans car. 
She say she likes my 
Dougie.. ..IM FRE9H! " 

You can't hold Chris Aguilar back, 
not even if you fry! 

Kobe Addow can do it all! 

Fabian Delgado 

How has being on the team 
helped you? 

"It helped me develop as a 
player and open my mind to 
what my future can be. Also, I 
would like to thank everyone 
on our team who made it one 
of the best teams FH9 has 
ever had!" 

FH9 Boys' 9occer Team 

Back: Assistant Coach Alex Mioduszewski, Matt Marcoux, Ethan Diaz, Tunde Ogunleye, Eddie Tvi 
Chris Aguilar, Kris Brown, Andrew Campbell, Joshua Reynolds, Marco Waehner, and Coach This: 
Warner.Front: Kobe Addow, Dan Kaszanjian, Kevin Chavez, Mathias Goncalvez, Chad Alamed, Fa |n 
Delgado, Collin Pawlak, Thomas Membrino, and Ben Less ' 
Not pictured: Jonathan Diaz-Atto 

Kris Brown, having a gi^r 
i^^H^^^^H hair day, makes it looc 

so easy. 

Chad Aimed winds up hoping not to pull a "Charlie Brown". 

Matt Marcouxx 

what will you foreve'i 
remember about this sea i? 

"Playing on the best tearti 
has ever seen." 

Kobe Addow 

what will you forever 
remember about this season? 

"What I will forever remember 
about this season is Andrew's 
Jamaican dances." 

Chris Aguilar 

what is the greatest thing 
about the team? 

"That we are like a family when 
we play. We have our bad days 
every now and then, just like 
every family." 

Chad Alamed 

Whaf's your greatest 

oring a goal from defense 
sophomore year." 


Jonathan Diaz-Atto 

what is your favorite thing 
about the team? 

"The greatest thing about this 

team is the fact that our 
team is the team that hustles 
the most." 



Krisfofer Brown 

what will you forever remember 
about this season? 

"Kobe and Fabian's dance-offs." 

Tunde Ogunleye 

what pre-game rituals do you 

I listen to Jay-z and Biggy 
Qmalls, pray to God, and 
just chill." 

Chad Alamed and Fabian Delgado help out German exchange 
student, Marco Wehener after talcing an "American Beating". 

Kris Brown, with all the right 

moves, shows his fans just 
where he's "at"I 

Fabian Delgado uses his moves to get past the 
Leominster defender. 

ian Delgado attemps to dance 
play soccer at the same time. 

Tunde Ogunleye controlling the mid-field like it's hie job. 

Alison Joyce 

what was your greatest 

"Learning to love running." 

Kaiflin Pearson 

who was the most unforgettable 
person on the team? 

"Everyone! <3!" 

Qharaai Marrero 

what pre-game rituals do you 

"Qtretch those AB89!!" 

FH9 Girls' Cross-Coun+ry Team 

Back: Brittany Mello, Chelsea Kane, Ashley Heller, Sharaai Marrero, 8arah Laakso.Alison Joyce, Kaitlin Pearson, 
Angela Torgerson, Mayra Qalome, and Coach Jack 8cott 
Front: Samantha Rutkowski, Mollie Reynolds, Lucia Rodriguez, Deanna Rezey, Ebony Schuerman, Amy Trainque, and Kelly McLaughlin 

9arah Laakso 

Do you have any pre-game 
day superstitions? 

"Everything around me has to 
be symmetrical. If there's a 

stick on one side of the 
starting line, there has to be 
one on the other. If someone 
high-fives me on one hand, 
thitj have to high-five me on 
the other." 

Angela Torgerson 

what will you forever 
remember about this season' 

"I will always remember the< 
friends I made, our great 
experiences, and the jokes 
about Mr. Gcott 
brainwashing us." 

Come on ladies, let's pick it up! 

Angela Torgerson leads the pack against Leominster. 

Seniors Ashley Heller, Sharaai Marrero, Sarah Laakso, Alison 
lyce, Kaitlin Pearson, and Angela Torgerson smile for the camera. 

Lucia Rodriguez and Kaitlin Pearson show a true example 
of teamwork. 

Cameron Trodello 
How does it feel being a 
capiain of the cross country 

It feels great to finallij have a 
captain's position after four 
years of hard work." 

Brian Fitzgibbons 

what's the key to success in 

cross country? 
"It's all about perseverance." 

Lee McFadden 

What's your greatest 
"Running in my first meet." 

James Peppard 

How has being on a team 

helped you? 
"It has helped me get into 
better shape for the military." 

Christian Ganiiago 
How has being on the team 
helped you? 
"It has helped me get 
into shape." 


Chris Carbone 

Patrick Hodges 

Jon Vander Hamm 

Adam Whitcomb 

FH9 Boys' Cross Country Team 

Back: James Peppard, Christian Santiago, Tyler Boudreau, Lee McFadden, Canneron Trodello, Patrick Hodges, Brian Fitzgibbons, 
Chris Carbone, Coach Chris Woods Front: Daniel Finn, Jon Vander Hamm, Chris Howe, Brandon Davis, 
Adam Whitcomb, Nick Balaguer, Chris Maclean 

nil in . m 

Captains: Cameron Trodello 
and Chris Carbone 

Boys' Cross Country Seniors 
Christian Santiago, James Peppard, Lee McFadden, Cameron Trodello and Brian Fitzgibbons 

The boys' team just 
standing around and 
planning their 
next move! 

FH9 Golf Team 

Back: Coach Paul DelleChiaie, Coach James O'Leary, Ethan Lapoinfe, 
Jimmy St. Cyr, Mike Doolan, Robby Jellison, Zachary Brousseau, Coach Anfhony Alario, 
Fronf: Maxwell Prentiss, Dominick Romano, Mike Descoteaux, Chris Jellison, Peter Adams 

Not pictured: Tommy Boudreau 

Robby Jellison tees off against 

Ethan Lapointe chips onto 
the green. 

Mike Doolan drops one in the 




Peter Adams drives one stra 
*^'*'!iSiil down towards the 1st holel 

Robby Jellison 

what will you forever 

remember about this season? 

"1 will always remember the 

crazy bus driver we had for 


our match against NMRH8." 

Mike Doolan 

what will you miss most 
about the sport? 

"Hitting golfballs from the 
parking lot." 


Refer Adams 

what was the greatesi thing 
about the team? 

"We were more in it to have 
fun than to win." 

Eihan LaPoinfe 

who was the most 
unforgettable person on 
the team? 

"Corey, after getting an 86." 

Chris Jellison watches his 
ball soar down the fairway. 

Zach Brousseau chips in 
for par. 

Peter Adams, "Just 
call me Tiger." 

Jimmy St. Cyr guides his 
chip into the hole. 

Maxwell Prentiss 
serenades the ball into 
the hole. 

Corey LeBlanc 

what was the most 
embarrassing thing that 
happened during the season? 

"86. Period!" 

Corey rips the turf a 
new one! 

Tommy Boudreau 

what will you miss most about 
the sport? 

"I'll miss being able to play at 
Oak Hill Country Club for free!" 

Jimmy 81. Cyr Jr. 

what will you forever 
remember about this season? 

"No matter how bad we 
played, we never stopped 

FH9 Girls' Volleyball Team 

Back: Coach Laura Bolick, Maria Leon, Hannah Vaillancourt, Yohana Island, Qloane WhKe, Kathleen Craigen, Chelsey Cucchiara, 

and Linnette Hernandez 
Front: Choua Yang. Angelica Yang, Sandy Lor, Gaonou Yang, Mary Yang, and Paying Yang 

Chelsey Cucchiara 

How has being on the team 
helped you? 

"Freshmen year, volleyball 
introduced me to a lot of 
friends I've kept throughout 
my years in high school. 
Without it I wouldn't have 
met people to sit with at 
lunch freshman year." 

Kiomary 9anfos 

what is the greatest thing 
about the team? 

"The greatest thing about 

the team is that they 
support you all the time no 
matter what happened on 
the court." 

Top Row: Coach Ryan Howe, Coach John 0' Leari), Breti Hagberg, Chris Jellison, Naie Newcombe, Ryan Qorila, 9feve Miller, Jeremy Bergerorl 

Eric Tervo, Mat! Lawrence, Eric Leger, Chris Flynn, Coach Jim Brooks, Coach Pat Cormier 
Bottom Row: EJ Shaughnessy, Erick Gaudreau, Chris Lawrence, Robby Jellison, Thomas Gammel, and Head Coach 9teve Lowney, Cody Conrtiij 

Alex Duplessie, Jacob Peirce, Bryce Tolman, and Dan Finn 

EJ Qhaughnessy covers 
up the puck as the shot 
goes wide left. 

Robby Jellison clears the 
puck out of the zone. 

Coaches John O'Leary, Pat Cormier, Qteve Lowney, Jim Brooks, and Ryan 
Howe pose for a final picture with seniors EJ Qhaughnessy, Robby Jellison, 
and Jeremy Bergeron 

EJ 9haughnessy and Robby Jellison 
strike a fierce pose with Head 
Coach Steve Lowney. 

Captains Alex Duplessie, Tom 
Gammel, Robby Jellison, 
Cody Conrad and Head Coach Steve 
Lowney maintain their balance 
on the ice. 

EJ Shaughnessy gif 
ready to make an e 

EJ Qhaughnessy 

^ what pre-game rituals do 
you have? 

"I always listen to Throw It 
Up by Lil Jon before the 
game on Cody's ipod." 

Robby Jellison 

what will you forever 
remember about this 

"This was the first time that 
my younger brother and I 
were on the same team." 

)ody Conrad bolts 
down the ice in 
search of a goal. 

Tom Gammel rips a 
shot from the top 
of the point. 

Ryan Sorila follows 
through on a rifling 

Chris Lawrence sets up a screen to Cody Conrad fires a shot in on net. 
blind the goalie. 

Freshman Chris Jellison 
skates over the blue 
line waiting for a 
centering pass. 

Robby Jellison looks up the rink for an 
open pass. 

Dan Finn reacts after a save. 

Jake Pierce hustles in on the 

Brett Hagberg skates the puck out of 
the zone. 

FH9 Girls' Baskeiball 

Back: Coach Derrick Bennett, Rebecca Fluet, Qavaree Chaney, Haley McNamara, Yohana Island, 
Sivan Thammachak, and Coach Beth McNamara 
Front: Samantha 9eidl, Jillian 9mith, Zoey Amanatidis, 9hauna Lydon, Renee Tourigny, and Amanda Baker 

Qhauna Lydon 

what will you miss about this 

"Being proud to wear a Fitchburg 
Red Raider uniform. Also, I will 
miss playing with the 'big three': 
my girls, Qivan and Ama." 

Amanda Baker 

what will you forever rememir 
about this season? 

"We were a team that was 
like a family. Just being a paHi 
the team was the thing I will n 
the most." 

9ivan Thammachak 

what pre-game rituals do you 

"I would watch the JV game, 
listen to my Ipod, and read an 
old text from Coach Hennessey. 
Also, after the National Anthem, 
Renee and I would do our 
'pump-up' hand shake". 

Yohana Island 

what will you forever remember 
about this season? 

"One of my favorite quotes to 
describe our season: 'Victory is 
in the quality of the competition, 
not the final score.' ~ Mike 
Marshall. We fought hard and 
played with heart". 

he feam takes 
breather while 
listening to 
oach Mac talk 
bout the next 
ifrageous play. 

9ivan Thammachak waits 
to give an amazing 

Left: Amanda 

flies by the 
opposing team as 
she heads towards 
the hoop. 

Right: 9avaree 
Chaney gets ready 
to box out her 
opponent and 
dominate the 

Yohana Island takes a lay- 
up after a steal from the 
other team. "C00KIE8!" 

Shauna Lydon and her quick 
feet fly by her opponent to 
take an easy lay-up. 

Qhauna Lydon stays 
H focused on the hoop to 
y| get the perfect shot. 

2008-2009 Senior Girls 

Rebecca Fluet gets an 'AND 
ONE' after her shot off the 

Amanda Baker, she 
shoots. ..and she scoresl 

mm i 

Kyle Dobson 

what will you forever remember 
about this season? 

"I will remember when there was G 
seconds on the clock and we were 
down by 1, and I made the winning 
pass to Big Lu." 

Capfain Marcus Early 

what was the most embarrassing thing that 
happened during the season? 

"When Big Lu got his pants pulled down 
during the North Middlesex game." 

Marcus Early, Adam Vazquez, Hamed Akanni, 
Orlando Anderson, and Kyle Dobson model 
their handsome uniforms for the FH9 crowd. 

Luis Diaz just does not want to share the ball 
with the other team. 

Tray Whittle scoots around the 
opposing team for 
a lay-up! 

goes airborne to 
3 the score. 

Hamed Akanni 

what pre-game rituals do 
you have? 

"A pre-game ritual I have is pullin' t> 
up my tube socks before 
every game." 

Hamed Akanni keeps his eyes 
peeled for the next open player. 

Hamed Akanni shows 
Qhrewsbury his high flying' 
death-defying 360 81am Dur 

Big Lu plows through a defender 
on his way to the hoop. 

FH9 Boys' Basketball 

Top row: Coach Jack Qcott, Orlando Anderson, Jake Hacheij, Coach Paul DiGeronimo, Luis Diaz, Kijle Dobson, and Coach 9ean Hennessey, 
BoHom row: Tralane Whiffle, Eric Diaz, Nouanmany Laugkhene, Marcus Early, Adam Easly, Quinton Perkins, and Hamed Akanni. 

Tralane Whiifle 

who is the most unforgettable 
person on the team? 

"Jake Hachey, because he Is just 
WILD! Ask Kyle about Jake's after 
practice ritual and his musici Haha" 

Orlando Anderson 

What is the funniest thing that 
happened during the season? 

"My funniest moment of the 
season was when I gave Norn a 
shorty during the Leominster 

Jake Hachey 

Do you have any 
lucky charms? 

"I keep a shrunken head and a 
plastic antelope in my gym bag." 

2aoB min-wnTCH^ nisTmcr CHumpians 

Luis Diaz 

who was the most unforgettable 
person on the team? 

"Jake Hachey, craziest dude on the 
team, every day something new." 

Eric Diaz 

what will you miss most 
about the team? 

"Well, just the fact that this will be 
the last time playing with my 

Orlando Anderson locks on his 
target and is ready to distroy 
the other team! 

Captian Marcus Early looks big and tough as 
be plays defense, letting no one get by himi 

Coaches Jack 9cott and Paul 
DiGeronimo call the boys over to make 
sure their heads are in the game. 

Adam Easley 

what Is the greatest thing abo 
the team? 

Everyone has a great personah< 
and a sense of humor off thd 
court, but when the time come»*e 
can get serious to play our ben 

Left: Jake Hachey keeji 
his opponents in line i 
he struts across thai 

Dobson makes basketball 
look so easy! 
(jealous much?) |; 

Quinton Perkins pulls a real 
Super Man move. 

Named Akanni does 
graceful dance, show |U 
the other team he ' 
more than just a > 
basketball player.i 


Luis Diaz puis the ball back up 
after getting an offensive 

9howing great form, Eric Diaz 
passes the ball to his teammate. 

Earned Akanni's focus never 
aves the ball, even when the 
ball is in mid air. 

Orlando Anderson gets the ball 
past his opponent while showing 
off his skills. 

K\j\e Dobson, who was born ready, waits for the 
rebound after a foul shot. 

Left: Tralane 
Whittle checks over 

his shoulder to 
keep an eije on the 

other team. 

Right: FH8 
Orlando Anderson, 
Jake Hacheij, Luis 
Ramos, Tralane 
Whittle, Hamed 
Akanni, Eric Diaz, 
Marcus Earlij, 

"Mom Bom" busts through the 
pack and jumps for the hoop. 

Kijle Dobson prepares to throw 
the ball to the next open player. 


Adam Easley, and 
Kyle Dobson. 

FH9 Girls' Indoor Track Team 

Top: Coach Sara DiPilalo-Lameij, Deanna Reezy, Alison Gray, Kaiherine Irizarry, and Carmella Tagliavia 
Boffom: Lisa Torgerson, Ebony 9chuerman, Angela Torgerson, Nichole Hagan, and Colleen Island-Mateo 
Nof Pioiured: Lucia Rodriguez, Amy Trainque, Mary Kate Grenier, Brittany Mello, Christine Conroy, and Melissa Guertin 

Left: Ebony Schuerman 
jumps like a pro, making 
the high jump look easy. 

Below: Angela Torgerson 
takes the lead over her 

Brittany Mello, 
Manny Torres, 
and Angela 
support their 
team from the 

Colleen Island- 
Mateo clears the 
high jump bar 
with ease. 

Katherine Irizarry shows she's a 
about the shot-puti 

Mary-Kate Grenier 

Do you have any 

"I always wear the same shorts 
during every game and my jersey 
has to be tucked in." 

Angela Torgerson 

What is the greatest thing 
about the team? 

"The greatest thing about the 

team was how much we 
supported each other. In every 
race you could always count on 
your teammates to be there 
cheering you on." 

Angles, Ebony 
and Deanna 
Reezy give em' 
a good show! 

Brittany Mello 

what was your greatest 

"My greatest accomplishment 
would be becoming captain. 
It was a real honor." 

Allison Gray gracefully jumps over the high bar with 
inches to spare! 

Irizarry and 
Colleen Island- 
Mateo take a 
break from the 
competition to 
pose for a 

Boys' Indoor Track Team 

Top: Coach Chris Woods, Ross McNamara, Manuel Torres, Erik Benneft, Chrisfopher Maclean, and Coach Phil Moore 
Middle: Brendan Cotier, Patrick Hodges, Cameron Trodello, Tyler Boudreau, and Qebastian Dalmaud 
Boftom: Ethan Diaz, Dracar Payfon, Jeffrey Duenas, Ben Lessard, Brandon Davis, and Zaoh Qtroker 
Nof Pictured: Jonathan Francis, Michael Gross, Noah Marceau, Martin Ortiz, Christian Qantiago, Jon Vanden Hamm 

and Adam Whitcomb 

Cameron Trodello 

what pre-game rituals do you 

"I run through the halls in 
school while listening to an up- 
beat song on my iPod to get 
me pumped up for the race." 

What is the most 
embarrassing thing that 
happened during the season? 

"When I fell on my face during 
the relay in practice." 

Joel Gomez 

what will you miss most 8 
the sport? 

"No more running for mt 
won't miss it because it's 
to graduate!" 

Manuel Torres 

what is the greatest thing 
about the team? 

"We all get along and have great 

Chrisfian Qaniiago 

what will you forever 
Tiember about this season? 

"I will always remember 
ireaking my personal best 


ide gets his game face ui 
he prepares for the long 
jump of his life! 

Kong Moua 

what will you miss most 
about the sport? 

"I will miss my teamates." 

Brandon Davis wears his 
number 100 proudly as he 
crosses the finish line. 

Babafunde Ogunleye 

what pre-game rituals 
do you have? 

"I pray and listen to Jay-Z and 
lil' Wayne." 

Noah Marceau 

8PRINT9 leaving his 

competion in the dust. 

Ethan Diaz is all up for throwing < 
the shot-put. He makes it look ; 
so easy. 

Patrick Hodges gets ready to 
release his fury! 

Ross McNamara, with all his 
rnight, throws the 12 pound 

Manuel Torres looking good as 
always, tosses the shot-put 
and^gets the points for FH8. 

Kafe Murray 

who was the most unforgettable 
person on the team? 

"Coach, because when 'you cool', 
the sun shines on you all the time.' 

Nichole Dupuis 

Do you have any lucky charms? 

"A blistex chapstick, Dunkin' Donuts 
sugar packet, and a nickle. They are 
always in my back pocket." 

Emily Capone 

Do you have any lucky charms? 

"I wear the same yellow hair tie 
every game." 

Coaches O'Brien and Dupuis bring 
it in with the help of Brittany 
Machunsky and Nicole Dupuis. 

Abby Capone keeps her eye on the incoming 

Nicole Dupuis does what she does best, 
catches the ball, and gets ready to call the 
next pitch. 

iVInrray turns a Softball game into a 'gun 
ow' after she throws it home for the out. 

Alaina Primeau 

what was the funniest thing 
happened during soffball'?! 

"Every time someone tried ii 
slide head-first and got ai 
mouthful of dirt!" 

Ashley 'Happy Feet' Forgues flies to 
after slamming the bail into the outTii 

Emily Capone slings one to first. 

FH8 Qoffball Team 

) Row: Coach Mike Dupuis, Ashley Forgues, Kaiflin Harnden, Emily Capone, 

Marissa Binnall, Coach John Murray, Kate Murray, Coach Tim O'Brien 
)Hom Row: Abby Capone, Alaina Primeau, Nicole Dupuis, Courtney Brooks 
Not Pictured: Susan Orsini 

Left: Alaina 
Primeau brings 
the funk as she 
rifles one right 
down the pipe. 

Right: Emily 
Capone prepares to 
apply the tag. 

Captains, Nichole Dupuis and Kate Murray 
rock the 'Oh So Fashionable' lime green 
stunner shades! 

Cate Murray 
he ball as it 
drops into 
senter field. 

Coach O'Brien gives the girls a pep talk 
between innings. 

Marissa Binnall races towards first base 
after a great hit. 

Nicole Dupuis shoots one down to second. 

FH9 Baseball Team 

Top Row: David P+ak, Thomas Membrino, B.J. Hyvarinen, Nicholas Croteau, Andrew Campbell, Alston Potts, Codij Conrad, 

Maxwell Prentiss, Daniel Finn 

Bottom Row: Matthew Burke, Kelvin Gonzalez, Glen Barrett, Christopher Monroe, Peter Adams, Micheal Descoteaux, 

Christopher Flynn 

David Ptak 

Do you have any lucky 

"I always rub Glen's chest 
before each game." 

What will you miss about 
the sport? 

"I will miss running over the 
catchers at home plate." 

B.J. Hyvarinen 

what pre-game rituals do 
you have? 

"I chew sunflower seeds 
on the back of the bus with 
Pete, Cody, and Membs, 
while listening to 'Black 
Magic Woman' with Ptak, 
then do the 'stanky leg', and 
I'm ready to play." 

Peter Adan^is 

what will you forever 
remember about this 

"Kelvin, pounding his own 
chest, looking at condos 
saying 'I'ma get me one of 

! David Ptak.... Real falk. 

FH9 Girls' Tennis Team 

Back: Ashley Kemembin, Elizabeih Daigle, Caiflin Coleman, Julie Breau, Tram Tran, Lauren Sweeney, Coach Warren Moge 
Middle: Megan Celona, Mollie Reynolds, Chelsea Smith, Sue Xiong, Kaylee Blacksione, Kafarina Salafia 
Front: Samantha Rutkowski, Cecilia Lopez, Sarah Otero, Emily St. Germain, Grace DiFrancesco, Elizabeth Gauvin, Nicole Adier 
Pictured: Alyssa Valcourt, Yvonee Pedraza, Sandy Lor, Mina Kim and Tiffany Richards, Ngoc Bui, Mikalia Xiong, Jordan LeBlanc, Hannah Scott. 

Julie Breau 

what's your greatest 

"Being given the title of Captain 
my junior year will always be one 
of my greatest 

Alyssa Valcourf 

what is the greatest thing 
about the team? 

"The way we all work together 
and support one another is a 
really great thing about the 

Caitlin Coleman enjoys a 
ighter moment. 

■any Richards sizes up 
her opponent. 

Mine Kim gets ready to 
make the shot. 

FH9 Boys' Tennis Team 

Alberto Morotti shows he's got 
game when it comes to hitting a 
ball with a racket. 

Lc^andro Lopez contemplates a 
strategy for his next big move. 

Back Row: Saad Chaudhary, Ethan Lapointe, Alberto Morotti, Leandro Lopez, Coach Bob Rublli 
Front Row: Josue Desir, Justin Belli, Kevin Chavez, Zong Xiong, 
Not Pictured: Tommy Boudreau and Alex Hanno 

Tommy Boudreau is so excited 
to play, he can't even wait until 
he gets to the court. 

Kevin Chavez winds up with all 
he's got to return a lob to the 

Alex Hanno readies his bact 
for the return. 


)sue Desir sets the ball for the 
perfect serve. 

Alex Hanno flashes his pearly 
whites as he casually returns 
the ball. 

Kevin Chavez, Leandro Lopez, Ethan LaPointe, Alberto Morotti 
and Zong Xiong catch some shade during practice. 

than LaPointe keeps his ganne face 
T as he prepares to return the ball. 


Alberfo Morotti 

How has being on the team helped 

"I've learned new techniques and it 
gave me a lot of bonding time with 
my American friends." 

Tommy Boudreau 

what will you forever remember 
about this season? 

"Eating sunflower seeds and 
making faces at the people in cars 
behind the bus." 

Captain Ethan LaPointe 

what pre-game rituals do you 

"Playing the 'Movie Game' on 
the bus rides while eating 
sunflower seeds." 

Alberto Morotti shows us 'Tennis: 
Italian Style!' 

Alex Hanno, Tommy Boureau and Sahid Chaudhary pump 
each other up before their first match. 

FH9 Girls' Track and Field 

Back Row: Coach Jack QcoH, Qavannah Alansky, Chelsea Mulcahy, Janessa Crowley, Hannah Capone, Colleen Island-Maieo, Amy Boucher, r| 
Corrina Miller, Brenda Maloughney, Hayley McNamara, Shelley Gordon, Acacia Thomas, Courtney Carriere, Coach Sara DiPilato-Lamey 
Middle Row: Lauren Smifh, Hannah Goguen, Sfephanie Sandrelli, Lisa Torgersen, Ebony Schuerman, Cafie Van Amburgh, Amy Trainque, Deanrnl 

Rezey, Allison Gray, Arianne Bourgault, Ariana Garcia-Rivera, Rebecca Fluet 
Front Row: Brianna Limbaugh, Samantha Alansky, Alison Joyce, Lauren Whittemore, Briftany Mello, Michelle Cleary, Angela Torgersen, KaitlirW 

Pearson, Chelsea Caouette, Christine Conroy 
Not pictured: Lucia Rodriguez, Becky Rousseau, Katherine Irizarry, Chelsea Kemembin, Mayra Salome 

Angela Torgersen, Lauren Whittemore, and Alison Joyce 
pause for a moment to display their Raider pride. 

Angela Torgersen stretches out the 
kinks before pouring it on in the 

Allison Joyce being camera shy wK 
taking a minute to stretch. 


Britfany Mello 

Kaiilin Pearson 

Alison Joyce 

Do you have 
any lucky 

"Yes, I do! I 
have a popsicle 
stick with B 
Mello written 
on it, that's 
what I use as a 

marker for 
Triple Jump. :D" 

Who was the 

person on the 

"All the 



What pre-gar 
rituals do yo| 
have? I 

Tightening m| 
knee strap, i|i 
gotta loven 

tendonitis! d 

Lauren Whi+temore 

Whaf s your greatesi 

"Breaking the 4x100 
record my freshman year!" 

Angela Torgersen 

Whaf will you forever 
remember about this 
season? . , 

"I'll always remember my 
fellow distance freaks that 
pushed me to do my best 
day in and day out. They 

are more then just 
teammates, they are my 

[Iin Pearson's eyes are on 
the finish line. 

Brittany IVIello passes by the 
other team, leaving them in 
the dust. 

Team Captains 

Allison Joyce, Lauren Whittemore, Michelle Cleary, Brittany IVIello, Kaitlin 
Pearson, Angela Torgersen 

laches DiPilato-Lamey and 9cott 
ervise warm-ups prior to the start 
of the meet. 

Left: Lauren Whittemore 
flies like superman into the 
sand pit to earn Fhs major 

Right: Ebony 9chuerman 
shows the Leominster girls 
how to throw a javelin with 

FH9 Boys' Track and Field Team 

Top Row: Coach Chris Woods, Xavier Mitchell, Cameron Trodello, Vaughn Collymore, Manuel Torres, 
Javier Vasquez, Baba+unde Ogunleye, Jared Weed 
Middle Row: Chris Maclean, Adam Whiicomb, Anthony Colon, Jeffrey Duenas, Joseph Lydon, Mom Luangkhene, 

Josh Jenness, Jackson Collins 

Bottom Row: Dracar Payton, Jon Vander Hamm, Chris Jellison, Jonathan Diaz, Brandon Davis, Nick Balaguer, Mike Gross 
Not Pictured: Abiodun Akanni, Nick Balaguer, Tyler Boudreau, Wesley Colon, Patrick Hodges, Chris Maclean, Noah Marceau, 
Ross McNamara, Kyle Phillips, Zachary St.Jean, Zachary Stroker, Joel Gomez 

left: Xavier Mitchell looks 
bound and determined as 
he prepares to throw the 

Right: Patrick Hodges 
clears the bar with plenty 
of room to spare. 

Javier Vasquez 

What was the funniest 
thing that happened 
during the season? 

"When Jonathan fell 
while we were running 
the long distance." 

Johnalhan Diaz 

What will you forever 
remember about this 

"Andrew's Jamaican 


Tunde Ogunleye 

what was the most 
memorable track meet? 

"When we faced the top 
team in the Districts and 
beat them." 

Joel Gomez takes it to the limitone 
more time! 

Jared Weed 


what was the mo | 
embarrassing thir | 
that happened dur 
the season? 

"Underjumping J 
hurdle and falling 
my face!" 

Jottom: Manny Torres gets ready to 
aunch the shotput like it's nobody's 

Dracar Payion 

what is the greatest thing 
about the team? 

"We all get along really 
well and are close 

Cameron Trodello 

what's your greatest 

"I came in 3rd place in 
the 1000 meters race 
against Leominster." 

Anthony Colon 

what was the most 
embarrassing thing 
that happened during 
the season? 

"I fell twice during a 

Joel Gomez 

what pre-game rituals 
do you have? 

"Watching Tunde look 
at the sky before he 
runs for like fifteen 

Xavier Mitchell 

what pre-game rituals do 
you have? 

"I blast my l-pod to 'Gear 
Up' and 'I Get Money'." 

Manuel Torres 

what is the greatest 
thing about the team? 

"We all get along and 
have great chemistry." 

Anthony Colon handles the pressure as 
he puts the shot in the winners circlel 

lOSiS^ Trill CK, _ -~^^m 

FH9 Qpecial Olympics Team 

Back: Andrew Palmer, Greg Mendez, Isiah Ford, Qhelldon Gordon, Nate Parsons, Jake Hachey, Edward Qhaughnessy, Luke Arno, 

Yohana Island, Edwin Roman, and Jonathan Vega. 
Front: John Waggoner, Abby Gayer, Amanda Kosaketh, Javiel Alvarez, Mary Yang, Chantal Gates, Andrea Saball, Peria Rincon, 

and Cherie Boucher. 

Shelldon Gordon chucks the ball, aiming 
to win. 

John Waggoner, Andrew Palmer, Luz Cordero, Jen Colon, Edwin Roman, and 
Jaydden Burgos at their very best. 


Peria Rincon runs for the gold. 

Luz Cordero hurls the ball in 
the shotput and aims for the 
silver medal. 

John Waggoner and Dan Le hangi 
out after playing football. 

Edwin Roman tosses the ball 
with all his might. 

Javiel Alvarez looking very 
focused races towards the 
finish line. 

)hn Waggoner winds up the 
jskin about to make a pass, 

Shelldon Gordon, Jake Hachey, John Waggoner and Luke 
Arno are proud to earn their medals. 

Chris Aguilar Bumps the ball back over 
the net. 

Coach Phil Malette brings the team in for a huddle to go over a big play. 

Ivan Torres takes to the 
air to spike the ball during 
warm ups. 

Kevin Glenn serves the 
ball to get the game 

Micheal Bueno shows off his arial 
abilities to save points. 


hris Aquilar gefs ready to 
Tier the serve in for the ace. 

Chad Alamad patiently awaits 
the ball to bump it to his setter, 
Bryan Rodriguez. 

FH9 Boys' Volleyball Team 

Top Row: Coach Carlos Garcia, Tyler Robar, Michael Bueno, 

Kevin Glenn, and Chris Aguilar 
Bottom Row: Martin Ortiz, Bryan Rodriguez, Chad Alamed, 
and Nathaniel Marcial 


Chris Aguilar 

Who was the most unforgettable 
perosn on the team? 

"Rafael Gazzetti, the Brazilian 
exchange student because he was 
'madd' funny." 

Chad Alamad 

How has being on the team 
helped you? 

"It turned me into the A.C.O.D. 
(American Cannon of Doom!)" 

Michael Bueno 

what Pre-Game rituals do you 

"I blast techno music and dance". 

Leff : Doug Dame showcases his 
talent as he performs onstage 

as the Bullfrog in 'Theatre at the 
Mount's' production of 'Honk'. 

Right: Andrea Rutkowski poses as 

Erzulie, Goddess of Love, in 
Fitchburg's District Wide Musical, 
'Once on This Island, Jr.' 

Whitney Doucet serenades the crowd with her 
amazing voice at 'The Bull Run'. 

Abby Cayer takes a moment to center 
focus before exploding with energy as 
competes at 'Cheerleading Worlds' I 
Orlando for 'Celebrity Cheer'. 

Jillian Jenkins gracefully poses for a photo 

shoot at the 'Dance Art Center' for 
'Unchained Melody' from the movie 'Ghost'. 

Maddy Moore poses before a game in 
the 'N-Cup Division' for the 'Fitchburg 
Youth 9occer League'. 

Fabian Delgado prepares to competeii 
in the 'Qcorpion Bowl Tournament' in i 
Virginia Beach for the 'Central Mass ' 
Futbol Club'. 

^^^^^ I ^i^v \^^^^^H 

- - -fe- ■ 1 

BJ Hyvarinen, playing for Fitchburg 
Qenior Ruth, prepares to steal third 
while stylin' with the shades. 

iiddle Heavy Weight Contender, Richaud 

Fields, perfects his stance at the 
Wachusett Boxing Club' in Fitchburg. 

Goaltender Ethan Lapointe guards the 
net for the 'Manchester Flames'. 

Danielle Jennison performs in her solo 'Hits 
the Stage' at the 'Star Systems Dance 

EJ Shaughnessy gives a little lesson on 
shredding at 'Wachusett Mountain'. 

Bee Yang prepares for his competition at 
Youth Slam', a selective program for blind 
students in the fields of arts and sciences at 
'John's Hopkins University' in Baltimore. 

Angela Torgersen rocks a pose as she 
prepares for a recital at 'Kathy Roy's Dance 

Kate Murray stands ready in her batting 
stance as a member of the 'Polar Crush' 
travel softball team. 

Nick Christian and Nathan Baloin, clearly too cool to 
smile for the camera. 

Erica Cutting, Emily Mitchell, and Julie Breau cozy up 
at lunch. 

Derek Anttila, 
Jonathan Godin, 
Bryan Reyes, 

and Jose 
Acevedo get 

down to 
business at 

Left: Betsy Cote and Lauren 
Whittemore peer at the camera 

during a funny conversation 
while Camila Rodriguez pulls a 
sneak attack. 

Right: Doug Dame, Jaylese Vega, 
Jimmy St. Cyr, Erica Cutting, 
Nick Garcia, Anam Chaudhary, 
and Lorry Silaphet work hard or 

hardly work... on senior reception 
ticket sales. 

Andrea Rutkowski and Kim Clark get excited 
two-for-one grilled cheese day! 

Tracey Carpenter, Takkisha Snowden, 
Amy Thanadabouth and Sean Vaillancourt ch 
in the cafe. 

Orlando Anderson, Joel Gomez, Yaritza More - 
Santiago and Shauna Lydon stop their styi 
therapy for a quick photo. [ 

Mary Kate Grenier, Cameron Trodello, Danielle 
Jennison, Abby Cayer, and E+han LaPointe get 
caught posing for the camera. 

Javiel Alvarez, John Waggoner, Dan Le, Andrew Palmer, Edwin Roman, Luz 
Cordero, Jennifer Colon, Peria Rincon, and Qhelldon Gordon are wondering when 
they will be served by the underclassmen? 

;J Shaugnessy, Jake LeBlanc, and Qarah Laakso put 
a pause on lunch to take a picture. 

lesha Carrasquillo, Anam Iqbal, and Maria Qierra 
wait in the never ending lunch line. 

Kobe Addow eats mad food in 
the hood! 

Sarah Wilson, Rachel Foote, and 
Alyissa Valente take advantage of 
senior privileges. 

Cassandra Whitney and Diana 
Rodriguez kill as much time as they 
can before heading back to class. 

Sharaai Marrero, Cameran Trodello, Amanda Kosaketh, Jake Hachey, Scott Clark, Barry Hyvarinen, Peter Adams, Luke Arno, Rambo 
Keobandith, and Marysa Rousseau take a break from some intense conversation for a photo "Op". 


9ome people 
are, quKe 
simply, way 
too smart for 
ichool work... 
jusi ask 

Martinez and 
Hamed Akanni 
study hard 
as usual. 

Megan Gazda can't seem to get 
enough out of class. 

Katia Figueroa and Joanna Qalcedo smile for the 
camera during math class. 

Vaughn Collymore can't help but to 
show his love for Courtney Canody. 

Julie Breau shows her dominance in 
the art wing. 

Michael Bueno and Alyissa Valente get serious about 
history class. 

Corey LeBlanc, Ryan Robar, and Camila 
Rodriguez take care of yearbook 
business with the help of Mr. Cordio. 

"Baby T" is definitely a fish out of 
water, but when bling interferes with 
the "tech thing," she can do anything. 

Angel is the tech wizard, but sometimes 
his "processing" skills leave a bit to be 

Bryan Reyes gives new meaning to the 
term guitar hero. 

Thank God Robby Jellison is a hockey star 
because when it comes to technology he gets 
a little wired and frayed. 

When things get out of control, the 
"Thomases"' are on a roll. Thomas 
Gosselin is a real card, and is a calming 
force in this environment. 

itected a rodent issue 
exterminate the mice. 

Fitzy is inspired by technology! 
Next -the 9PAAWL Bot Land Mines. 

Actress! Bio wiz! Calculus.. .Jessi 
Francis has become technologically 
enhanced. She can now plug in a 

Jaiden Burgos gets a charge 
out of this class! 

Takkisha Qnowden and Hazel 9ivan Thammachak, Yohana Island, 

Gonzalez enjoy a bag of popcorn as and Markita Mendez get excited 

they await the 3-D motion picture. for the long bus ride. 

Mr. Craig Elkins; 
cool and stay in school." 

Jake Hacheij takes a victory picture with the lucky girls 
on the Dance Team. 

8iep Team 

Brianna Malave, Evelyn Island, Chanelle Ayuso, Takkisha Qnowden, 
Laure Fermin, Rosemary Fermin, Darcy Clark, Yetunde Bamgbose, Deith Flores, 
and Khadijah Butkiewicz 

Darcelle Clark and Camille Hernandez rep Tyrie Osby to the fullest. 

^hanelle Ayuso and Takkisha Snowden 
show off their tight friendship in a 
picture never forgotten. 

FHS Uance Team 

Adrianna Washington, Bianca Lewis, Lorrij Qilaphet, Takkisha Qnowden, Chelsea Kemembin 

Cory Kymalainen keeps her eyes on the conductor 
while banging out some rhythm. 

Lyon, Bria 
and Michael 
George prove 
that America 
"marches" on 

Look at that freshlil 
polished trumpet! M 
Marcoux doesn't pi 
around when it com 
to representing d 
the band. 

Andrew Coleman 
confidently displays his 
individuality on the field 

while playing his 


Onim Majors 9haraai Marrero and Emily Yost face off under the 
lights at Crocker Field. 

Marlena Quilivan, 
Michael Docekal, 

and Daniel 
Kazanjian take a 
break from their 

Terrence, Robert, and 
Brenda O'Kane get 
together for a 
family picture. 

The cast of "Comedia Delight" has a 'Vogue' moment on Opening Night! 

Andrea Rutkowski and Alyssa Valc(i 
smie in an offort to ignore theii? 
nerves before the show. 

Jessi Francis looks excited to 
get this show on the road! 

Haley Woods, looking 
fabulous, puts her skills to 
work in the tech booth. 

Emily Yost tries on some 
costumes for the 2008 
Interclass Play. 

Doug Dame amplifies hif> 
"Wizard" voice backstage vu 
wearing a few extraneous iti 

igan Dame and Alyssa Valcourt sing 
ilong to "Lucky" playing backstage 
before the show. 

Kaitlyn Thibault and Qamantha Wood 
enjoy their pizza from Mr. Dauphinais 
after the final dress rehearsal. 

Andrew Coleman and Kim Clark spice 
up their characters with some eye-liner 
mustaches and aviator sunglasses. 


(im Clark recites her lines to 
irself while Andrea Rutkowski 
repares her hair for the Qtate 
Competition Plaij. 

the tech booth, Meghan Lanni 
jsts the microphone volume as 
Bam Posco presses plaij! 

Haley Woods, 
Alyssa Valcourt, 
Jessi Francis, 
and Qharaai 
Morrero flash 
some quick 
smiles at the 
camera during 

Qeniors Andrea Rutkowski, Alyssa Valcourt, Emily Yost, Abby Cayer, Kim 
Clark, Alberto Morotti, Jessi Francis, Julie Breau, Haley Woods, Doug Dame, 
and Andrew Coleman pose for a memory of their last high school show. 

Jacques, Alex 
Hanno, Abby 
Cayer, Julie 
Breau and 
Tiffany Richards 
enjoy a heated 
discussion on 
where the cast 
should go for 

Sam Posco and 
Ari Winters give 
Alex Hanno a 
"Good Luck " 
kiss before 
opening night of 
the All-School 

Kim Clark and Andrew Coleman 
are distracted by the camera 
while painting the set of "The 
Wizard of Oz." 

Emily Yost, Doug Dame, Andrew Coleman, Kim Clark, and Andrea Rutkowski 
get together, in full costume, before "The Sound of Music" opens in 2007. 

Naiional Honor Qociefy 

Corij Kymalainen, Rachael Lanson, Nhi Ngo, Cameron Trodello, Emily 

Capone, Sandy Lor, Sam Posco, Lauren Sweeney, Gigi Konas, 
Stephanie McCluskey, Nicole Dupuis, Liza Thirakoune, Alaina Primeau, 
Alison Joyce, Kafe Murray, Mike Descofeaux, Alex Hanno, Dan 
Kazanjian, Kim Seguin, Abby Capone, Veronica Adier, Ellen Porell, 
Megan Dame, Catherine VanAmburgh, Michelle Cleary, Terrence 
O'Kane, Meghan Lanni, Angela Torgerson, Julie Breau, Alyissa 
Valcourt, Emily Yost, Hannah LaLancette 

Ouidoor Advenfure Club 

Cynthia Rubio, Bianca Burgos, Sara 
Otero, Colleen Island-Mateo, John 
McGrath, Evelyn Island-Mateo 
Not Pictured: Mrs. Normandin (Advisor) 

Qiudenf Council 

Stephanie McCluskey, Ross McNamara, Lisa Torgerson, Hannah t 
LaLancette, Abby Cayer, Christine Conroy, Ari Winters, Molly 
Mioduszewski, Cameron Trodello, Alex Hanno, Katie Doyle, Michayli 
Marcil, Mr. Whittemore (Advisor), Robby Jellison, Mike Descoteau>' 
Lauren Sweeney, Emily Mitchell, Marta Giannetti, Meghan Lanni, Erin 
Dellogono, Amy Boucher, Allison Gray, Abby Capone, Alexis Dellogot>({ 
Macy Woodard, Angela Torgerson, Michelle Cleary 

Qfudenf Leadership Club 

Rebecca Martin (Advisor), David Salvatore, 
Candace Dennis (Advisor), Tray Whittle, Mrs. 
Roberts (Advisor) Adrianna Washington, 
Stephanie Seyde, Erika Jackson, Michelle 
Moyo, Evelyn Island-Mateo, Ngoc Bui, 
Bianca Louis, and Yetunde Bamgbose 

Journalism Club Qemester 2 

Kiara Ortiz, Kianna Snowden, Jose 
Acevedo Jr., Chris Thibodeau, 
Kaitlin Pearson, Amanda Rupelt, 
Bethany Clark, Stephen Ball 

9tep Up To Exoellenoe 

Isiah Ford, Stephfon Teague, Mr. Moore (Advisor 
Lucia Rodriguez, Zong Xiong, Shellyhan Gordon 
Nhi Ngo, Maria Sierra, Veronica Cerrillos, Sharaa 
Marrero, Colleen Island-Mateo, Rashida Williams 
Janet Sierra 

The Enviormental Club 

.mfa Bolick (Advisor) Monica Franciosi, 
Amanda Koch, Sandy Lor 

Journalism Club Qemesfer 1 

lesha Carrasquillo, Samantha Vazquez, Kerry Goub 
Renee Tourigny, Zoe Amanatidis, Erick Diaz, Mrsli 
Gammel (Advisor), Shellyhan Gordon 

2009 Class Officers 

Danielle Jennison, Sharaai Marrero, Douglas Dame, Vanessa 
Crespo, Veronica Adler, Miranda Bube 

The MulficuKural Club 

Fourth Row: Chao Yang, Choua Yang, 9andij Lor, Angelica Yang, Pa Yang, 

Heather Keomongkhown, Shelly Sisombath, Maikalia Xiong, Bao Herr 
Third Row: King Yang, Matty Yang, Jon Ngo, Kai Yang, Kevin Moua, Johnny 
Theang, Jonboy Somsy, Johnny Chanthachack 
Second Row: MaiKou Yang, Ivana Lortongsy, Kalina Philalom, Jasmine 
Sangsanoy, Mina Kim, Gaonou Yang, Veronica Cerrillos, Liza Thirakoune, 

Mrs. Susan Tolstrup (Advisor) 
First Row: Teddy Yang, Stephen Thirakoune, Txong Yang, Cheney Chang, 
Danny Phommachanh, Wong Yang 

2010 Class Officers 

Tim McNamara, Sandy Lor, Brianna Reyes, Mrs.Kline 
(Advisor), Georgia Konas, Ellen Porrell, Kevin Chavez 

2011 Class Officers 

Chelsea Deloge, Keisi Whittemore, Colleen 
Island Mateo, Rashida Williams, Olivia Barnett 

2012 Class Officers 

Daruenie Andujar, Angelica Yang, Meredith Patterson 
Kaylee Blackston, Alexis Dellogono, Keiko Gammel 

Video Club 

Back Row: Nate Newcombe, Jameson Quirk, Mike Tetreault, Kate Murray, 
Danielle Jennison, Jamison DiGeronimo, Cody Conrad 
Middle Row: Ellen Porell, Michaela Horn, Zoe Amanatidis, Rachel Benoit, Abby 
Cayer, Marissa Binall, Sam Bachant, Meagan Borey, Cassandra Whitney 
Front Row: Emmanuella Demosthenes, Marta Giannetti, Julie Breau, Erica 
Cutting, Sam Veilleux, Megan Gazda, Kaitlin Pearson, Emily Yost 

The Interaci Club 

Michayla Marcil, Angela 
Torgerson, Lauren 
President Julie Breau, 
Abbey Capone, Haley 
Dean, Whitney Doucet, 
Meghan Lanni, 
Not Pictured: Vice- 
President Anam 
Chaudhary, Treasurer 
Andrew Coleman 

FHS Would Like To Give A Special Thank You To 
The Following For Their Generous Donations To 

The 2009 Yearbook 

Hannaford SuperMarket 
LongHorn Steakhouse 
Outback Steakhouse 
Uno Chicago Grill 
Lanni's Orchards 
Espresso Pizza 
Cinema World 
99 Restaurant 


Design & Construction, Inc. 


Computer Aided Landscape Design 
Photographic Imaging 
Stone Walls - Walks - Patios 

(978) 343 - 6832 

Good Luck Class of 2009! 

Research Results, Inc 


Main Office 
805 Main Street 
Fitchburg, Ma 01420 

Phone: (978) 345-5510 
Fax: (978) 345-5335 

RoUstone Bank & Trusr 

Rock Solid Banking Since 1846 

Fitch bun 




^hone: 978-537-0367 

First Plastics Corp. 
22 Jytek Road 
Leoiminster, MA 01453 

(First Plastics Corp. is located two miles 
off of Route 1 90 in Leominster) 

Go Class of 2009!! 

Edward Mazzaferro 
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Fax: 978 - 840 - 6908 


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Rob Julius 

218 Viscoloid Avenue 
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Tel. 978-534-4147 
Fax. 978-537-8131 


The Fitchbur^ Food Services Department 





Good Luck to the Class of 

Army Strong.™ 

US Army Recuiting Station 
110 Erdman Way 
Leominster, MA 01453 

m 50 proud of the 
person you are. I hope 
your life becomes all 
thatyou wantitto. 
If life throws you 
curves, try to swerve 

but remember, I'll 
always be here to help 


Brian Sfurfevant 

All my love, 



CLASS OF 2009! 

From Alan and Denise Thibault and All The 

Creative Staff 

915 South Street 
Fitchburg, MA 01420 

Tel. (978)343-3017 | 1-800-342-3012 
Fax: (978) 343-2759 | E-Mail: 




John F. Masciarelli 

Funeral Director 

P nnngnit - 

Cnnmm i,-. 
BBHfflE ^ 

David Doucet 
Operations Manager 

Process Cooling Systems, Inc. 

213 Nashua Street, Leominster, MA 01453 

Tel: 978-537-1996 Ext. 202 1-800-696-2665 
Fax: 978-537-4587 Cell: 978-407-9931 






FHS would like to thank Dunkin' Donuts for 
donating over 500 donuts to our senior class 
over the past years. A special thanks to 
Carmin Rosado and Fernando Rosado. 


151 Main Street 
(978) 345- 1 670 
580 John Fitch Highway 
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1 289 Water Street 
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804 North Main Street 
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g>2£. eLdA4. o| 3009 f 

Conveniently located at ^ 30 Whalon Street in the Twin City Plaza Telephone : (976) 353-0000 Online; 

chburg's Hometown Bank 




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Q^ [joii vmtu/ie. oui on l^u^ owa Ih/e^ lije^ to ike^ 
all ijoih cm. be.. 

Elizabeth Cofe 

Ijou/b llje. 'lA [jouAA to biukl oa \jo\i choose.. 

Emily Yost 



2 Boulder Drive 
Fitchburg, MA 01420 

Phone: (978) 343-6971 | FAX: (978) 345-9760 

Congratulations Class Of 2009! 


lam Very Proud of You! Go 
and chase your dreams, you won't 
regret it. Anything can happen if 
you let it. 





HfUAiAplUM. - tlfUti VumpiiM. - Animal ^ PwA 

Supporting our schools... 

that works for our kids! 

Workers' Credit Union is proud to support 
Fitcliburg l-iigti Sctiool. 

Credit Union 

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Lancaster" Leominster- Lunenburg ■ Orange ■ Townsend I 

Your neighborhood hardware store 
with just what you need at prices 
you can afford and the help you 
would expect from a friend. 


Celebrating a Century of Service 

Congratulations to the Class of 2009 
Fitchburg Firefighters' Union 
33 North Street 
Fitchburg, MA 01420 

South Fitchburg Social Club 

47 Duck Mill Rd. 
Fitchburg, Ma 01420 

The members and families of South Fitchburg Social 
Club wish the Class of 2009 the best of luck. 

This ad made possible by Dickie, Jill, Kerry, Matt, and Pam Gould, 
Steve and Sonny Begnoche, Buke, Becky, and Puppy Richards, Ralph 
and Peggy Howe, Mike Roberts, Gary Spadafora, and Jimmy A. 
Thanks to all the other members for their support. 

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Michael Green 


P.J. Keating Co. 

998 Reservoir Road 
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Tel: (978) 582-5200 
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Alyssa Valcouri 

My Mish for ijou is that this 

life becomes ail that 
you Miant it to. Your dreams 

stay bi^. Your worries 
stay small. You never need to 

carry more than you 
can hold, and while you're out 
there yetten' where 
your yetten' to. I hope you 
know somebody loves you 
and wants the same thiny 
too. Yeah, this is my wish. 

We Love You! Mom, Dad. Amanda & Alaina 




Original Ar 
Vintage Ar 

Ann & Peter Capodagl 

960 Main Street ■ Fitchburg, MA 01420 

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OwnevI Operators: Ken <fe Patti Belliveau 

Madalyn Moore 

In an old house in 
That was covered in 

Lived one little girl 
Who refused to color 
within the lines 
Her name was 
She was not afraid of 
She loved winter^ 

snow, and ice 
And to the tiger in 
the zoo 
She simply said POOH 

Nay you never 

Nom, Dad & Colin 




Elizabeth Slattery 

Senior Manager 
Retail Sales and Service 

Main Office 
300 Bemis Road 
Fitchburg, MA 01420 
www . iccreditunion . org 

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i^iuriii iLiiii k3uu<iru"iTi<iAu.<i 

Always ready, it's what 
makes a SUBARU a 

Marty Babineau 
f"^--i '~^S^m\ Larrv Valliere 



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j^cn> rgj 


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Congratulations Fitchburg High School 
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Fully Insured 
Free Estimates 

2008/2009 PROUD 
Fitchburg High School 
Class of 2009 



Cheryl LaPointe 38 Central Street 

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(978) 537 -4906 

Robert J. Dlott 


580 North Main Street 
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Fitchburg High School would like to thank 
for its generous donation of tuxedos for the Annual Mr. FHS 
Pageant sponsored by the Yearbook Committee. 





Jacob Gomes 

58 Ashby State Road 
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Fitchburg, MA 01420 
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Central Mass Oral & Maxillofacial 

Surgery, P.C. 

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Medical Staff: 
/ # 1 

Lawrence R. Brenner, D.M.D. 

s \ \ % 

Carmine A. Colarusso, D.M.D. 

James F. Connors, D.M.D., M.D. 

John G. Hedstrom D.D.S. 

\ r # 

Your Wisdom 
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for Homeowners 
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NAEYC Accredidations 
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Nutritious Hot Lunches] 
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Give Your Child The Best] 

Fitchburg Federal 

Credit Union 

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Fe€leral Credit Union ^ ^K^T^ , o^r, 
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^l^c^llSHA COME IN 

65 North Street, Fitchburg 

Leominster Location 

(Full Day Kindergarten) 

Vince & Carol Pellechia, 
194 Arlington Street, Leominster 

Fitchburg Location 

L^wn A Lmi(o 

Dedication. Quality. Innovation 

Gemid J. Breau Brandon G. Breau 

Established in 1988 \ (978) 342. 7388 \ Fitchhur^^ MA 01420 



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